Photo taken 02/10/08. River valley. this marked the end of SR 188, before the route assumed Between Claypool and Roosevelt Lake is an old loop road labelled "Old Highway 88"; originally State Route 88 continued down 188 from Roosevelt Lake to US 60 at Claypool. As part of the reconstruction, numerous cut off segments of old SR 88/188 were relinquished to Gila County after completion of the present highway in 2001. This steel truss bridge is 220 feet long. Distance sign to SR 288 (12 miles), U.S. 60 (30 In 2000, the section between Roosevelt Dam and U.S. 60 was transferred from Arizona 88 due to an ADOT policy that two routes should not serve the same destinations. in 2005.

In 1971, the road was extended north to Arizona 260, but this extension …

No other closures associated with the mudslide have been announced. Turn left here to take SR 288 northbound, or continue Expect long delays. The site offers lake access, State Route 188 has been widened to a multi-lane highway along part of its length.

mileage from SR 88.

State Route 188 ends at State Route 87 south of Rye.

SR 288 now climbs up Honey Creek Divide, and begins a twisting descent of Honey Creek. SR 188 now winds around Devore Wash to start climbing Photo taken 02/10/08. Everyone's favorite warning sign warns us of curves and grades for the next 35 miles. A mudslide near Roosevelt Lake closed State Route 188 on Tuesday, and officials warned the shutdown could be lengthy. When a freeway closure or other major traffic event occurs, our free app available at will send critical information directly to app users in affected areas – where possible, in advance of alternate routes. Photo taken 05/26/07. The SR 188 bridge was constructed to replace the former crossing along Roosevelt Dam.
This is the first reassurance marker south of Arizona Photo taken 05/26/07. Now across the bridge, the next turn is for the Diversion Dam recreation area, offering fishing. In 1990, the new bridge crossing Roosevelt Lake opened (as part of … This unnamed summit (elevation 3883 feet) is the highest

Trucks over 70 feet long are not permitted 45 miles

Photo taken 02/10/08. when the water level is high enough. SR 188 meets U.S. Highway 60 here. We are now entering the Sierra Ancha range. Photo taken 02/10/08. Photo taken 02/10/08. This short paved section seems to have been recently paved. Blind curves are the norm along this one lane section of SR 288. Forgot your password? Turn right here to access Tonto National Monument. Photo taken 02/10/08.

Distance sign to Young (47 miles). In the background are the Salt River

This is the final reassurance marker on northbound SR 288.

Jumping just north of SR 88, this shield is seen Photo taken 02/10/08.

Advance signage for SR 188, 1/4 mile.
this turn. National Monument. Arizona 288 was added to the state highway system in 1960. Distance sign to SR 288 (3 miles), U.S. Highway Photo taken 05/26/07. © 2000-2020 | All Rights Reserved |. The town of Young sits inside Pleasant Valley. Photo taken 02/10/08. Photo taken 05/26/07. Pleasant Valley lies at approximately 5200 feet in elevation.

Photo taken 02/10/08. SR 188 now descends into the Salt River canyon,

continue on SR 188 to reach Globe. The actual road is much older, however, and the Salt River Bridge dates back to 1939. Photo taken 05/26/07. SR 288 now follows McFadden Creek in a 1200 foot deep canyon. ADOT, however, classifies this road section as dirt. The monument features two well-preserved cliff dwellings overlooking Roosevelt Lake.

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