While for some it’s the matter of a ‘Ground Full Of Riddles’ as how the general population are the very same age as 37 years, how could they survive et cetera. The plane touched down on the runway without a hitch, but then Juan heard the pilot say something truly bewildering. An incident of time travel happened to have taken place in the year 1955 which took the entire nation by storm. He had no idea what to expect. YouTube star faces backlash after putting on ‘biggest ever’ gender reveal party, ‘Spooky’ cat with no eyes or fur has become Instagram star with over 80,000 fans, Did You Know- Sponsored by Golden Harvest Baking Range, Man who allegedly stabbed partner in Colo-i-Suva charged with murder, Neha Kakkar Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affair, Family, Wiki. What’s more, exactly when the ground staff was at their achieve, the pilot flagged them to return and abstain from drawing close to them? Lost: Attempted transatlantic flight (first by balloon). This “unsolved” event reportedly involves a plane that took off from New York in 1955 with 57 passengers, disappeared for 37 years, then reappeared and landed in Miami as if nothing had happened. Over the years, the story in question has been sailing on internet in various forms.

Weekly World News was relaunched in 2009, as an online only publication. The Missing Santiago Flight 513 Landed After 35 Years With 92 Skeletons Facebook On September 4th, 1954, Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner departed … Instead, it took 35 years. The plane originally left New York on a flight path scheduled to land several hours later in Miami. Flt. Juan was baffled. '” “Twilight Zone: Riddle of Flight 914.” Juan asked the pilot if the plane had been involved in some sort of crash, and if they had been unable to make contact with anyone else.

Notable lost passengers included, The crew of this military patrol included. Plane landed after 37 years at Caracas airport !! The aircraft involved had previously been used in the movie, On board were four crew members, and nine international delegation members of the, Four of those lost were mechanics being transported to, 25 lifebuoys, personal belongings and some wreckage were found in. He said that the plane landed looked exceptionally tough and obsolete, that it was not ready to catch in their radar framework. With confirmation of the considerable number of reports of the travelers, they found that it were similar individuals that had boarded the prepare on 1955. Copy Paste Message to Bypass Facebook News Feed... Water Flowing Out of Tree Trunk, Amazing Video:... Pondicherry Student COVID-19 Home Cure, WHO Accepted: Fact... Rare Arch-shaped Cloud Over Aceh, Indonesia: Fact Check, Beware of Herbal Seed Fraud by International Gangs, Muslim Immigrants Attack Saint-Denis Church in France: Fact Check, Unexplained Time Traveler Captured at Mike Tyson Fight: Facts, 1500-Year Old Mummy Found in Mongolia Wearing Adidas Shoes is a Proof of Time Travel: Facts, Archaeologists’ Discovery of 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Proves Time Travel is Real: Facts, Creepy Russian Sleep Experiment on Prisoners: Fact Check, Scary Noises from China Mountain, Thousands Flee: Fact Check, Alien Makes Contact With Human, Video: Fact Check, Video of Big Strange Bird on Italy Church: Fact Check, Scary Ghost Car Crash, Supernatural Accidents, Video: Fact Check.

The Brazilian government did investigate this strange occurrence.

Snopes and the Snopes.com logo are registered service marks of Snopes.com. Barber, LAC D. Fulcher, AC1 D.G.P. This list of missing aircraft includes all of the aircraft that have disappeared in flight for … The plane took off from the airport in New York as expected, but it wasn’t long before air traffic controllers noticed something truly strange. The missing plane suddenly appeared at thePorto Allegre Airport. But when they checked their records, they found that the pilot's story checked out.

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