Furuya glanced at Kuramochi and use his eyes to talk like, "What did I tell you? When Sawamura suffers from appendicitis in his first year, he’ll have a rather large group of mother hens who'll make sure that he'll heal appropriately. Their speed walk transforms into a frantic run once the granola bars are finished. Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 50,926 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 59 - Updated: Satu hari dalam kehidupan Okumura Koushuu bersama dengan kekasihnya yang selalu dikejar deadline. After a while the Team B infielders took their practice and then the Team A took theirs.

"Huh? Come along in their adventure, filled with angst, humor, and wholesome moments. In the middle of the game, it wasn't long before Sawamura started getting really sick again. Youichi never thought he could get even closer to his best friend. Eventuell besteht momentan keine Internetverbindung oder es liegt ein anderes Netzwerk-Problem vor. Another one hit. "What kind of payment are we talking about?" Miyuki laughed, "Haha! Uh. By the time he got it and throw to Maezono, Ryosuke was there. There are always so many things you would like to have said to him and at the end far too much remains forever unspoken." he added. Busy wiping his mouth. I starting to feel like I am not in my body anymore, like I am outside of my body and fighting to get back. Miyuki, his shoulders wet from perspiration, stepped to the plate. The next hitter Yuki hit a hard grounder to Kaneda. This time Kuramochi hardly cared. Sawamura's team was playing.

Even Chris-sempai is struggling to keep his lips pursed neutrally when Miyuki comes over to talk about the pitch selection for the upcoming scrimmage, a smile sneaking onto his face anyway against his will. Let's keep it cracking."
When he looks at Eijun in front of the altar hosting the pictures and bodies of his parents, Kazuya remembers his own losses—the biggest loss in his life that he's done all he can to move on from, yet it still hurts to think about on some days. Maezono stared at Sawamura, "Aren't we too far behind to bunt?"

Kuramochi, speaking very softly, "He's happy now.".

She is a childhood friend of Sawamura Eijun from when she moved with her family from Canada to Nagano, Japan.

Miyuki start. Few of us will not be granted a long life and my life being a student and a baseball player were over, and now I could finally rest. Sawamura's last throw of morning practice is an amazing cutter and he turns to loudly remind Miyuki about how awesome his pitching is. "Yeah, whatever." Thank you for trusting me. Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 25,935 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 26 - Updated: Kazuya hanya dapat berharap akan takdir untuk memulai kembali dari awal. When Sawamura opened his eyes, he saw Haruichi in front of him.

If anyone directly asked, Miyuki would have no problem talking about it. Jedes Seelenpaar hat ein individuelles und sobald man sich traf, bewegte es sich. Hanya empat kata, terangkai dalam sebuah kalimat di atas selembar kertas putih. Sawamura rose up to grab his blankets and instantaneously, his head hurt again. Probably, it would be the last bright and beautiful smile they would ever see from him. I saw my father trying to wake me up but I didn't move anymore. Haruichi smashed a single over the second baseman's head Ryosuke, and the people yelled and cheered as Miyuki scored. he asks Kuramochi when they finish the drill and start to move equipment around.

They all looked in Sawamura's bench and they started to smile too. Sawamura reaches the dugout before him and the rest of the team finally notices them. "It's my fault, boss! But Kuramochi just shrugged. After a sleepover on a weeknight, Miyuki and Sawamura show up to morning practice wearing the wrong jerseys. Suddenly, he felt someone shaking him. Je älter Eijun wurde, desto größer wurde seine Ungeduld.

He was taking fever reducer and antibiotics before the game but it didn't seem to help. Please..." Sawamura said. Miyuki tugs on Sawamura's sleeve to slow down once they get in sight of the field.

Tetapi sesuatu dalam hati Eijun langsung membisikkan sebuah nama. Just as he thought, nearly the entire of his senpais were serious. Kuramochi fielded it, throw to Maezono.

Masuko's looking a little red himself from second-hand embarrassment and he turns away to dig through his bag. ", Miyuki leers. You're the coach here so I trust you." A grass-cutting grounder through the mound that just missed Tanba's legs. Miyuki's acting normal now that he's with Furuya, and the southpaw is torn between being irritated that Miyuki takes Furuya seriously and being fiercely glad that the jerk is comfortable being his true, rotten self around Sawamura.

Kuramochi realized that he was quite proud of Sawamura despite of his being stubborn, noisy and stupid. Sawamura said. Then a wicked gleam sneaks into Miyuki's eyes. "Even when you were driving me crazy, you were still always unapologetically you. Why am I shaking?’ closing his eyes his head started to hurt as flashes of images and scenes from like a movie started to flit through his mind.

Shocked, but flattered. Look at that shade of red, Masuko-sempai.". Kawakami turns slightly pink in the face, but he shakes his head quickly, scratching his cheek and trying to hide a smile. It was very hot lay like tattered strings across the sky. Miyuki Kazuya. Isashiki smirked. They needed three to win. So one day I thought, "I'll make my o... colours // miyuki kazuya.

He knows what he's doing."

And don't bring up my first practice, 'cuz you were late that day too!". "Yeah, he is. He had a temperature and a constant cough.

You have suffered too much, you can finally rest now here, my grandson.". how he painted new shades of bright colors he did not even know he had, and how you were extra grateful for that. The words sank into Kuramochi and bit a little, made him think. Note: for the purpose of the story Seido has a university and the members can participate in both high school and university baseball tournaments. Amazingly, Sawamura has managed to be incredibly discreet about their relationship. Come on!" Sawamura yanks open Miyuki's door, shifting anxiously in the doorframe as the catcher finishes getting dressed. "I want to pitch..." Furuya said to himself. a sequence of how yo... Diamond no Ace Oneshots. All he ever wanted was to pitch but he can't. Diamond No Ace X Reader Fanfiction. Yui stared at the picture while Okumura standing beside him. ""My soulmate plays baseball!! For sure!" "Tse! You'll just shake him up. Please leave a review, even if it's just a line you liked or disliked - every bit of feedback helps my writing!
The low voice suddenly came from behind Kuramochi. Sawamura's eyes going wide, before a smile spreads across his face. "Sorry, Tetsu. Somethings happened to her during her second year of high school making her … "Yes, Leader!" "Right! "You are already bossing me around, senpai.

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