For those still learning how to play a fretless bass guitar, this ESP has fret markers so you can easily find your way around the neck. It might require long hours of practice before you start playing perfect music, but when you eventually excel in playing the fretless bass, you will feel an incomparable sense of accomplishment. Nov 24, 2010 #2.

The size dimensions are 51 x 6 x 17 inches. First off, this fretless bass has a semi-hollow body design (complete with an f-hole), using spruce for the top and mahogany for the sides and back. What you can’t do on a fretted bass is lower the pitch in that same way.

The Ibanez SR375E is one of the most widely used models of fretless bass guitars. The model presented here offers a fantastic blend of style, strength, quality, and high functionality. Time for a public service announcement: “If you have a desire to take one of your basses and perform a fret extraction, it may be work best left to a trained tech or a luthier.”, That’s my disclaimer. Therefore, we have made a diverse list comprising many verities, some of which are known for world-class sound, some are best in terms of structural quality, some possess lightweight, and some offer easy playability. The controls include a master volume, treble, mids and bass. The sunburst color looks just stunning. The double cutaway body is made from ash, which is rarely used on modern production bass guitars today. Here is one of their most selling fretless bass guitars. Ein genaueres Lieferdatum können wir derzeit leider nicht nennen. Dieser Artikel ist auf Lager und kann sofort verschickt werden. Welcome to

The size measurements are 53 x 16 x 4 inches. Schalldruckpegel: 110 dB SPL (1 kHz, 1V), Impedanz 120 Ohm, Übertragungsbereich: 6 -38000 Hz, Klirrfaktor bei 1kHz. Besides, the bridge system is made adjustable for your convenience. For making the buying decision easy and quick, we have prepared a list of most recommended and preferred fretless guitars from different reliable brands.

Since fretless basses are generally harder to find than regular bass guitars, we want to make sure that you are choosing a high-quality fretless bass. There are four knob controllers which are integrated to provide the players more control over the performance. The patented tuning mechanism is incredibly stable, and it’s integrated into the bridge assembly (think a ‘big brother’ version of the fine tuners found on a Floyd Rose guitar trem bridge and you’ll get the idea). Thomann ist weltgrößter Versender für Musikinstrumente, Licht- und Ton-Equipment mit knapp 10 Millionen Kunden in 120 Ländern und 80.000 Produkten im Sortiment. Considering the functional quality and playing efficiency, it is a suitable pick for intermediate players and professionals. If you want to buy a robust, attractive and fully functional guitar at a low price, this one is a suggested choice. If you aspire to deliver a rich and warm tone and powerfully projected clear sound, this is a reliable choice. Marcus Miller V7 Alder-5 FL AWH 2nd Gen, Fretless E-Bass made by Sire, Erle Korpus, einteiliger Ahorn Hals, C Halsprofil, Ebenholz (Diospyros celebica) Griffbrett, 34" Longscale, 46mm Sattelbreite, Knochensattel, Saitenabstand 18 mm, 241mm Griffbrett Radius, bestückt mit 2x9V Batterien, 2x... Warwick RockBass Star Bass, 4-Saiter E-Bass, Fretless Modell, 32" Medium Scale, Ahorn Decke, Zargen und Boden, Set-Neck Konstruktion, 3-streifig laminierter Ahorn Hals mit Ekanga Furnierstreifen, Tigerstripe Ebony Griffbrett, 20" Griffbrett Radius, Just-A-Nut III Tedur Sattel, Sattelbreite 38,5 mm, passive MEC... Marcus Miller V7 Alder-4 Fretless TS 2nd Gen, Fretless E-Bass made by Sire, Erle Korpus, einteiliger Ahorn Hals, C Halsprofil, Ebenholz Griffbrett, 34" Longscale, 38mm Sattelbreite, Knochensattel, Saitenabstand 20 mm, 241mm Griffbrett Radius, bestückt mit 2x9V Batterien, 2x Marcus Super-J... Ibanez SR370EF-BBT, Fretless, E-Bass, Ahorn Korpus, Ahorn/Walnuss Hals, Jatoba Griffbrett, 38mm Sattelbreite, 864mm (34") Mensur, 2x PowerSpan Humbuckers, 3-band EQ, 1x Volume Regler, 1x Balance Regler, Power Tap Schalter, Cosmo Black Hardware, Finish: Brown Burst, DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Amp/Cab Simulator, Bestell­vor­gang/​Ver­trags­ab­schluss. The neck is just as impressive, featuring a solid piece of maple with a super strong carbon fiber core.

Most Unique: Semi-hollow body, exotic tonewoods and a piezo pickup, this is one of the most unique designs out there. Once you’ve mastered playing on a fretted bass guitar, you can proceed to the fretless bass guitars above.

I will first cover those under 500 dollars. If you are sitting down and playing this, there will be no issue whatsoever. Fretless Bass: A Guide for Choosing the Best Strings. The result is a very attractive bass (I was particularly pleased with the Honey Satin finish) which has excellent vibration transfer. 1. Suggest bass players and gear to feature on our site, Share music, videos, websites, or articles that feature fretless bass, Upload your fretless bass photo to our gallery, and view hundreds of basses, Contribute to our message board and add comments to our posts, Alert us to live fretless bass concerts or events. Some other specifications include on-board Piezo Transducer and Electric tuner along with slide control for adjusting EQ and volume.

For instance, some might need to buy a robust one for long term use, and some may prefer to select a lightweight one for easy portability. In terms of weight, it is also pretty light.

Built with a solid alder body, hard maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard, this bass guitar will get you addicted to fretless basses. CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. This sound is more pleasant to the ears as well. Comparing the Fender and the Gold Tone, I would prefer the latter if you do not have to play an electric bass. New (1) Pre-Order (1) 170 Condition Clear Facets.

Thus, if you are frequently traveling guitarists, the bag will offer great assistance. This light weight means the Gold Tone is very portable and should make lugging it around pretty easy. It’s loaded with a ton of distinctive features that easily places it at the top of my favorites pile. If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you start with a regular fretted bass guitar (you can find some great ones here) and become comfortable with knowing where your fingers are relative to the fingerboard. ESP is a famous shop of musical instruments that was established in 1975 in Tokyo. This is a bass that’s designed for the beginner level fretless player, as the true rosewood fingerboard has lines in it to depict fret locations. The guitar offers everything including functional efficiency, attractive appeal, and economic affordability. A fretless bass has – wait for it – no frets.

That alone produces an atypical tone, and it can be shaped even further with single volume and tone control knobs. What's the best strings for fretless bass? Celemony Melodyne Essential, Neoverb, Neutron 3 Advanced, Ozone 9 Advanced, RX 8 Standard, Relay, Stutter Edit... Wir freuen uns über Ihr Feedback und werden Probleme möglichst schnell für Sie lösen.

Whether you need high sonic quality or you want easy affordability, this beautiful guitar has got you covered. Like, share, comment, and tell the world! Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. In other aspect, this fretless bass weighs only 10 pounds which is pretty light if you compared to traditional bass guitars that can go up to 50 pounds. The guitar comprises solid structure made of high-grade maple neck and sturdy basswood body. I’d recommend possibly using a bass that may have needed fret work anyways…take ‘em out and you don’t have to worry about it anymore, right?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. This time, we have come up with some of the greatest fretless bass guitars. Lastly, the BC300FL is made for low-budget players. Doch der Bass ist einfach so gut, dass man ihn als Ganzes vorstellen muss.

If you want to purchase a sturdy, easy to haul and exquisite guitar for long-term use, the Ibanez SR375E is worth a try. That’s just peachy.

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