Fresh from Washington’s Puget Sound, this specialty shellfish is mild, sweet & tender. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Perfect for making of chili crabs, steaming, hotpot and grilling. Hence, while we ensure they will reach you in live state, we are unable to guarantee survival past point of receipt (Even for orders packed with water and oxygenated). Terms of Use Live clams for sale online here at Ocean Mart. JBK Manufacturing And Development Company. *Should you require a specific size, please contact us directly at +65 9322 3166 for stock availability. Check out a video guide here on how to prepare a live geoduck! The Geoduck is the largest of the burrowing clams and has a long "Trunk-like" body that protrudes from its shell. Imbued with strong flavours of the sea, live Geoduck Clam is prized for its briny, melon-y sweet and crunchy meat with a buttery finish. Privacy Policy Weight and size will be based on live geoduck. | Regular price Geoduck can sell for close to $100 per pound in China. Geoduck from Canada comes from the cool, pristine waters of the B.C. we do exporting live dungeness crabs, abalone and geoduck to China mainland. Our products without sand and clay, it is delicious and nutritious. We have different types of geoduck. Where to buy Geoduck. Our whole purged geoduck is shipped live to protect its flavor and texture. If any item is unavailable, it will be replaced with another item of equivalent value and customer will be notified. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 A copy of the entry in the logbook must accompany the product to the federally registered processing plant. Get them delivered to your doorstep fresh today. | live geoduck clam, live red spine lobster. Seattle restaurants pay around $20 per pound, and as the ban drags on, Dewey says Taylor Shellfish and others have had to make some tough cuts. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Note: We only carry large grade (more exclusive & superior) live Scottish Bamboo Clam (8-10 pieces/kg; Weight/Piece: 90-110g), Steamed Bamboo Clam With Garlic & Vermicelli (2-3 mins), Stir fry Bamboo Clam, Baked, Grilled or Steamboat. The geoduck is among the world’s largest clams, weighing three pounds on average. 浙B2-20120091. Buy geoduck clam, bamboo clam, etc. I live in San Diego but can't find it here. Like all the seafood we carry, our clams for sale provide invaluable health benefits. Iron assists with oxygen transport, B-12 with red blood cell production, omega-3 with inflammation reduction, and vitamin C with heart health. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 Native to the Pacific Northwest, geoduck is an infamous treasure prized by seafood connoisseurs across the globe. San Felipe clam generous of water warm of Sea of Cortez. Our products without sand and clay, it is delicious and nutritious. Suitable for kids and elderly due to the bigger bones. *Note: Please rinse the oyster under running water for a few seconds before consumption. The Geoduck is the largest of the burrowing clams and has a long "Trunk-like" body that protrudes from its shell. Geoducks are harvested by divers who work from vessels in remote areas along the coast of British Columbia from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaskan border. During transport or when exposed, geoducks close their siphon to seal in moisture and wait for the tide to rise. - Shipped Live. Intellectual Property Protection | video guide here on how to prepare a live geoduck. Live Geoduck Clam Regular price SGD 112.00 Quantity Add to Cart Handling Option: Yo u may choose to have them delivered live or deshelled and gutted for your ease. Our Service: Members in our team are devoted in offering better services for you. Geoduck (pronouced "gooey-duck"), the world's largest burrowing clam, is a Pacific Northwest native and has nothing to do with a duck. We work with nine different suppliers … Shenyang Dingfeng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Cryo Systems Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. 90058 Tel. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Hand harvested by divers, geoduck clams live … | Suppliers If you don’t live on the water, you might be wondering where you can buy clams that taste as if they came straight from the sea, carrying rich, complex flavors you can only find underwater. We’ve earned an international reputation as the true geoduck for taste Often served as sashimi, or as chowder, geoduck is exceptionally sweet and crunchy. High in protein, iron, selenium, vitamins C and B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids, clams offer nutrients helpful for a variety of functions throughout the body. Of all ways to cook Live Geoduck Clam, it’s best served in hotpot, enjoyed as sashimi or sautéed with spring onion. Live oysters imported from Vancouver Island, Canada. « … Live geoducks clams, Frozen Geoduck Clams For Sale, New Coming Frozen Whole Shell Boiled Geoduck Clams For Sale, DF customized supermarket restaurant fresh live abalone oxygen type shellfish seafood tank, Best Selling Seafood Shellfish Live Arkshell From China, Live Geoduck Clam from Pacific Northwest-wild caught, frozen salmon norway live geoduck clam prefabricated cold storage lyons cold storage walk in cooler freezer combo prices, Live geoduck exporting to China & Hong Kong. Good for steaming and grilling as well as hotpot. ), Lobsters will be pre-cut, Abalones will be de-shelled and Canadian Manila Clam will be delivered live unless otherwise stated in comment section. Named for its resemblance to a straight razor/bamboo, live Bamboo Clam is delicate, succulent, light with natural sweetness. Sweet, clean and meaty. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Live Geoduck Clam is a species of very large, edible saltwater clam. Have the oysters delivered live or freshly shucked right before delivery for your convenience! Note: Geoduck will be de-shelled & gutted (just slice it yourself, rinse & serve cold! *Due to the perishable nature of this product, we are unable to guarantee 0% mortality rate. Live Canadian Manila Clam (Asari/Vongole). Wild caught live Bamboo/Razor Clam, imported by air from Scotland/Ireland. *Fishes breathe using gills, which makes them extremely vulnerable to death once they are out of our water tanks. Our live Spiny lobsters are fresh, succulent, with very sweet, tender and snowy white meat. Our company has been selling high quality geoduck at great price for over 20 years. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. Live Seabass from Malaysia. Contrary to what most people believe, geoducks are not held in water during transport. In the wild, geoducks live in intertidal waters to depths of 30 metres or more. Our Service: Members in our team are devoted in offering better services for you. All grades, live or frozen IQF and Vaccume packed available in quanties up to 25kg/carton. *The selection of the preferred gender is subjected to stock availability. The neck or siphon has a deliciously sweet taste and the crisp texture of a cucumber is excellent served sashimi style. Steam for 20 minutes. All rights reserved. Our divers harvest wild geoduck, and handle with great pride and care. | Taobao Global Live Mud Crab from Sri Lanka/Indonesia. Where to buy live geoduck? Where to Buy Clams: Why Is the Ultimate Solution. Off the boat, Geoduck from Canada can only be purchased by a federally registered processing plant. We’ve developed a ‘grade guide’ to help consumers and suppliers discuss quality and price from a common reference. Succulent, briny, with creamy plump flesh. Shipped Live. *Note: Please take note that if you have chosen the option to kill/clean or slice, this will result in approximately 40% loss of weight due to the removal of skin/shell/organs as well as loss of water weight. “geoduck clam” or “horse clam”. Minimum order: 25 kg Maximum Order: 2500 kg Packaging: 10 ,15 and 20 kg carton boxes Sizes 400g-600g 600g-800g 800g 1 kg-2kg Price: $180USD/20kg Carton. Geoduck from Canada is available in various fish markets and restaurants in B.C., as well as direct order. The information is recorded on (DFO) approved Geoduck and Horse Clam Validation and Harvest Logbooks. Handling Option: You may choose to have them delivered live or deshelled and gutted for your ease. Some would describe fresh, raw Geoduck Clam as a taste of “what every piece of seafood should be.”. | As the biggest food service supplier of live oysters in Singapore, you can be certain you're getting the freshest oysters in Singapore from us.

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