Can someone please tell me how to get the mad lighthouse , I can’t find it anywhere thank you. 23 Mar 05:11.

Getting frustrated. Anyone? After you’ve found it, keep on digging underneath and you’ll get more free gifts. Iv opened all the islands so im just not able to do anymore now.

They will give you loads of collection pieces. I try to keep 10 wells or so on the go at any one time. Just jeep looking sone great islands coming still! Construct world famous buildings, complete tasks, and decorate your island to become a Human and find your Love.

What could I do to maximize the number of tools I have and brains? Cutting down vines and large white flower bushes also give water.

It’s on Mad Island.

Use the golden shovels during your treasure hunts, in hopes of finding the secret treasure. Simply put, this allows you to switch from one device to another without losing your progress. Until find more quartz of corse, but only getting 4 of this…. You may not have to move on to the next. I tried loading a game on there but it didn’t show me how to put my ID and just started a new game. I am in the same exact place! The world of zombies is vast, bright, and full of funny characters and animals.

You have to build it. I am also stuck on clearing the Christmas Island for the month of May. Click on the “gear” icon in the game, and then the pic of the Google/Facebook icons. This is the sort of ‘memory’ that your phone keeps to assist in opening a page/app quickly. nothing happens with the ice palace when you follow these steps. depends on which tree/stone you are cutting, Anyone have any idea to help me, all of a sudden about 10 days ago I stopped getting the daily gifts? Im stuck trying to figure it out. Home Android Zombie Castaways Questions. On the other side of the fence so you have to come down the other side of the fence to get to it. i found map pieces, workshop says i have 1 of 4 map pieces but no Ein freundlicher Zombie verliebt sich in ein Mädchen und macht sich auf die Suche nach Zombium, damit er Mensch werden kann. Keep on using these tools, as you’re only allowed to save up to 100 examples of each tool. Your water well in the game may turn into gold and may no longer be capable of giving you instruments. i am also stuck on same thing . You can generate unlimited free Coins and Zombucks in Zombie Castaways using our Tool. I have a treasure hunter and I have bought flower plants from the Market but it isn’t giving me any flowers for the Flower sets. In the overall game you will discover various zombie-workers assisting you clear the island and create a town, such as woodcutters, stoneminers, fishermen, treasure cooks and hunters. My woodcutters and stone miners all collect at different rates. How do you make fire when you need fire to make fire according to the recipe?

Blurak put it in storage to complete the island. Scroll through under this tab until you locate the item you wish to return to play. 70 million players throughout the global world play the overall game in 15 dialects. you can watch movies and get them free as a result. I am offered brains and I don’t have any money to rent brains – is it brains that motivate the helpers? You can buy more than one Piggy Bank at a time , Can anybody please tell me where is Babylon (To make papers)? I’m finding wells tbat game didn’t direct me to, and ways to get to new islands on flying but just found well so I’m waiting until i get all the tools there and I just got to grotto island it shows a giant island and a ? For example, one wood cutter gives me a wood piece every 3 minutes, bu the other one give a piece of wood every 6 minutes. If you see nothing, nothing is in your inventory, and you can’t seem to make any items, follow these instructions. Only some people from some countires need to complete offers; that’s becouse we don’t have a contract with ISP from that country. You just go to the right corner where it says market and click. You make red paint buy building the snowman building found in the market (button in bottom right corner) under “buildings” tab. (You can find button in the same place as the above) NOTE: When you start the game, you WILL have to go through the “new player” beginning motions. Venturing here permanently locks Secret Island. why aren’t they all the same?

Does anyone know why? Why can’t I use sholves???

And in case you missed it the first time, they’re free. You buy it there. It works and i got all i needed but why do i have to complete offers. At times, you may find that your garden had grown way too fast for you to handle, with a seeming surplus of plants for you to harvest. Drilling rigs are in the buildings. I hope that you’ll help me with a very … Can I play the game without them? Make sure you are on the island you want it on before retrieving it from storage and that allows the item to be placed upon it. Does not seem to be able to be moved to another island. This may sound like a common sense tip, but we’re going to mention it anyway, as there may be some of you who need some help checking out the other islands in the in-game universe. I am a newbie, I’ve been playing zombie castaways for about two weeks in my spare time. Your email address will not be published. I assume you’re referring to the cook? 1) FIRST make sure that your game is saved in the cloud. Be sure to click on the actual word and NOT the arrow above it as this would open additional function tabs. mins later 6 axes, its takes me all day to get no where… need help. I believe its on top right corner of Island you must build it after finding it.. Clicking on it does nothing, pressing and holding down and dragging does nothing.

But I am a free/for fun player and I don’t want to spend real money for tools and brains. Where is the pier on toy island. I need more 2 I have to cook a lot of things that will take me weeks to finish if I don’t find more bucks to make it go quicker to cook please help and level 43, Can someone please tell me how to get off of Troy Island I’ve cleared everything that I can and it won’t let me progress any further have a lot more to clear but I can’t find anything that will allow me to click on so I’m stuck on this island trying to find something to chop down and I can’t…..HELP!!! But that’s not necessarily the end of the world – not by a longshot it isn’t! I can not go any further. Here’s one tip that could also help you if you want to find more of these valuable treasure chests. Gives Tools, Wood, Metal, Stone, Palm Wood, and Sequoia.

You get wood from cutting down oaks or pines and you can get gears from fortune chests in the light house or crypt. I am on harvest island and have cleared everything but one section but it will not open up the section that has “cabbages” in it.How can I get this section opened? Does that mean that I beat the game? Just follow the instructions and you will be fine and you will get our Zombie Castaways Cheats up and running in no time! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I need 38 batteries and only have 7. You need to buy Piggy Banks from the market (under the expansion icon). All you need to gain all these advantages is to follow our instructions on our site. You can exchange road sign sets for quartz. (You can do this for most of your games to help them too!).

Making items in the gatehouse etc. Some buildings in this game come with their own roulettes, and you can spin each of them every few hours to win free prizes. I have mined all the quartz I can find, I have seen no way to MAKE QUARTZ, and am having trouble completing my wells because I have no quartz. Die Inhalte des Artikels . You can also find fire by clearing red lupine, I ran into that problem too… what happened it I just did stuff that had nails as my rewards, and then eventually I got enough to build the mill to build the lighthouse, I need help… I need to get amethyst to build the castle, but I’ve already mined all of the quartz on my island. Android Cheats / Tips; iPhone/iPad Cheats / Tips; Questions & Answers Android iPhone/iPad; Videos.

Click to open. Hi. I need to finish the Carousel quest and have done everything except exchange all the flower sets (I’ve only exchanged 6/15) because I have cleared all the islands of flowering plants and don’t know where else I can get a fern flower ? How do I take winners cup on creek island , how to put things in storage? U have to spin every 3 hrs if u r stuck.

To be more specific, this is an exploration, farming, and town-building game where you can explore multiple islands, cook different “bizarre” recipes and grow a variety of plants.

I’ve been playing for a week now but can’t seem to make anything.

But you would still want to connect your game to Facebook.

makes things with brains work faster instantly. This simply get’s rid of the extra ‘stuff’ that the phone holds on to. Zombie Castaways Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community.

You can also spin for it in the oil rig.

Use “Zs” in the Apparatus. 2) First step is to clear your cache. 3) Next step is to clear the Data from the app. Have 1670 some golden sholves I need help. The game is not moving forward. Gives Tools, Wood, Metal, Stone, Palm Wood, and Sequoia.

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