In ram-air canopy flight, line drag is significant enough to affect even low-performance BASE canopies. 14. For instance, testing five pieces of 1000lb Spectra line may result in failures between 1150 and 1300lbs, but the comparatively elastic Dacron line will usually present a smaller window – more along the lines of 5-8%. Is this conventional wisdom true? Overall, this is a minor benefit to BASE canopies which are not severely affected by minor trim changes. For slider up openings, its shock-absorbing properties apply equally well. Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? 31. A perfect line for new comers to use it, she will love to hear this cute line. Cause Girl You’re A Blessing. Excuse me, but do you like whales? Softer openings are good when they occur in the same amount of altitude. Are you a cat because you're purrrrrrfect. (Pull your pockets inside out….) What did the squirrel say when his tail got caught in the door? (No, why?) dontknowwhattoputanymore, hai, pickuplines. She will be all yours for forever. If you have any questions please CONTACT us! Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it? A: You walnut beat that! 32. We are sure that these pick up lines will definitely help you to let her know your feelings and emotions towards her. I heard your into dinosaurs...well imma Lickalotofpuss. Awww ….. nothing to say about this pick up line. Copy This. Great big polar bear(she says what?) ), or just manually add the email addresses you'd like to keep in your contact list. Get notified of our latest updates by signing up. A great pick up line for showing your care to your girlfriend. Don’t know what to say when she comes in front of you. Cause I noticed the humps! 9. Use these animal themed pick up lines to help you break the ice. The list has different types of pick up lines ranging from funny, weird, cute, flirty, cheesy, smooth/romantic and clever pick up lines. If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone? If you were a farmer i would let you choke my chicken. Compared to Vectran, which becomes a hairy mess as it ages, Spectra stays smoother for longer. Do you have pet insurance? Not great, but good, and better than Spectra. Hey, can you help me get to a Doctor? If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?

you: it breaks the ice. Select a most romantic pick up lines from the below list and use it sensibly then see the magic of it. The decrease in deployment performance is difficult to measure, but the available evidence is adequate to push us to Spectra. Does your daddy have a pet owl? you say: It's when you get on all fours and I put my head in your mouth. If you were a fishtank, I would tap that! Tree Pick Up Lines Is the girl of your dream fun-loving with adventurous outlook in life?

While we don’t think it is a bad choice, we do think that Spectra is a better choice, achieving similar goals with a more desirable balance between strength, durability, and ease of use.

Are you a great white shark, cause you look like you wanna swallow me whole. DACRON (Originally ™ of DuPont, now INVISTA N.A.).

Are you a dog? Trim. Jokes > Puns & One Liners > Puns. It’s Polyester! Girl your like a trophy bass I dont know whether to eat you or mount you! Top Luggage Bags to buy in India A: To get down to the nuts and bolts. Babe, your cuter than a puppy at an animal shelter, Cuz i want to take you home! Girl, we can play zoo..and you can tame my monkey. The extra loading “re-stretches” lines in this part of the canopy, while the outer lines are loaded less. 7. Wingsuit Accidents: World’s Most Popular Errors! It is said that the reason the outer lines shrink compared to the more central line groups, is due to the slider friction. 23. Why don’t you suck the sweet pollen right out of me? Performance: Spectra is up to 40% smaller in diameter at the same strength, which – even in our low-performance canopies and especially in medium performance canopies – makes for a real difference in glide performance. Are you a mermaid, cause your cute as shell. It is molecularly identical to Dyneema, which is manufactured by DSM. It was nuts! I'm a dog and I'd like to check out your ass. BASE Gear - Part 2: Choosing training and gear. Ce texte est également disponible en français, Dacron, Spectra, or Vectran: Breaking it Down. hi, i'm (your name). Maybe not in this manner in which it is being used the most i.e., in chats but pickup lines are always used by people to impress someone and it always worked. 15. Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right? Braided spectra line slowly shrinks over time on its own, regardless of heat applied. Copy This. Are you a cat because you're purrrrrrfect.

That's a guy that chases a girl up a tree and kisses her in between the limbs. They say the early bird catches the worm, but girl you can show up at any time and still get a bite. Cause I'm going destroy your pussy.

There are lots of things that are fun about […] A: Because their nuts won't fit. Are you a termite? Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings? This material is pretty cool stuff, and it’s worth learning about it. Posted by 7 months ago.

It starts smooth, and stays smooth over time as it ages.

Baby you be the tree, and I'll wrap around you like a koala bear. Are you a sheep cause your body is unbaaaaalievable. One day I saw a squirrel burying lotto tickets under a large bush, so I asked him what he was doing. I dont know whether to eat you or mount you.

Do you know what a Timberwolf is? BASE Gear - Part 1: When and what to buy. For those of you who want to know the background on this simple advice, or are curious about what these words mean, here are a few more details on each line’s properties. Another beautiful pick up line to make your girlfriend feel special. It broke the ice! Do you have some bug spray? I've been thinking about you...Owl night long. Q: Why couldn't the squirrel eat the macadamia nut?

Do you want the text the girl or talk to the girl you like, but afraid of what to text or say it ?

Water absorption. Q: Why can't you be friends with a squirrel? 19. A: Female Squirrel. If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?

Because I have butterflies in my tummy. Have you ever milked a cow before? Top Women Dress to Shop in India This is a positive for tension knots, which become more likely as friction increases between line loops during deployment.

Hairy lines are higher friction. After stretching, a water-based urethane coating is applied, the excess is squeegeed off, and the line is cured for three days.


I heard your into dinosaurs...well imma Lickalotofpuss, Remember Finding Nemo, because in a minute you'll be finding out I nemo p***y, Do you like Sea World, because your about to be in my splash zone, Hey girl i heard you like snakes so let my snake sliver all over you. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Girl, if you were a chicken you'd be impeccable. 28. It is also comparatively low-friction. Take me to the loony bin, because you're bacon me crazy. Q: Why don't squirrels wear skinny jeans? Your like a bright light and im like a bug, because im so darn attracted to you. Nice Camel....(look down then up)... Wanna hump? My cat's dead, can I play with your pussy instead? A modern pick up line for asking cute girl number. Yes, our icon is a line drawing of a pickup. (Pull your pockets inside out....) Would you like to? Animal Pick Up Lines. It is necessary for our menu and ordering system. But, this benefit is minimal for BASE canopy use. A modern day pick up line, she will definitely gonna call you mad. The outer lines are seen to be “shrinking” compared to the central line groups, but it is not because of heat - instead, it is due to a lack of constant “re-stretching” that the central lines experience. Hey Baby did you know they call me Yogi Bear (no why?) From the polyester family of materials, Vectran™ is a liquid crystal polymer manufactured in Japan by Kuraray. Vectran can be found on some BASE canopies, but we do not offer it as an option at Squirrel. Copy This. Technical information about our gear & articles on wingsuit flying and BASE jumping. One significant downside is that it has a reputation for being more fragile than other line types as a result of it being more susceptible to degradation when fibers are exposed to the dirt that BASE jumpers tend to play in. That being said, if we are speaking strictly within the category of openings, Dacron wins. Are you a great white shark, cause you look like you wanna swallow me whole. Both are: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMwPE. Hey baby, wanna play lion? She will definitely love your sense of proposing to her and start loving back to you.So without any further delay lets go through this list of Best Pick Up Lines for Girls and pick the one which you think your girl will love to listen and start seeing the magic. A: Because their nuts won't fit. (Yeah, why) Then spread for me! It is one of the most common info-nuggets in skydiving: “Microline” (Spectra, or UHMwPE), shrinks over time due to the heat-based friction of the slider grommets traveling down the lines. Are you from Narnia? Because you’re so-da-licious! We have the best list of Pick up lines you would ever need . Simply put, the central lines on your parachute (the ones which, coincidentally, experience what is perceived to be less “friction” on the slider grommets) experience higher loads than the outermost lines on your parachute. (no) me neither but enough to break the ice, hi my name is ..... Do you wanna play lion tamer? Do you raise chickens? Archived.

Do you know what a Timberwolf is? From a frog: Hey baby, it's a future rose from a future prince. A: Female Squirrel. Are you a termite? Following is our collection of Tree chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit.They include pickup lines, comebacks, and hugot lines that … Did you grow up on a chicken farm? Your pussy is in more danger than a seal during Shark Week. The 42 Bible Puns You've Been Praying For. Q: What did the bird say to the racing squirrel? What’s your number? 18. 6.

A: To keep their nuts dry!

Are you made of copper and tellurium? Q: Why can't you be friends with a squirrel? If you were a farmer i would let you choke my chicken. Not as strong as Spectra, at the same diameter. Q: What do you call a squirrel with no nuts? We load the yarn into the braiding machine, and begin to braid a line to a specification. ... 68 Funny Christian Pick Up Lines! Is that shirt (those pants) mad of camel skin? We get to deal with Teijin and its subsidiaries because we order para-aramid materials and Teijin-Frontier cloth, and have studied aramid-fiber-woven fabrics for our wingsuit applications. (Yeah, why) Then spread for me! her: what?

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