Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt 2019 is a pro-recycling initiative launched with the National Schools Partnership, encouraging pupils across the UK to collect used batteries for recycling. also all of the techniques draw your attention to the product without you realizing it. They're Weird; But Who -- or What -- Are the Battery Bunch? This ad is about Duracell batteries and was made by Duracell. It’s a review! At the time, the actor identities were not revealed to preserve the family's mystique. The Puttermans are a fictional family that appeared in a series of advertisements for Duracell from 1994 to 1996. The ad’s key element of humor makes the audience more interested and also helps to make the ad stick around for longer. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster. The original campaign was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, whereas later executions (using the "No battery is stronger, longer" claim) were helmed by David Kellogg.[1]. Our video team shot and edited content packaged up for both social media and publishers. They tended to creep out viewers, due to their non-human yet non-toy nor cartoon appearance, and the series of commercials was abandoned. The campaign visually communicated the importance of putting young people at the heart of this initiative, with accompanying photographs of school children interacting with the life-sized battery elephant at Hanwell Zoo. By installing specialist battery waste containers in participating schools, Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt has seen over 7 million batteries collected in 2019 so far and they are still pouring in! A visual technique is also used in this advertisement. The characters all had large copper-top batteries protruding from their backs and their faces were made of state-of-the-art latex prosthetics designed to heavily caricature the actors' own features, and complete character wardrobes. Yes, the old toy is silhouetted in the window.

One of the main techniques that this ad uses is humor/caricature. I am happy for 72Point to contact me about their packages, offers and services. You also need to discuss the specific language of the slogan “some toys never die” – like a slogan from a horror movie.
The key elements in this ad are humor/caricature, lighting and visual. The striking visual concept of the life-sized elephant ensured that the project demanded attention across various media outlets and succeeded in raising national awareness of Duracell’s initiative, landing a total of 49 pieces of coverage including impressive hits across digital and print media outlets such as Star, Sun, iNews, Mirror, Independent, Express and more. The family goes on a fishing trip while on vacation. The high modality of “never” emphasises how the batteries won’t run out. The ad campaign was created by New York-based advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.. Trish Putterman and boyfriend Bruce sit on a porch swing, and wish that their romantic night could go on forever with the help of Duracell. The elephant will be on show in Hanwell Zoo for the duration of the summer. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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