I guess I'll have to go with the coffe plant then. i have no idea how much time i wasted looking at every individual rss to see if they sell what i need and i all see is 20 stalls full of wheat or eggs.
Note that players may also use a saw to remove the tree after the third harvest instead of placing it up for revival.

If your 'hood expects you to …

Buy those and resell them for higher prices. The way i run my rss is this.. Why do we wheat? 3.

A saw is needed to remove a dead tree from the farm. Apple trees are a type of tree unlocked at experience level 15. personally im absolutely sick of looking through the paper for something i need and all im seeing is eggs, bacon, bacon and eggs and wheat.

A player can ask for another player to revive it by tapping on it and placing a sign on the tree.

This means that 1,123 – 604 = 519 profit per saw. Each harvest yields additional apples: After the third harvest the tree wilts.

However, since crops are limited to your open fields, trees offer a way to spend your excess saws and space to generate more XP and revenue. it makes it impossible to find what you are looking for. Or rings depending on your level. Most people will not be doing this.

All the trees and bushes give between 3 and 5 coins per hour per plant. The cocoa tree, in turn, costs around 550 gold to plant.

Even the least profitable crop (Strawberries, which sell for 50 coins @ 8 hrs) has a better $/hour than the best tree. In this sense, a tree profit example would go like this: A single cocoa tree yields 13 fruits, which are worth a total of 1,123 gold.

A single saw used to cut down the tree once it’s wilted is worth around 54 gold. You dont deserve the exposure if thats all your selling. dia 13. To the guide writer. Hi, this is my guide to making money and doing other arbitrary things in Hay Day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You're gonna have a bad time. why would anyone waste their money on wheat and eggs when they are produced by every single farm at no cost? Hi i really like your guide but there are a few problems i have. Post reasons in the comments.

For axes/bushes it's coffee, the only single space bush.
Each tree can give up to 13 apples, which are collected over 4 harvests.

https://hayday.fandom.com/wiki/Apple_Tree?oldid=94867. In terms of coin per plant it's blackberry at 510.4 per plant.

This post was last updated: 01/09/2014. If you have more axes than space, go with coffee, else go with blackberry. This information is meant for high-level players with most or all of the available produce available to them. I am sorry but your guide leaves way too much out and includes way too much that isn't of value or not found somewhere else. Farm on! I also need lots of saws, axes and mining equipment. So I'm about to level up and get a new expencive machine, and I need to increase my coniage.

Show Printable Version; March 28th, 2017 #1. time every 16 h Please enjoy. The all time profit king is wheat, 108 coins per hour per crop. Most profitable single space plant is cacao, 519.2/tree. I know there is threads for most coins per hour from bushes and … The time between harvests is 16 hours for each tree. Unlocking machines/goods you cannot afford/produce will screw up your ability to fill boat, truck and town orders, your barn will be underleveled to hold it all. They are also preferable for farmers who infrequently check their farm, due to the long grow times. Ok so why do you feel the need to wheat farm?

xp 7 The time between harvests is 16 hours for each tree.

Thread Tools. Plants have the worst profit per unit time though, when you factor in their grow cycles.

Plants have the worst profit per unit time though, when you factor in their grow cycles.

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