Immediately below is a table displaying prices for "Typical Flexwing and Fixed Wing" types. However, take away 2 is that the rear cylinders (#5 and #6, green and blue lines, respectively) will not have peaked yet at that mixture setting. Carb(s) shipped to the workshow for overhaul are returned to you via Special Delivery (at additional cost). Don’t confuse this propeller with other propellers that are manufactured as two pieces and then bonded together afterwards. Price includes shipping from Australia to our facility in Shelbyville, TN. Copyright 2017.

Please also note that you are very welcome to double up and share the mileage cost with another customer at the same airfield.

The task was to fly as consistently as possible, and lean slowly and smoothly to collect temperature data for later analysis. As a general rule of thumb mileage for engineer visits to aerodromes, airfields and private strips etc. Please note that prices listed for Fixed-Price Jabiru & CAMit 2200/3300 Engine Servicing include labour and consumables (engine oil, oil filter, sump plug, rotor arms & spark plugs where applicable) as specified by JABIRU Instruction and Maintenance manual.

Each adjustment was generally too course, but careful practice made the best of the situation. Telephone: 07779 147 229 For discussion sake, let’s assume that option 1 results in baseline performance for 1000 hrs (the recommended top overhaul on the Jabiru). Trained by Roger Lewis, CAMit Aircraft Engines, CAMit 2200 and CAMit 3300 Each person will have to decide how much this extra 20-45 minutes is worth. View and Download Jabiru 3300 installation manual online. Here the weight is just about the same, but the normally aspirated Jabiru costs roughly half of what the turbocharged 914UL engine does. You are welcome to leave you trailer at the workshop for the duration of the job if you wish to.

3300 Engine ** Top End Overhaul from $6,400 **Full Overhaul from $9,700 **Bulk Strip from $9,200 **Does not include replacement of substantial items ie. ** Top End Overhaul            from $6,400**Full Overhaul                     from $9,700**Bulk Strip                            from $9,200**Does not include replacement of substantial items ie. We have a fixed charge for the labour component of 2-stroke decokes and sheduled maintenance. A Rotax 912 Gearbox Service OR Cylinder heads are machined from solid aluminium billet which is purchased directly from one of Australia’s largest aluminium companies, as is all alloy used in the engine, thereby providing a substantive quality trail to material source. With the release of the 6-cylinder, 120 horsepower model 3300, Jabiru’s market expanded into the range of the popular 100-125 hp used certificated engines while shaving up to 50 pounds off the firewall-forward package. Lititz, PA 17543, Phone: (717) 569-0435

Select your options below and add the item to your 'Request for Quote' list. Last Updated:  10/1/2019, Proud Manufacturer of the Lightning Line of Aircraft, Exclusive US Distributor of Jabiru Engines and support. So the 1st take away is that the front 4 cylinders all peak very close to each other, with only about 15 seconds and 0.2 gph between them. Take away 3 is that if you run 50 deg F lean of peak on the front 4 cyl’s, then the rear 2 cly’s will be operating right at peak, at the point of highest stress, and the engine will be grumbling with rpm surges and roughness. This is a user programmable electronic fuel injection controller or EFI plus integrated electronic ignition. I had settled in to a typical cruise of 2900 rpm at 4000-8000 ft DA leaned to approx. This offer is available to customers having at minimum EITHER ...

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