RELATED: Legacies Should Introduce Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert's Daughter. And when she is not breaking her back by typing on her laptop for hours, you can likely find her curled up on the couch, with a murder mystery book in her hands and her cat dozing on her lap. At the end of the episode, Damon and Stefan drove off to start their work. In 1994, he visited Stefan ,who was in Mystic Falls with Uncle Zack Salvatore and his pregnant girlfriend, Gail, whom he killed when Stefan took away his daylight ring. RELATED: Noblesse: Crunchyroll Unveils First Trailer for Anime Adaptation of the WEBTOON Vampire Series. Enzo shut down his humanity to stop caring about Maggie’s death and to not hate Damon. Before embarking on his journey as a siren, Cade requested a one-on-one meeting with Stefan, which involved taking a trip down memory lane to the days when Stefan was a full-on ripper. After making a deal with Cade to pledge his immortal soul to the devil alongside his brother, Stefan decided that the last thing he wanted to do with his freedom was have Christmas dinner with Caroline in the mid-season finale, "The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You." While he kept Elena "safe" for Klaus’ plan to create hybrids with her blood, he reverted back to his early Ripper days, not caring for anything or anyone. Not technically.

So, he makes a new deal with Cade. Disney+ Debuts Key Art From Mickey Mouse's New Series (Exclusive), The Vampire Diaries: Every Time the Vampire Characters Turned Off Their Humanity, Legacies Should Introduce Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert's Daughter, The Vampire Diaries: L.J. In the 70s, he hosted wild parties and was feeding on people when Lexi found him and tried to get his humanity back, only for him to trick her into getting stuck on a rooftop with sunlight and no way to escape until nightfall. It also had nifty additions that perked up the plot, including the abilities to manipulate dreams, compel humans, shut down their humanity and turn off their emotions, with the latter two allowing them to have carefree lives with no remorse over their action. As a last-ditch attempt, Bonnie set the cabin on fire to force Enzo with her impending death to turn on his humanity, and it worked. Just watch the show, if he has turned off his humanity. 1 0. Because now Stefan isn't just grudgingly going into this arrangement — he's looking forward to it. She discovered the bond he shared with Bonnie allowed him to resist her influence and tasked Damon to kill her. She had attacked Damon with the intention to subdue him and take him back to the Augustine operations. And, while Stefan might not necessarily agree to that categorization of their relationship, he's too guilt-ridden to care. Stefan does become good again and he does reunite with Elena, but it is short lived and you definitely won't be happy about much of what happens in the rest of the season or season 4.

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