She then repeats her question (or asks “Kore demo?”, which translates to “Even with this?” or “Even now?”) and if the individual responds with “no” or screams in fright, she will kill them with her weapon. This was a well-needed viewing to begin to love urban horror again and to provide other, newer movies with a chance. and actually willing for the characters to survive - give the Kuchisake-onna series a try, For me, this series was a pleasant surprise, it was something that thrilled me, kept my interest across three hours and eight minutes, and had my heart racing as the action unfurled. I was considering going as either Sam or Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom. Of course, Kuchisake-onna follows the basic plot of most urban legend horror films - it's no surprise that it continues the pattern as all the others do - however, it does have it's own original points. ", she will take off her surgical mask, revealing her Glasgow smile and ask, "How about now?". She also carries a sharp instrument with her, which has been described as a knife, a machete, a scythe, or a large pair of scissors. Kuchisake-Onna would also have a privilege to appear in front of the victim.The origin of Kuchisake-Onna begins in a Japanese village. Krista…I’m just admitting I have a ginormous crush on you. Ringu, Teke-Teke, etc.). Opinion: Horror sequels. She would always ask the little children "Am I pretty?" September 13, 2011 Children. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001. Kuchisake Onna - page 21. Overall, if you want to settle down for a night of Japanese horror that has your eyes widening, yelling don't do that!!! She covers her face with a surgical mask (most commonly - in some variants of the legend, she uses scarves, long coats or covers her face with her hair) and carries a large, sharp object (most commonly - an oversized pair of scissors).According to the most popular legend, she will approach someone on the street, her lower face covered, and will ask her victim, "am I pretty?". If they respond 'no' straight away, Kuchisake-onna will kill them immediately with her weapon. She has been described as a contemporary yōkai. Plot: A small village's history speaks of the spirit of a woman with a horrendously disfigured face that haunted, stalked and terrorized them thirty years ago. Methods that can be used to survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna include answering her question by describing her appearance as “average”, or by distracting her with money or hard candies. The Slit-Mouthed Woman urban legend has appeared prominently in two Japanese films: Carved (2007) and it's prequel Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre. Plot: Three sisters live their happy lives on a small chicken farm in the town of Gofu. It must adapt to the current culture. Kuchisake-onna (口裂け女), otherwise known as the Slit-Mouthed Woman, is a common urban legend found through numerous areas of Japan, with sightings of her sprouting across Asia; some people have even claimed to see her within the Western countries of the world.

It felt fresh; it was a wonderful look into the urban legend and truly brought her to life in a stunning way. Indeed some have traced it back to the Heian Era (794-1185). I went into this expecting the worst, in all honesty, and came out of it very pleasantly surprised.

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