Let us know in the comments. Mice should be pre-killed to avoid injury to your snake. Loose substrate can be spot-cleaned as needed and should be changed completely every month to avoid diseases. This means they will happily prey on insects (especially grasshoppers), locusts, birds, small mammals, amphibians, lizards, other snakes and eggs. Despite the snake’s common name, the Racer is not a constrictor. Parasites like mites and ticks can also be a problem. To make your snake comfortable you should try to mimic its natural habitat.

Common in grasslands, open woodlands and suburban areas, the racer is often found near water where its prey is plentiful. Both sexes are slender snakes and are not particularly heavy-bodied like a Western Hognose. To avoid bites it is best to start with a young snake in a large cage and get it used to being around people. These snakes are not picky eaters and will readily eat mice, locusts, lizards and frogs in captivity. During these times they retreat to the safety of the dense vegetation and go into a hibernation-like state. The brightest and bluest individuals are more likely to be sold for a premium price. They can slither at speeds of up to four miles per hour. A ceramic heat bulb can be used if the nighttime temperature is too low. The Blue Racer Snake is one of 11 North American racer subspecies. The blue racer snake is one of the most attractive and easily recognizable racers. Their prey choice and diet change over the course of the year. Their range in Canada is limited to a small population on Pelee Island. Blue Racer Snakes prefer wide open spaces and habitats such as forests. The most popular are the Read More →, The majority of the 3,686 known species of snakes lay eggs. Blues grow to 36 to 60 inches in size and are easily identified by their metallic gray-green scales. long they usually lose these patterns and assume a more uniform color. You should also check for mites, crusty scales and any other sign of ill health. Like any other reptile, racers also need a light source and a heat source to thrive. Their scales along the back are red, tan, pink or brown, and they have black … Their thin bodies allow them to squeeze into cracks that humans cannot reach.

Racers are not known to soak so their bowl does not need to be large enough for their whole body. Because they live in northern portions of the United States, they frequently encounter cold seasons. Overall tank temperature can be as low as 70°F at night. It is easier to assess the health of a seller’s snake in person. If that fails they may vibrate their tail against vegetation to make a buzzing noise and strike repeatedly. Mature Black Racers can grow 30 to 60 inches in length with a record length of 72 inches. Despite the controversies associated with this species it is a desired pet. This species eats more mammals in the spring and summer and insects in the fall.

Because these snakes are so common, they are relatively well-known creatures. Most individuals are wild-caught snakes that are then sold. They prefer slightly cooler temperatures than other snakes with a high range ~85°F.

Breeding and nesting occurs in the spring with females laying up to 30 eggs under debris or in a burrow. These snakes use their eyesight and sense of smell to search for prey and watch for predators. The young snakes are about 6 inches (15 cm) long and can fend for themselves upon emerging from their eggs. Finally, they should have constant access to clean water. Three Ways Snakes Give Birth, Axanthic Ball Python: Genetics, Bloodline, Breeding and Morphs, 23 Fun and Interesting Snake Facts and Statistics, How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? Good examples include: branches, boxes, tunnels and plants (real or fake).

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