Ma Manasa Devi, the snake goddess, is worshiped by Hindus, mainly for the prevention and cure of snakebites and infectious diseases like smallpox and chicken pox as well as for prosperity and fertility.

Nagamma Temple, located in Secunderabad, Telangana, is one of the oldest temples in the area and well-known among locals as well as tourists. “My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. This is because Chando of the Manasamangal was the first to initiate her worship, and Behula, the heroine of the Manasamangal was a daughter of the Saha clan (a powerful trading community). At last Manasa conspired against two dancers of Indras Court who loved each other, Anirudha and Usha . “My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. Biden 'Will Open the Floodgate to Radical Islamic Terrorism.' I always wanted to stay and sit at our snake temple.

He was practicing black magic," says Nagamma, which means, "mother snake."

As a consequence, stories attributing Manasa's birth to Shiva emerged and ultimately Shaivism adopted this indigenous goddess into the Brahmanical tradition of mainstream Hinduism. [11], According to Tate: By the 14th century, Manasa was identified as the goddess of fertility and marriage rites and was assimilated into the Shaiva pantheon, related to the god Shiva. Once, when Jaratkaru was awakened by Manasa, he became upset with her because she awakened him too late for worship, and so he left her temporarily. Manasa Devi is Hindu cobra (snake) Goddess, Queen of the Nagas.

As the supernatural warfare raged around her, suddenly Nagamma became troubled and disturbed.

"My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. They even gave her offerings of money. Manasa, also Manasa Devi, is a goddess of snakes, worshipped mainly in Bengal, Jharkhand and other parts of northeastern India, chiefly for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and prosperity. She is usually worshiped and mentioned along with Neto, who is called Neta, Netidhopani, Netalasundori, etc.

This gesture made Manasa so happy that she resurrected all of Chand's sons and restored his fame and fortunes. But I did not lose my faith in Jesus."

Later, when Shiva was dying of poison, Manasa cured him.

Other Recent Articles from Breaking Christian News. Bengali women observe a fast (vrata) on this day and offer milk at snake holes.[22]. Her popularity grew and spread to southern India, and her followers began to rival Shaivthe earliestism (the cult of Shiva). Shiva took Manasa to his home where his wife, Chandi, suspected Manasa of being Shiva's concubine or co-wife, and insulted Manasa and burnt one of her eyes, leaving Manasa half-blind. Once, when serpents and reptiles had created chaos on the Earth, Kashyapa created the goddess Manasa from his mind (mana). She is worshiped for protection from and cure of snake bites and infectious diseases like smallpox and chicken pox. They tied me to a tree and beat me. In some scriptures, sage Kashyapa is considered to be her father, not Shiva. Chand then retaliated with a counter-curse that worshiping her would not be popular on earth unless he worshiped her also. She was initially mocked by the people but then Manasa forced them to worship her by raining calamity on those who denied her power. My father was the one who announced first that I am the goddess of the snakes," she says. In Bangladesh, the Manasa and Ashtanaag Puja is a month-long affair spanning July and August. Anirudh had to take birth as Lakhinder, Chand and Sanaka's seventh son. Sometimes, she is depicted with a child on her lap. When Shiva saw Manasa, he was attracted to her, but she proved to him that he was her father.

She is also known as Vishahara (the destroyer of poison), Nityā (eternal) and Padmavati.

[17], Later, the sage Jaratkaru married Manasa, but Chandi ruined Manasa's wedding night. “My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. [8], According to Tate, Manasa as Jaratkaru was initially recognized as a daughter of sage Kashyapa and Kadru, the mother of all Nāgas in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. In South India people started recently worshipping Goddess Manasa Devi[23] Temple in Mukkamala located in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. Breaking Christian News is a division of Elijah List Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. October Surprise: US Economy Booms in Third Quarter With 33.1% GDP Growth, Zeta Slams New Orleans as Cat 2, Nearly 2M Lose Power; Now It's Racing Northeast, Steve Shultz, Managing Editor Founder and Owner. [5] Bhattacharya and Sen suggest that Manasa originated in South India as a non-Vedic and non-Aryan goddess and is related to the Kannada folk snake-goddess Manchamma. With intricately carved idols and ancient architecture, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Nagamma, a snake deity belonging to the Hindu religion. Janguli shares his swan vehicle and her poison-destroyer epithet with Manasa. She managed to convert people from different walks of life, including the Muslim ruler Hasan, but failed to convert Chand Sadagar . [19], Manasa Mangalkavya attributes Manasa's difficulty in attracting devotees to an unjust curse she gave to Chand in his previous life. People in the surrounding area began to bring milk, fruits and flowers for her as offerings and prostrated themselves before her on the ground. The story of Her birth starts when Lord Shiva was sexually aroused on the banks of the Kalidaha pool, a pond in West Bengal in the town called Rajnagar. My color also changed," she recalls. As per McDaniel, Manasa was originally a Adivasi (tribal) goddess. She stands for both 'destruction' and 'regeneration', almost akin to a snake shedding its skin and being reborn. [1] She is also known as Vishahara (the destroyer of poison), Nityā (eternal) and Padmavati.[2]. To receive daily emails from Breaking Christian News to your inbox CLICK HERE, "The Lord has anointed me by the Holy Spirit [and] is using me as a servant for many� I myself broke all the idols and temple of snakes. "Snakes were my favorite gods," she notes. Click Here to read about the dream about Jesus Nagamma had that night, and what He told her in that dream, that changed her life forever. These men were his ancestors, who were doomed to misery as their children had not performed their last rites. Thus to gain his fear and insecurity, Manasa one by one killed his six sons . Manasa is also a very important fertility deity, especially among the lower castes, and her blessings are invoked during marriage or for childlessness. "They wanted to get a touch from me for their blessings." She is often seen as 'the one-eyed goddess' and sometimes portrayed with her son Astika on her lap.

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