This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Anyone with extensive experience using the COXX system? 62-A     22-A&C That’s why I’m not interested in the newer games out there. 61-A     21-A   13-A   33-A&C

2020 OOTL List of Carded Players 2020 OOTL List of Available Carded Players. It’s that point of view that I base my idea. I believe that Diamond Mind, the computer version, is a far superior simulation. As I noted above, I do sympathize with Bill and know he’s not the only APBA fan who feels that pitchers’ grades should not be based on ERA or wins. Profile; Bookmark 0. How does the Coxx system work, ie when do you use it and how do you know what grade to use, 1,10,30? Click the red button to enter the 2020 APBA Blog Pitching Grade Challenge! Come on. The initial letter grade was ERA-based and according to the commonly accepted formula of the day. I think [APBA] has done a poor job of pitcher ratings relative to the batter cards. Steve points out that one advantage of the Coxx system is that it deters managers from “counting hits”. 44-A&C 64-A&C But what it comes down to is APBA basic baseball is just that, basic. Like I told Bill, I can’t fault APBA for using ERA as the grading method. I don’t really think it’s ‘broken’ but but am always looking for ways to improve it. below. Support the Card Computer from Compuduck Sports Software: I am not affilliated with the APBA game company, Miller Associates or any other APBA-related commercial enterprise. pitchers have each grade, A, B, C, and D, how often pitching adorn-ments for strikeouts and walks occur, what fraction of the batters are fast (F) or slow (S), and what fraction of the flelders have the various flelding ratings. The Company website has the answer…, APBA Baseball Card 12 List and Publication Data, MakoJo Software Editors and Utilities for APBA Games. Sorry about that. ERA is one step removed from the stats of what pitchers actually do. This hardly justifies the difference in rating from 6 to 11. This will be the third year in a row we have conducted this contest and we’re looking forward to this! 24-A   44-A&C Pitchers had basically two ratings, and one drubbing could inflate the ERA for the year to a point it would never recover. Especially since I play solitaire and the master game isn’t really good for that.

or next line of table, Use the ERA calculated in Steps 1-3 and the pitcher's 25-A   45-A   I snooped around, and got into contact with some rabid APBA players who were able to fill me in on the formulas used to create cards.

Example 2: A Grade 6 pitcher has just come into the game as a reliever. The W, Z and ZZ seem adequate to address walks. Variety.

The yield? Optional Pitching Rule. To stay solvent the company needs to attract the next generation of customers, which means keeping things simple enough that a seven year old can take the game out of the box and begin having fun. AA rating under this system eliminates any hits for that at bat. 24-B   44-A&C 21-A   41-C   51-A&C typically estimate the walk ratings and issue a list of pitching grades in Unfortunately, other factors play into it as well like Bill says. In other words, your B pitcher won’t always be an B (but chances are, he’ll be in that range). This is the only time I apply the system. A labor of love:) 55-A&C 25-A&C 45-A   51-A&C   11-A&B 16-A   36-A   55-A&C   15-A&C I do agree that for the most part, ERA is effective (though more so for starting pitchers and not so much for relievers). Wins, are even more dependent on other factors. You might say why all the fuss? Back in ancient times I looked at career statistics for players that I’d owned for a good number of years (in a league that used the basic game) and found that hitters tended to arrive at career stats that were eerily close to their actuals, while this seldom happened with pitchers. Otherwise, it makes it really difficult to ever want to bring in a Grade D reliever. Is Wainwright truly just a low C grade pitcher whereas Lynn is a solid B? Well, he gave up two hits that drove home a couple runs that weren’t charged to him.

I realize that’s a one game example but you get my point.

23-A   It’s time to cast your ballot for the 2020 Pitching Grade Challenge! 46-A   66-A&A. If each throws 200 innings, the D pitcher will have to face more batters than the A pitcher because he puts more men on base. 33-A&C 53-A one A grade starting pitcher allowed 9 real life homers all season but in my game, he has already surrendered 20 homers in two thirds of a season. Just like in the board game. wondering just how much time does it add to a game?? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.
It depends on how many hits you get and how familiar you are with the charts. Each batter has two 9s so that about 60 points on the BA using about 30 to 31 ABs. Now in the Advanced game, they should both have the same MG rating. 12-C   Jeff Boeding and the ’06 Naps go all the way at TCABT-XIV!! has the charts on their web site plus full instructions on how to use the system. These customizations are made easier by the existence of a number of online resources and our ability to quickly share them.

It’s a FUN and fast game to play and stats come out pretty good, even for pitchers. eg. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s time to cast your ballot for the 2020 Pitching Grade Challenge!

There were no grades, no subratings, no handicaps. 2020 OOTL List of Carded Players 2020 OOTL List of Available Carded Players. 34-A   54-A     League). The former ended up with a grade maybe 4-5 points lower.

14-A   34-A   13-A   33-A&B The D pitcher will therefore end up with more strikeouts in 200 innings than the A pitcher when he should have had the exact same amount. We’ve broached this topic before, I believe. So the issue is hits and I have to agree that grading should be tied to hits more so than ERA. 35-A&C 55-A&C   11-A&B 31-A&C 26-B  

Also has anybody tried playing it this way? I even had the master game at one point.
55-A&C   15-A&C Obtain the ERA for the individual league the pitcher pitched in The final grade as the result is provided is an 11, in this example. My guys Ted Simmons and Keith Hernandez were right on the money, which should reveal my Cardinals proclivities and my advanced age! So a reliever who had 11.5 h/9 can still have a lower ERA than a starter with 9.5 H/9. 16-B   I have enjoyed the discussion because I have thought abt some of those same things in my own solo play. 41-C   61-A In other words, your B pitcher won’t always be an B (but chances are, he’ll be in that range). | last edited by Reputation: 8 | Posts: 8. Like it or not, it’s the standard MLB and the sports media uses to judge the pitchers (though they are catching up in recent years).

One of the questions I’ve gotten recently from APBA baseball fans centers around the Coxx Pitching grade system. nmikleson . His ERA is zero.

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