This item is key if you need to use the Exo Lines, which are zip lines that allow you to zip down from them using the Force Hook. A vape enthusiast who'd sell himself for vape joos and some fused clapton rolls. Post your comments below.

The Soul Surge is a Projectile Item that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.. In order to find the armor and weapon, you actually have to kill some enemies and craft it yourself. v.1 - Restores 10% health when using a finishing move. Can be severed from the GAIA Statue enemies (Head) in Gideon's Peak. Close v.4 - Can be found in the Floor 03 - Rapid Launch Control area (covered in the walkthrough for. Find out where to buy SURGE soda online or at a store near you! Launches a homing missile that explodes in a wide area with devastating force. v.5 - Injectable that restores 12 Health/second over 30 seconds. v.1 - Can be found in the Decontamination Access area (covered in the walkthrough for, v.5 - Can be found in the Floor 02 - Refuelling area (covered in walkthrough for. SURGE UP BE LEGEND! Launches a grenade that explodes with concussive force on impact. The Surge Wiki will guide you with all information on weapons, armor, quests, skills, talents, maps, walkthroughs and more! This is a drone that will accompany you and help you unlock doors so that you can progress in the missions. This modified EMP device attaches to enemies and magnetic locks and can be detonated secondarily by firing it again while it is attached. Molly Fox is old and her services incline towards the game’s gear. The armor set and weapon for the URBN DLC pack is a few hours into the game. Below we have detailed the key items that you can find in The Surge 2. After defeating the Boss: Delver, you'll find Hawke at Seaside Court.

Produces a focused beam of heat energy, dealing damage and setting enemies aflame. After Penny dies, Jennifer becomes the Merchant which makes her the owner of Delicatessen, which was originally Penny’s.

The Surge 2 Merchants

More items will be added soon in this guide. Can be cut from A.I.D Soldier enemies in Jericho City and A.I.D.

This is the official subreddit where developers and publishers can mystically appear. v.2 - Restores 3 Health/second when near death. An ardent lover for first person shooter games, Salik has been part of GamesHedge all through its journey. Her quest is also Delicatessen. This fight is a little technical and requires you to weaken Little Johnny by overheating this giant machine. Merchants offer buying and selling services for items using Tech Scrap, the main currency in The Surge 2. In this The Surge 2 Items Guide, we will show you where you can find all the key items that are needed to be located in order to progress in the main story missions of the game. v.1 - Injectable that immediately converts 20 Energy to +30 Health. v.1 - Injectable that restores 3 Health/second over 30 seconds. The remainder should be spent either giving yourself useful abilities or padding out your Health, Stamina and Energy bars. v.5 - Increases max Stamina by +50 and grants additional Stamina that scales with Core Power. DualSense PS5 Controller Guide – How to Set Up Controller With PC, Little Hope Pictures Locations Guide – Where to Find All Hidden Pictures, Little Hope Endings Guide – Good Ending, Neutral Ending, Worst Ending, Pikmin 3 Deluxe Boss Battles Guide – All Boss Battles, How to Beat, Ghostrunner Upgrades Guide – How to Unlock, Upgrade Effects, Forza Horizon 4 MiniMountain Photo Challenge Guide – Location of Arthur’s Seat, Forza Horizon 4 Secret Cars Unlock Guide – Bonus Cars, Hidden Cars, ARK Extinction Admin Command Codes Guide – Spawn Titans, Gear, Creatures, Forza Horizon 4 Alien Energy Cell Locations Guide – Where to Find, GTA 5 Vehicles Cheats And Codes For Changing World Effects, Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide – Where to Find All Depths Maps, Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Guide – Teams, Decisions, Combine, Metro Exodus Endings Guide – Good Ending, Bad Ending, Morality, EK Teams Up with ASUS to Release RTX 30 Series GPUs with Built-in Water Blocks, Gran Turismo 7 Might Release in First Half of 2021, NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti Rumored to Launch on November 17. The Surge is an action RPG developed by the german developer studio Deck13 Interactive. Rex is a young guy and his services incline towards Combat Drone Modules. Found in Downtown Jericho on the way to Seaside Court. You will find him in Seaside Court – Level 2 and his quest is called April’s Fool. The gameplay requires certain key items that help you complete a certain set of missions or to continue with the story. Can be purchased from Rex's Shop at Seaside Court for 10,000 Tech Scrap. Can be found in the Utopia Loading Bay area (covered in the walkthrough for. v.1 - Increases max Stamina by +15 and grants additional Stamina that scales with Core Power.

v.4 - Increases Tech Scrap gained from killing enemies by +40%. Can be cut from SPARK Engineer enemies by severing their left leg. Now keep heading up to the Overlook until you reach a chest containing the Force Hook. ... Collectibles and Other Useful Item Locations IGN's The Surge Walkthrough and Strategy Guide leads you through every step of The Surge from the title screen to the final credits, including every collectible location, boss strategy and more. Consumes Omni-Cells whilst channeled. Launches a burning bottle of fuel that explodes into a burst of flame on impact. Implants can be found by locating trickily hidden Loot Pyramids in the environment or by defeating specific enemy types.

Take out all the cooling tanks, and then the boss will overheat and die. Find out where to buy SURGE soda online or at a store near you! v.1 - Increases max Health by +24 and adds an additional (10-30) Health that scales with Core Power.

You will also receive quests from these merchants. v.2 - Injectable that temporarily applies +15 Crush, +15 Slash and +15 Thrust damage to weapon attacks. v.3 - Injectable that temporarily applies +20 Crush, +20 Slash and +20 Thrust damage to weapon attacks. The Surge Implants Guide - All Implant locations, effects and types. Merchants offer buying and selling services for items using Tech Scrap, the main currency in The Surge 2. v.1 - Injectable that temporarily adds +10 Elemental damage to weapon attacks. v.3 - Can be found in the Eurasian Climate Zone (covered in the walkthrough for, v.3 - Acquired from Davey in the Central Production B Medbay upon completion of the, v.5 - Can be found in the Floor 02 - Refuelling area (covered in the walkthrough for.

Oh and he seems rather fond of coining words, we'd say he's a peculiament.

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You will encounter a number of Merchants in The Surge 2.

Below is a list of Drone Modules that we have found in the game so far, sorted alphabetically. v.4 - Reduces Stamina cost of dashing/dodging by -25%. This guide is a work in progress. There are two main types of Implants: When equipping Implants, it’s important to have a good spread of effects. v.3 - Injectable that immediately restores +160 Health. These are located on the various part of Little Johnny’s body. You will also receive quests from these merchants. Collectibles and Other Useful Item Locations. Before defeating the Boss: Delver in Gideon's Rock, speak with Hawke and agree to split the payment for slaying it.

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