Once you are ready, return to the courtyard and continue South up some stairs and past a Throne Room Door. After the battle, talk to Anessa to receive some Castle Wall blocks, then place the walls at the edge of the Throne Room where the quest marker indicates. Use the Orb of Heroes and aim for Atlas's eye. During the fight with Balzack, always try to stick to his back. We will craft the Cannon Tower blueprint next. Move the East-most candle from the East-most Goddess Statue (facing South) to the West-most Goddess statue (facing North) on the raised section.

To make the fight a little easier, try to maintain some distance and use long-range poke. However, do note that they do not share the HP pool, which is why it is fitting that you try to deal with one before the other.

Note that if you want to move the Tilled Soil to the South, you will want to use the Trowel or Gloves, not the Hammer, but we recommend leaving it there for now. You can mitigate this somewhat by having the upgraded Trowel and dropping walls to block the path. During the first phase, ignore the blue rings and focus on the red rings to deal with the tornadoes.

The mod rod transforms the party. With unlimited materials, it becomes a trivial matter to protect your base until very late in the story. The Troll is your only real danger here as he can go through the walls. Head almost directly South from here. Take them if you wish to kill it for your Builderpedia, otherwise we will take the North path for a Stuffed Spiked Hare. Plant a Medicinal Shrub in the Northeast corner of the green. You are expected to lose here. Talk to the King and learn the Mark of Moonbrooke recipe, then craft it. Guardian of the Treasure Grab a Firework Cannon as well and feel to bring your forges and Wizard's Workshop as well.

After a certain HP threshold, Master Moosifer will summon different creatures. She will direct you to the North, which is where we went to grab the Wheat Seeds. During this fight, you need to deal with the surrounding enemies before dealing with King Fernock. Jump over the 12 shockwaves. Your allies will actually do most of the work this time so you just need the key parts.

Your mission should complete after this battle.

Try to have less than 30 Magic Crystals in your inventory as we want the enemies that spawn. Nothing good can come of this. Dig through the ice to reach the objective marker. The transformation seems random except for a few cases and it will take a bit until you gain non-monster transformations (you seem to gain additional transformations after defeating the Hair Force): The Farmer, the Northwest most Soldier, and one Soldier North of the Southwest most Soldier will reveal themselves as the enemy so make sure they are equipped with the weakest weapons you can give or no weapons. Transform into a Powie Yowie and head Southwest to find a Builder Puzzle.

The first thing that you need to do is to debuff him to make the fight relatively easier. If you need more, gather some from mountains or caverns. I recommend bringing a potato sprout as well. For now, we'll head over to the North where the quest marker is to be ambushed by 10 Hargonauts. Set up the spawn trap now and then make Gerome's desired War Room with 1 Map, 1 Emblematic Table, 2 Small-Scale Soldiers. Gain recipes.

For more help on Dragon Quest Heroes 2, check out our Side Quests Guide, Materials Farming Locations Guide, and Monsters Locations and Monsters Drops Guide. These have a very rare drop and have a low spawn rate outside of story mode.
You will need 4 Zap Traps along with the currently unknown recipes. Then talk to Malroth to start the next battle. This means that you should now be able to break them with your skills.

Other than this, his attacks become a little complex. Talk to the King after to obtain an Enchanted Ember and learn the Beacon of Erdrick recipe. If possible, have this on the inside. You can also just dive in. Head South for 1 Sconce, 2 Wooden Doors, 1 Wooden Toilet, and 1 Towel Rail. You may wish to build some sturdy roofs if you aren't concerned about speed.
You will need 1 Wizard's Workbench, 1 Crystal Ball, 1 Comfy Cushion, and 1 Incense Burner.

Make the North slime structure look like the South (right) structure. Try to guard whenever you can and use the long-range attacks if you are not comfortable heading in.

Knight Errant appears with a Grinade and two Mummy Men, and two Golems. Return to the deck and talk to the objective marked Scarewolf. You can head South from there where East of the Builder's Bell is a Treasure Chest with 3 Medicinal Leafs and further East is an Anvil and a Forge. Plant the Wheat. This Builder Puzzle may be somewhat annoying due to camera angle and timing. Note that Rockbombs spawn in this area. Try to keep your guard up and kite effectively.

During the Winged Sabercat fight, I recommend getting beneath its legs and hit its sides. You will need 3 Steel Ingots for the upgraded hammer, 3 Ingots for a Steel Broadsword, and 3 Ingots for a Full Plate Armour, and 3 more for a Battleaxe if you don't skip it. Now, this is a very different weapon as it summons your fighting allies from the island as the charged attack (or returns them) and also acts as a buff tool when you swing it, buffing allies in a frontal cone up to 3 times. First Wave: Killing Machines and Knight AberrantsSecond Wave: 2 Large Knight Aberrant, Knight Aberrants, ShamansThird Wave: Large Killing Machine, Killing Machines, Skeleton SoldiersFourth Wave: Archdemon, 2 Large Killing Machine, 2 Large Knight Aberrants, Shamans.


Say No when the Killing Machine asks if this is Krumbul-Dun, then talk to the Killing Machine again for 2 Zapphires. We can now replace the Mushroom Kitchen. You may wish to move the wizard's workbench (and potentially the workshop as well) closer to the gates if they are far away. Note: The Archdemon can completely destroy traps within the town range with the explosion. You will need 3 Rockbomb Shards, each Rockbomb drops 2. Head North up the mountain to find a Treasure Chest with a Seed of Life at the very top. Even without those, the Zap Traps should make them a minor threat.

Talk to the Miner with a quest marker after, then talk to Anessa. You may also want to build 7-8 more beds so that everyone has a bed if you are going to be looking for Wood anyways. You will find Ra's Mirror. We will ignore it for now as we can make the fight easier with improved equipment. In this Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Boss Guide, I have provided boss tips, weaknesses to exploit, and other details. Blue Soldiers can use Spinning Slice (Your standard charged attack)Red Soldiers (Royal Guards) can use Kabuff to boost defenses. The first thing that you need to do is to kill the lesser foes.

The attack pattern that the Twin Kings usually follow is ATK > Warp > ATK so on and so forth. You will obtain an Orb of Heroes. He is the first miniboss encountered in Hargon's Castle, and is not particularly difficult as such. Powie Yowie Note that there are two spots for a 5x6 door, about on either side of a central section. From here, head East, but instead of going towards the quest marker, we are going to the Northeast corner of the field where another Builder Puzzle awaits. There are alternative ways to gain air, such as digging about 2 tiles deep into a wall. This will be our Comfy Killerpillar Tail. If you didn't already get one from the Powie Yowies, you should obtain a recipe here. At the West-most crate in the poison pool is a Treasure Chest 2 tiles North. This is effectively your only projectile weapon in the game. You will end up fighting 1 Hargonaut and 2 Skeleton Soldiers once you use the Ra's Mirror on any of the three. Go ahead and loot the red Trampolines (you can also loot a green Zoompoline). Remember to transform. ". I'd prioritize the War Hammer and then Steel Broadsword.

At the castle front, you can talk to the Merchant on the East side of the path for 1 Dry Grass. You will also need about 32 Marble worth of blocks/objects. You will be losing Malroth as soon as you turn in the quest. You will also need 30 Magic Crystals so you may wish to go farm for some more if you are low.

If you wish, you can go past the female Villager to find a Goddess Statue and from there, head North to find many objects, including Bookshelves. Otherwise, you can gather Marble from most tall mountains and there is a cave with marble Southeast of town (though this could count as part of a mountain). Now, just as importantly as leaving, break every trap you have as we are taking them all home. Continue to a large opening with 2 Green Dragons and 1 Large Killing Machine. Try to take advantage of this and attack its head and tail whenever possible!

You will eventually end up in an area with an objective marked Boss Troll.

Place a White flower to the West of that. Defeat them. First will be three Trampolines. You will learn the Boom Ball recipe after. Depending on how much of the mountain area you are willing to destroy, you can easily end up with well over 500 Marble from a single section of mountain. Use the Zoompolines here to enter the room above and approach the chests. Regardless of how you gather the 30 Magic Crystals, return to the castle when you are done and talk to Zara. You may wish to move the bodies to make it less confusing later. King Fernock and King Maurias You can also climb somewhere so you might want to be near the ladders. Meat can be obtained from Headhunters as well as other monsters, such as Spiked Hares (You will want 5 Meat for a sub-quest later so keep that in mind). We recommend placing this room near the Great Gate. Note that if you move the Watchfires, you will need to move them back later. The boss will try to charge at you followed by an attack.

If you choose to grab some Marble, there is some to the West, mostly a bit more elevated and within the mountain.

Craft and place the Beacon of Erdrick on the quest marker by the Great Gates.

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