Archived. likes creepy crawlers for their freakish wriggling. I wonder if the game has become odd. Logged Quote from: Soulwynd on January 21, 2010, 02:13:33 pm.
One of my squads is named "The barricaded bowels.". ), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the dwarffortress community, Press J to jump to the feed. Only pets belonging to the player's fortress are named. Pets and working animals are given names when they are adopted. Author Topic: Interesting Dwarf Names (Read 2994 times) They Got Leader.

It's main badass is Id Nutpulleys the Legendary Trap of Gloves. 26.

A creature's first name is never translated in-game, unlike all other names.

There are multiple goblins with the same first name, so how can I figure out what last name it actually is. My name translates to Dwarven pretty well. Something to do with a lack of glass driving somebody mad, resulting in tanties all round that led to critical door-problems during a goblin siege. Immediately went to embark. The first name typically is a single word of the civilization's language. Anyway, I set out to start a new fortress, and what do I see from the random name generator but: Duraddeduk Enôrbiban Nokzam Which, in the language of us filthy non-dwarfs would translate to:

Words relating to the creature's civilization's selected symbols are more likely to appear in the creature's second name.

☼MASTERWORK☼ Names are what individual creatures are known by.

I once hit random name on Adventure mode and it gave me the last name "Beardwhiskey". Animals can acquire multiple names more frequently either in fortress mode by killing your dwarves or invaders, or in adventurer mode by killing your adventurer or members of his party. July 13, 2020, 08:31:53 pm ... you could practice German vocabulary by reading dwarf names. I think. Creatures in civilizations that can speak are given names upon birth; most other creatures must be given names by such a civilization. However, any creature that can speak, such as a snailman who has become stuck in a ditch, can be given a name. Also a while back I had a female soldier get the title "The Whore of Yelling", I think she became the Champion later on. The epithet is most often two names, but can also occasionally be one, though each of these names can be a compound word. How to translate kill list last names? This page was last edited on 15 July 2014, at 22:46. anthony62490. I just now learned that my name is supposed to mean 'sunrise', which in dwarven would be Adlocun. It appears that the words can be any two, though Noun-Noun, Adjective-Noun, and Verb-Noun appear to be the most common pairings. This name generator will give you 10 random town names, which fit Dwarven towns, cities, strongholds, and other establishments. Sounds exceptionally dorfy. Logged Quote from: Toady One. Close. Dwarf Fortress > DF Modding (Moderators: Toady One, ... and the ability to translate to Human, Goblin and Elven, and to translate any of these back to English. Really, it deserved better. The words appear to be selected somewhat randomly, leading to epithets that translate as gibberish such as "the Hardy Ring-Cobra of Dashing". I may have to create 'Anusmagic' anew somewhere... My fort is Udeshkikrost, "Skin Stockades.". Unlike real life, pets are never renamed if they become the property of someone else. (The carving is of a named goblin making a plaintive gesture to a green glass sawblade :D I believe it is the goblin who gained his name by downing 2 of my starting 7 who happened to be outside.).

Tragically, I recall that 'Anusmagic' had quite a short lifespan. Logged woose1. I did not say no. Haben Sie "Dwarf Fortress" auf Deutsch? thing to do. ... or maybe that's just what we call September in Handlethieves (my fort name). Other than that, the impetus for naming creatures is murky. When I look at the kill list of my dwarves, the last names of their kills are translated into English. r/dwarffortress: Dwarf Fortress - Losing is Fun! *God made the original Adam out of clay, remember? language_words.txt: Defines the list of English words that Dwarf Fortress knows about. You can call him "Whipped …

Unlike most real names, neither name is inherited from the parents. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 26.

His name is Bomrek "Whippedlances" Bomrekkivish. Unlike other creatures, they do not have a parent civilization. 2 years ago. Most animals who acquire a name in World Gen do not ever acquire additional ones, though it is possible. Re: Simple English->Dwarven Translator « Reply #1 on: June 13, 2009, 04:26:38 pm » Cool. Press J to jump to the feed. Decided to try and screw over every caravan that came my way to help encourage sieges. The second name is a compound of two words in the creature's language. (German Translation?) I think I've read Legendary Trap of Gloves somewhere else before, so it may be pretty common. Dwarven city name generator . Creatures are given these names at birth and they are quite random. I had fun figuring this out though. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, A person, a peseant, a field worker, a free man (Field-Man). Additionally, the creature must remain on the map for an extended period of time, usually limiting the namings to creatures that inhabit chasms, bottomless pits, underground rivers, and underground pools. (German Translation?) There's one dorf here named 'Urist Inkycontains'. It appears first names are limited solely to nouns. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Names are what individual creatures are known by.

r/dwarffortress. Four masterwork goblin ambushes, a warlock ambush with invisible necromancer, and a few frost giants. I think the Dwarf i am playing now is "Bearwhallop" or something like that. I haven't gotten any names with interesting translations, however I have found a few names that are funny pre-translation . Every member of a civilization has at least two names: a first name and a last name. He's a engraver/mason. I translate to "God is good" which becomes "Nòm is eshon" so I made it "Eshonnòm".

« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2012, 01:20:33 …

While I haven't come across any memorably funny names myself, these two are pretty good: Rushan the Bone of Shafts + NSFW illustration. Trees near elven settlements may also be named, though this currently has no known effect. On occasion, your dwarves will decide to give names to the creatures inhabiting the area around a fortress. TIL that my name meant king in ancient Celtic and in Dwarven I am Etar. On occasion, the epithet can be surprisingly apt. The animal is given a name in the language of the creature it killed. Creatures from civilizations who cannot speak will not have names at all, unless they have been given one by other civilizations, and those who can only speak Utterances will likewise have untranslatable names that appear to be gibberish. The working animals of traders are never named. All cower in fear from the legendary Sir Nutpullys. Megabeasts acquire names in an unusual fashion. There are several files used to define the languages in the game. In my Masterwork fortress, the enemy Frost Giant civilization is "Torkytyrma: The Smutty Dungeon." … The first militia squad created in my current fort got the name "The Infallible Defenses". Nonsense! I haven't gotten any names with interesting translations, however I have found a few names that are funny pre-translation, For example, a young lady dwarf in my fortress named "Nil Datanulzest" AKA "Nil data, null set", or my miner "Reg Katthirdeler" AKA "Reg Cat-Herder" AKA "Reg Cat Hurdler" (leaps over cats) AKA "Reg Cat-Hurtler" (sends cats flying). I found out later as I was checking my carvings that it was a significant enough event to generate a name "Utus Spus: The onslaught of Disemboweling." What are the best/funniest generated names you have seen?

I play a lot, and I mean a lot of dota 2 with some friends, so imagine my face when I rolled a Human Adventurer called "Jislo Farmejungle", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the dwarffortress community, Press J to jump to the feed. how do you translate your name to Dwarven? I don't believe in The Car---, Has organized a party at Corpse Stockpile, The Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself. I did an attempt at it and I had to approximate some things to get the words but here is my name in all 4 languages: Due to my name potentially being translated in different ways my name can also be: (There is a lot of ways to translate my name in dwarf fortress, 9 different ways in fact, but I won't list them all. The names are heavily inspired by dwarven cities of the most popular works of fantasy, most of which tend to mimic each other. User account menu. They haven't let me down yet. Antagonizing every civilization you can is a pretty fun (and occasionally !fun!) log in sign up. I got curious and translated mine, too. Metal balls or Ballmetal. When a creature collects five notable kills (typically creatures belonging to a civilization, but also any creature that has scored a notable kill itself), it is given an epithet by its civilization. Bay Watcher; Yay for bandwagons! Megabeasts appear to gain their original names from the first civilization they have contact with, and in most cases gain epithets from conflict with others. Civilizations, gobbo's, dwarves, artifacts. It may be that a creature must be in the preferences of a dwarf to receive a name, or the naming may occur randomly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . I've been mucking about with the language files recently while working on a universal translator for Dwarf Fortress. Notable individual enemies have included such epic figures as Ogur Unthinkablemoistness the Goblin, Screamtown the zombie horse, Mindsquirt the zombie cave croc, and Ingish "Crazyface" Asobbisek Ushul the Berserker Swordsdwarf with a ridonkulous amount of kills. The second name is translated to English in several places, such as looking at the creature's profile screen. These names are identical to the standard names of the civilization their owner belongs to. If you're curious, I'm making a tomb for my archer militia commander, and I'm putting an engraved slab for each of his kills in it. Bay Watcher; Schlagen Sie auf die Erde!

My name is of Celtic/Gaelic origin too! Dwarf fort runs just fine and smooth on W7, by the way, though there were a few bumps while I was still getting my drivers all modernized again. I had a huge convergence of sieges and ambushes in my second year. Some creatures are named after only a few seasons, while others may go unnamed for decades. My hero was once ambushed by "The Incest of Rape".
Nice! Megabeasts with only one or two names have likely led uneventful lives. The epithet is translated in the same places the creature's second name is translated. Re: Haben Sie "Dwarf Fortress" auf Deutsch? Animals who are not pets can gain a name by acquiring notable kills or through becoming an enemy of a civilization in World generation. However, all Megabeasts have at least one name and typically have more, up to four. Posted by. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Carp? It appears that only creatures who can talk will get names. If you prefer, Field-Worker is Fikukcubor | Loraipana | Xunustotut | Jehainan.

I got "Anusmagic" as a random for a fort once. Idromudos Geshud: A bakat by Onolner and Nòmgidur Angber.

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