I checked with my LBS where I bought the bike, and he suggested that this is normal for these wheels to flex like this.

There are cheaper wheelsets available that offer a similar specification, including the Hunt 4050 Carbon aero disc (1,458g claimed, £819) and JRA Mahi Mahi 40mm disc wheels (1,490g, £850) although both these options have three or five warranty options whereas Zipp now offers a lifetime warranty on 2020 wheelsets for the original buyer. For the recreational rider these slight variations don't make much difference to ride quality, but for the pro level racer the small details that make the Firecrest $2099 will be missed. There is a maximum tyre pressure recommendation that is lower than I have seen before for a road wheelset – just 72psi – although Zipp is clear to state that this is mostly to promote the benefits of lower pressures, and assuming the correct tyres are used, tyres are not likely to blow off the rim as some people might fear.

As well as being the cheapest carbon wheelset that Zipp has produced, the 303S rim is also the first of its carbon rims to be manufactured outside of the US, being made in the SRAM Taiwan manufacturing site where they also manufacture many other carbon components.

To get decent stopping power with cantis, you have to make most of the mechanical advantage and have the cable yoke set quite low, which increases power but shortens the distance the pads move per every mm of lever stroke. Steve.

I have started to put some money aside with new wheels as a possibility, but this has accelerated the process, similar to your experience, I suppose. Eagle-eyed fans may have seen team Movistar riders sporting the new graphics on other Zipp wheelsets, so this may be indicative of a change across the range. These changes were triggered by Zipp’s efforts to improve the speed, crosswind management, braking, stiffness, comfort, and handling of its wheelsets. Thanks no it's not a gilet as it's meant to be very packable. Tubeless ready, taped for tubeless use from new and includes all parts needed to run tubeless (minus sealant).

Yellows are inferior to Black Prince in my experience.

Showstopper is said to offer significant advantage in adverse conditions, so it is hard to look past that, especially when riding cantis that are inherently quite weak. Especially thing like this got me very scared: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpoiCyXkryA. If you were building the Enve's, which ones would you, Since someone has to ask...with the ink almost dry on the writeup of the Enve 65 wheelset, do you have.

This is Zipp's most affordable carbon wheelset, but there are cheaper options out there.

I like the Zipp but is he stiff enough? Brett, Take a look at the post I linked to at the bottom of this one. They were back until Lockdown 2.0 was announced. I’ll do more investigating. – Riding Techniques, TIRES I’ve had a good look at the Roval CLX 50 but I’m not sure about the stopping ability and the flexing. The kicker: they’re selling the pair for half the listed price, so $1200 before tax.

What would you honestly do in my position, please? (Not a fan of the yellow either, but apparently they’re easy to remove.

What do the manufacturers say about it? Mike, Your situation is not unique.

All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. So no Danny Mac style riding perhaps, but you can take these off-road onto gravel trails with confidence. Zipp put redesigned 77/177 hubs on the 2016 303 Firecrests. A new NSW line of carbon road bike wheels was introduced including a new Zipp 303 NSW.

I’ve also not found a carbon wheelset in this price range that performs at the same level as the higher-priced ones I’ve reviewed. Any issues with spoke tension? – All-Around Road Disc Wheels The 303S is the do-it-all wheelset from Zipp.

Steve. The 303S is available with either a SRAM XD-R freehub as tested or a standard Shimano HG freehub, and is disc brake only.

This review appears alongside reviews of similar wheels in the post THE BEST CARBON ROAD BIKE WHEELS. So, how does the latest Zipp 303 Firecrest perform?

But, as explained in the post above, new wheelsets have come out since then that outperform it. Steve. – Climbing Rim and Disc Brake Wheels Fantasy Cycling: game [at] road.cc – Online Bike Store Rankings Tubeless wheel valves performed well, no leak of air from the rim. The 302 vs 303 is a great example of the diminishing returns we get as we near the peak of cycling technology and how reverse engineered price point product can benefit dramatically from cutting edge product development like the Firecrest and NSW wheels. Another change are the graphics: no longer will there be an option of black or white logo, at least in the case of these 303S model wheels. For the buyer it comes down to understanding what one needs from a wheelset. Posted by Clive de Sousa on 1st Jun 2017. I also sent a email to Zipp USA to ask for their recommendations given my height and weight and they wouldn’t recommend 202 as they think I’ll have too much flex under load. Textured brake tracks tend to be louder than smooth ones (though those can sometimes squeal). The outer rim shape is also new: it's still 45mm deep but goes from a U-shaped rim to slightly more V-shaped.

Ask Sean Kelly... Strong, full carbon wheelset that performs in almost all conditions – for a great price, Competitively priced and well-made deep-section wheels for those who want an aero advantage, Brilliant on the climbs with excellent handling and a very low weight, but no tubeless compatibility, Durable and smooth wheelset, but weighty against the opposition, Editorial, general: info [at] road.cc That, perhaps along with other things they may have done with the rims made those stiffer wheels. I found your site very informative and helpful. by rcolaco. Once inflated, the 28mm Schwalbes measured 31mm, although it's worth pointing out that these were the 2019 version of the Pro Ones, not the newer 2020 "souplesse" versions, which are designed specifically for larger, more modern rims and likely to inflate closer to their stated size. It has to do with Zipp stepping things down for each component of the 302. Join me on this ride. Hello guys, First of all I want to thank you for accepting me in this forum. Find your wheel Learn More. If you are over (82kg/180lbs) or cranking it out at over 4 watts/kg, you might find yourself wanting a stiffer wheelset going uphill and in your more competitive rides.”, You fall in that latter category at least on a weight basis. Too bad !

Our test wheelset came in almost exactly on the claimed weight of 1,540g. Tell us what the wheel is for and who it's aimed at. When one is clearly better against most criteria and has no areas of sub par performance, I’ll rate it the best performer, as was the case of the 303 NSW against the others I evaluated a year or so ago. In 2018 Zipp did it again. Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the wheel? I want something to fit the bill – that’s lightweight and genuinely aero – w/o being ripped off…, I was favouring the most recent 303 firecrest, but hearing views about flexing wheels – makes me unsure. Because it is CX bike, I´d naturally go for wider tires and lower pressure than on a road bike. Slow engagement at the freehub. One option would be to ask the Cat 2 rider who recommended the Cero 50 to test ride his. The spokes are traditional J-bend and not the proprietary straight pull of the other Firecrest clinchers. Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher Wheel - ZIPP. I’ve tried different pads on that brake track and I think the Zipp pads are the best-suited ones.

Do you have any experience on this? – Value-Priced Wheels – Why Use a Power Meter

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