The third row also has no top tethers for car seats and the height limit of 5 foot 3 in for the third row is limiting as well. My wife refues to give up the EXPO. It runs great! I love the style and size of the car- it is very roomy! View all 29 consumer vehicle reviews for the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2019 Outlander. All maintenance is up to date, regular oil changes. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 110, "Tire Selection and Rims." Never had anything like this vehicle. The push to start feature is one of my favorites, along with the anti lock if the keys are inside! Sure it's an "ooops" and there are few more: The author's email is posted at the top of the article - I'm sure he'd love to hear from y'all. It wasn't available before. I own the V6 Galant but have driven the 4 cyl. I bought a 1993 EXPO new and it has turned out to be the best car We have ever owned. Gets the same milage (30 gpm) as it ever did.

I would consider the deluxe seat fabric. Viva MITSY!!!! More malleable type you know. I'm trying to choose between these two cars. • Great gas mileage, no issues, good in the snow, third row, good for travel, runs smooth, sunroof, satellite radio. I hear you. Other than that the car has been great for our family of four and our pets. Therefore, I don't think perfomance will be any problem at all on the Outlander.

The mileage is so good on a full tank of gas and the pick up is not too bad neither.

We had it bombing up to 125KM/h in no time. I still cannot understand why some people - some of them so called car people, keep comparing Outlander with Mazda CX-7. All of the auto reviewers will dump on Mitsubishi for "reliability issues" noting engine and transmission issues, but if you go to the sites where these issues are reported by actual consumers (like engine and transmission issues are virtually non-existent. Parking lot turning was very good. For me though, it works and it works better at 19K than at 26K or more. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority. The getup and go was good. It killed my "new car smell" so be forewarned. According to them, styling is better on Rav4 than Outlander. At least that was offer when I purchase the vehicle. I took one out for a test drive this past weekend. I'm reading about your concerns regarding the Outlander's power. The leather was nice and I really liked the seat bolsters, but neither I, nor my family liked the cloth seats at all. It's like comparing apple to orange. The XLS version is a must. View all 14 consumer vehicle reviews for the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2019 Outlander Sport. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. 51 members.

Could the owners comment on that?

All wheel drive vehicle. It is a very reliable vehicle and this is the second one that I have owned. Very reliable vehicle and it is very good as far as fuel consumption goes. I've been looking at the CR-V, but since the Outlander is just around the corner, it might be worth the wait. First of all they should compare the closest trims possible from each manufacturer. 60 cubic feet. In fact, 30% of Outlander owners self-identify as members of Generation Y. Slower speeds were pleasing. Both and i mean BOTH vehicles have plastic interiors, the Rav4 layout is more "mature" lets say, the Outlander is more youthful and interesting in the eye. The auto show press release I saw indicated that this vehicle will be equipped with the 2.4 litre 4 cyl. Overall very happy with my car.

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Both are excellent vehicles. No problems. I also see some changes from the Mitsubishi. The guarantee that is offer is also great covers the engine and any issue it might have up to 100 miles or ten years. Share 2022+ Mitsubishi Outlander pictures or other found images in this forum section. I have a Brand new 4x4 Mitsubishi Outlander ZJ 2013 petrol and I have to say that it probably was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in terms of buying a family vehicle and 4x4. I bought it off a private owner who said that it was having transmission issues. • 75 mph was attained during some passing but you would have to plan ahead. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Great on gas.

It rides very smooth and actually looks more plush inside than the outlander. It gets great mileage and does not slide on icy roads. End of the story. Why? Learn About Us. Overall the Expo is better but out of production. I have a 1990 Mirage (130k miles) that still runs great after 10 years of work driving. Does any body have the same tires.My problem his they are loud on the highway and you can feel every imperfections on the road .no fun. Plus Mitsubishi has been a very pleasant and dependable company to work with.

Nothing is wrong with it nor does it have any issues mechanically. The next improvement I would love to see is the rear camera. The outlander is so reliable and provides great gas mileage. It handles nicely in the snow and I like the feature to easily put it in 4wd auto, then the lock position. But it will be even better with a 5sp and price below the matrix. I commute 40 min a day and it is been very reliable.

Also good on gas. I have a 2015 Outlander. I looked at this car too and it is very nice.

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