ravn and tbh i like twilight and raise us more than valkyrie and light us hehehehehhe i cannot wait fr oneus comeback more and i cannot wait fr ppl to stop sleep on them and oneus get the recognition they deserves. -Xion is the MC for V HEARTBEAT WEEKLY’s K-Pop Chart & News along with his twin from ONEWE – He was a finalist of the Pledis Hot Debut back in 2013 and was a potential Seventeen member. Kpop Ships -Ravn has an instagram account but he haven’t posted since 2017. and i think leedo can be added as producer too because the latest album he literally get that royalty and certificated name there in the album hehe, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JzuPnwzzTI. , 175cm is 68.89 or rounded to 69 inches which is 5’9, In the showcase from January 9 Ravn said he’s the leader -Nickname: Caveman -He is a former JYP, YG, and Plan A trainee Blood Type: A, Hwanwoong Facts: . RAVN: Main rapper, Producer, Vocalist -He was a MIXNINE contestant (Ranked 17) Each member is in charge of a specific position, but none of the members is the leader.

– He auditioned for a specific agency for 50 times and failed them all, – He was originally supposed to use the stage name ‘Xion’, – He was originally supposed to use the stage name ‘Leedo’ -He has a twin brother named Dongmyeong who was a former Produce 101/The Unit contestant (Dongmyeong from ONEWE). -Nicknames: Ddaengjo, Ppangjo, Pretty Ravn (레 이 쁜이) Leedo collaborated with Mamamoo’s Wheein for the KT 5G ‘초능력 오지지 SONG’ advertisement. -His hobby is getting on swings 200904 Oneus Twitter Update ONEUS 4th Mini Album 'LIVED' Promotion Photoshoot by Naver x Dispatch 200819 ONEUS 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE' MV Shooting Behind by Melon ONEUS 'I LIVED' Concept Teaser Images 200820 ONEUS twitter Update 200820 ONEUS M.NET Twitter Update 200820 Keonhee Twitter Update (ONEUS) 200820 ONEUS twitter Update 200820 Keonhee Twitter Update (ONEUS… – His specialty / strengths are music, the person that he is, realistic 3. -He thinks his attractive point is his bright energy For Xion’s name I suggest taking the hangul next to his English name and putting it into google translate and setting the language to Korean to know how its pronounced. hhahaha thankyou for this information! ONEUS (원어스) consists of 6 members: Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion. -He hates working out What is there fandom name? , Really sorry for the very late reply, and thank you a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Feel free to comment below. omg i just saw them on youtube and my wig has left this planet. -He was originally supposed to use the stage name ‘Xion’ -Keonhee likes to eat a lot. , @disqus_DhHTtQaAM4:disqus – Xion usually watch musicals alone or with his family Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? There’s a spelling error in Xion’s profile, the word “was” is misspelled. Soundcloud: pls9ravn, Ravn Facts: HwanWoong-Main Dancer, Vocal Please change it Lee Gunmin and Kim Youngjo also Mixnine Contestants. I STAN!!!! Zodiac Sign: Virgo Seoho: 176cm, 63kg, A

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