Captain America Infinity War’s Cosmic Power synergy with OG Captain Marvel, Thor, and Gamora is another option, as is Heimdall’s Lost Daughters of Asgard synergy with Hela and Angela.Mastery Setup: Silver Surfer doesn’t have any natural healing abilities, but can heal from the Willpower mastery as he doesn’t take damage from Shock, Incinerate, and Coldsnap debuffs. If at least three unique buffs are active, he gains a new Vigilance buff, which bypasses enemy miss abilities for 12 seconds.The SP2 is the go-to for the big damage for Surfer. ; Map 2: Swapped Vision for Namor. Energies of the Universe This makes for a frustrating and anxiety-producing experience.When you get into the actual gameplay, the damage isn’t as bad as people initially feared (given the right synergies and rotations), but it’s not really worth the effort either, especially given how stacked the Cosmic class is with monsters such as Corvus Glaive, Captain Marvel Movie, Medusa, Venom the Duck, and Hyperion. Silver Surfer will excel when Hunting Champions that have little energy resistances or weaknesses to energy damage. The Heavy attack generates one copy of the buff, the SP1 generates 2. Yes But before the Devourer of Worlds arrives in the Battlerealm, we finally get his most famous herald as a playable champion to close out the 5th year of Marvel Contest of Champions. Silver Surfer's Special 2 greatly increases the amount of damage generated by this ability. Heavy attack is crucial to his rotation, but is one very short hit, which makes it very limiting in stun-immune situations.There are many nodes, especially in Act 5 and beyond, that will alter fight timing and make it very difficult to properly maintain Surfer’s buffs.If you need the opponent to throw a special and they are being stingy it can throw off your timing and you might lose your buffs.Surfer’s immunities are not actual immunities: he simply takes 100% less damage from Shock, Coldsnap, and Incinerate debuffs.

Yes While the Power Cosmic Buff is active Silver Surfer rotates between dormant icons every 2 seconds in the order of Power Rate, Fury, then Armor Up. Best Champs to Defeat Silver Surfer Uncollected : In longer fights, you’ll want to use the SP1 a couple of times, then the SP3, then the SP2.Recommended Videos:RichTheMan – Silver Surfer ReviewLagacy – Silver Surfer vs FreezerburnKiller Beezy – Silver Surfer Review. All of those champions have much more utility, and in many cases, are more sustainable, than Silver Surfer. Special Attacks:All of Silver Surfer’s Special Attacks pause the Power Cosmic Buff cooldown, his Rotating Icon and all active buffs for the duration of the special.The SP1 is used to activate and refresh Silver Surfers buffs. Doctor Voodoo (Nullify Buff on Special Attack), Scarlet Witch (Nullify Buff with Crit Hit), Symbiote Supreme (Can Nullify Buff With Basic Hit), Magik (Power Lock + Nullify Buff On Special Attack), The Hood (Can Nullify Buff With Basic Hit), Mephisto (Mephisto imprisons the opponent’s Soul at the start of the fight, reducing their chance to activate Buffs by 100% for 15 seconds), Doctor Strange (Must be Duped - Can Nullify Buff), Stark Spidey (Hard Hitter + Taunt Debuff), How to Defeat Silver Surfer Uncollected By Jason Voorhees【MCOC】, How To Defeat Silver Surfer - The Trial Of Reed Richards Uncollected By Giz. Dev Note: This burst of energy damage on hit will be Silver Surfer's primary source of damage. Dev Note: This ability will be the most reliable way for Silver Surfer to consume his Power Cosmic Buff and create his available Rotating Buff. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ⚡ Boss - Silver Surfer Key Of Success = Perfect Champ + Your Skill. If the Power Cosmic buff is available, it consumes the buff, creating 2 copies of the buff from the rotating icon, assuming that buff is not already active. December 12th, 2019[1] The average Summoner would have a much more rewarding and straightforward experience playing Venom, Angela, OG Thor, OG Captain Marvel, or Carnage, and at least Proxima Midnight’s difficult ramp-up comes with ridiculous damage at the end, so I don’t even think Surfer is a Top 10 Cosmic Champion.He does have bit of utility, but it’s pretty niche at the moment. If available, consume the Power Cosmic Buff and create 2 Buffs based on whichever dormant icon was active. ReviewUnfortunately, as you’ve probably already heard and seen, Silver Surfer is a bit of a letdown. Template. ; Map 3: Swapped King Groot for Squirrel Girl. Additionally, if at least 3 unique buffs are active when throwing a SP1, a new Vigilance buff is activated, allowing Surfer to bypass enemy miss abilities for 12 seconds.Finally, Silver Surfer takes 100% less damage from Shock, Coldsnap, and Incinerate debuffs, and these debuffs count toward his buff count, boosting his attack. Class(es) Yes If he has at least 3 active unique buffs, Surfer gains an Unblockable buff for 4 seconds. At the start of the Fight, Silver Surfer generates an indefinite Power Cosmic Buff.

When shield is active, Silver Surfer doesn't die & Regen 10% of HP immediately.

Consuming the Power Cosmic Buff converts the dormant icon into an active Buff and inflicts 3 Armor Break Debuffs each reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by. Each Unique Buff increases his on hit energy damage and enables him to create new powerful buffs when launching Special Attacks. Here we have got the AQ Map 4 for you with all visible opponents that you and your team will be fighting.

Lowering Silver Surfer's ability accuracy is another good route when trying to slow him down. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ). Map 1: Swapped Guillotine for Diablo. The Alliance Quest Series begins at 3pm EST. Kabam Forums. The Silver Surfer has arrived, and that means only one thing: Galactus is on his way. It will retrigger the active buffs and increase the potency of Fury, Armor Up, and Precision buffs by 25% for 24.0 seconds via an Aptitude buff. Keep reading for an explanation on how to play the champion, tips, and additional pros and cons.View Champion on So hold on your special attack use heavy to disable shield & then use special attack immediately.

Champion Spotlight Silver Surfer. Refreshing the buffs is key to keeping up Surfer’s damage.

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