Chalk the lack of a tail up to artistic license and simplification of the graphics. "Given the light coloured face, I suggest George is a common chimp, which means the Man is going to have some real problems when George gets to be about 5, unless he’s been neutered.".

The only reason anyone calls him a monkey is because they are a moron. He has not tail.

Guide Back at the palace, George, while riding a goat, and a fun-loving Isabel, while riding her favorite horse; El Fuego, were having fun, but until Gustavo and Ana, while doing the conference for the live news, both caught them red-handed, when they accidentally embarrass him on TV, feeling worry that the upcoming coronation was not going to be quite as planned and embarrassing his daughter, just like his "secret" childhood. We chained Oscar to one of the posts in the good weather. Join your favorite monkey as he takes on his most regal role yet in Curious George: Royal Monkey. you know, I always wondered why George didn't have a tail while all the other little monkeys in the zoo he visited did have tails! Looks like you already have an account! Only _Pan_ and _Gorilla_ among the extant primates knuckle-walk, which CG is clearly doing in the picture provided.

Curious George is the main character of a series of popular children's books and TV episodes of the same name, written by Margret and H. A. Rey.George (who is referred to as a monkey in the books) was brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat". We are part of Science 2.0, a science education nonprofit operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Previous It's titled Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Saurians: A Historical Perspective and (in my totally…, A while back I was driving in my car listening to the radio and was gobsmacked to hear a song (What's My Name? Learn more. Do you have any references to this that would constitute proof, an old drawing, interview with the illustrator, something? After hang-gliding down to exit, Ted, George, Felipe, Isabel and Ana arrived at the royal barge to row across to catch up the ceremony ship just in time before all the citizens of Simiana laughed at the embarrassed king. We had a gateway to our property that didn't have a gate. True that, he can also do things other monkeys can't because he isn't a real monkey.......he's just a cartoon (but what awesome cartoon monkey he is!). There is also the structure of the book intended for children. Its great to have some independent validation that George is an ape - not a monkey. But when Ted ran back to clear out the situation, he found out that the royal family are already leaving, getting the exhibit off, announced by an anger Gustavo, who chooses not to donate the artifact, much to his frustration and calls back Sophie to reschedule the trip. I know when I was a child I thought Chimps were monkeys.…, "There was a long history of speculation that in quantum gravity, unlike Einstein's classical theory, it might be possible for the topology of spacetime to change." Because it very similar, like orang utan, it has no tail and George color also the same like Orang Utan and that is brown. During the beginning of coronation, Felipe crowned Isabel and Gustavo came out, playing his tuba and everyone, including Ted and George, started to celebrate by dancing through the ceremony day away. The man in the yellow hat is misinformed. On first blush I suspect that the lack of a tail is a result of Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey both having difficulty drawing them. Isabel stood up to herself and tells her father that she now understand how he feels, feeling proud that he played the music very well and Gustavo, feeling guilty for not being honesty to his daughter in the first place so long ago, ironically believed his wised daughter and thanked George for understanding him. In the palace of Simiana, George, thinking that the palace is Castle Land, was having fun and, of course, monkeying around as always, making Isabel laugh and Gustavo and Ana very nervous. Also, note that the Man in the Yellow Hat originally kidnapped George in a Jungle. There is another possibility, that Curious George is an undiscovered type of primate that is technically a Monkey but with certain Ape features. Note that these comparisons are being made among Old World Primates.

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