Replenish 1 charge now. Building relationships both inside and outside the House of Hades is one of the biggest, and there’s some things you should keep in mind to make the most of it. C:+30% R: +37% E: +45% H: Splitting Boon – All your lightning effects create and additional burst. Flourish – Afterward, your Special deals increased damage. Grasp – Afterward, increase your maximum Bloodstones. Maimed – For the next 2–4 encounters, each time you Attack, you take damage. C: 60 R: 75 E: 90 H: 105, *Storm Lightning – Your chain-lightning effects bounce more times. C: 5 R: (1.3-1.5) E: 1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Urge to Kill – Your Attack and Cast deal more damage.

Probably the easiest way in the entire game to get Ambrosia is to buy it from the Wretched Broker. Atrophic – For the next 2–4 encounters, your Life Total is reduced. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). C: +50% R: +75% E: +100% H: +150%, Clean Kill – Your Critical effects deal even more damage. This denotes that the number is part of a multiplier as opposed to a flat damage number. C: ~20% R: ~38% E: ~45% H: ~60%, Positive Outlook – Take less damage while at 40% Health or below. C: +2 sec R: +2.5 sec E: +3 sec H: N/A, Last Stand – Death Defiance restores more Health than usual. C: 100 R: 120 E: 140 H: 160, Numbing Sensation – Your Poison effects also make foes move slower. +XXXX% chance to be Rare or better / Clear 50 Encounter(s), Rank 1 / Gain +1% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Default, Rank 2 / Gain +XXXX% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Clear 25 Encounter(s), Rank 3 / Gain +XXXX% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Clear 50 Encounter(s), Rank 1 / Enter Chaos Gates without losing HP. This denotes there being something of note to do with the Boon, such as an interaction between itself and another Boon. Each rank gives you +10% Attack & Special damage to foes with in them. Blessings are permanent positive effects that are only gained after the Curse is removed, meaning you must go through the required number of Encounters to gain the benefits of the Blessing. C: 5 R: 6 E: 7 H: 8, Nasty Dash – Your Dash inflicts foes near you with Poison. Simply put, even if you die (a lot) the game still provides you with a sense of progress thanks to the many upgrades that can be made. C: .2 sec R: .3 sec E: .4 sec H: .5 sec, Dire Misfortune – Your Doom effects deal more damage when applied multiple times. They do not tick down for rooms that do not have Enemies, such as Charon shops or NPC rooms.

Excruciating – For the next 2–4 encounters, you take increased damage. Favor – Afterward, Boons have a higher chance to be Rare or better. C: +20% R: +22% E: +24% H: N/A, Engulfing Vortex – Your Blade Rift effects last longer and pull foes in. after you Special, your Attack may deal Critical damage, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +15% Bonus Crit Chance / 1 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Bonus Crit Chance / XXXX Titan Blood, Poseidon Aspect – Your Special dislodges Bloodstone from foes, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +10% Cast Damage / 2 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Cast Damage / XXXX Titan Blood, Zagreus Aspect – Bonus Special Speed & Range, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +30% Bonus Special Speed & Range / 1 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Bonus Special Speed & Range / XXXX Titan Blood, Achilles Aspect – For 3 Sec. +XXXX% chance to be Rare or better / Clear 25 Encounter(s), Rank 3 / Boon found from Athena. C: 10 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Clouded Judgment – Your God Gauge charges faster upon dealing or taking damage. C: +8% R: +10% E: +12% H: N/A, Curse of Vengeance – After you take damage, inflict Doom on surrounding foes. Effect: Bedroom Decor, showcases broken weapons from a historic siege.

C: 20% R: 25% E: 30% H: N/A, Greater Haste – You move faster. Effect: Bedroom Decor, unlocks the first set of objectives for TFL. C:+100% R: (1.3-1.5) E: (1.8-2.0) H: N/A.

C: 70 R: (1.3-1.5) E: 1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Slicing Shot – Your Cast sends a Blade Rift hurling ahead.

A gift for Nyx, allows you send darkness crystals and Chthonic keys in exchange for perminent upgrades. Effect: Bedroom Decor, after adding it to your Bedroom you can get information on your progress (so far only Escapes Attempted and Foes Slain).

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