Eg a Priest living in North of India will belong to a Brahmin Caste and a Priest living in South of India will also belong to Brahmin Caste. 25). The biggest Misconception regarding the term "Jatt" is defining it as a "Caste" as per the standards set by the Indian Caste System.

Transportation Minister of India). "The Jats of the Punjab proper (in modern Punjab almost all of them belong to the Sikh faith) have been truly described as the backbone of the province by character and physique, as well as by numbers and locality. Ghallu (1,327), There are several villages with mahais majority in distt.

1, Book 1, Lahore (now in Pakistan), 1883, pp.

3. 93. Auler Khel (2,214), Kang (97), Sial (847), Koral (794), Pannun (914), Heer (387), Kaliar (855), Thaheem (1,499) and, Sipra (1,763), endobj The surname Dhillion probably has its origin in the name of a clan within the Jatt community. Sarai (296), Nauls (2,136), A large number of Sikh soldiers fought on the side of Great Britain during both the First and Second World Wars. Sarai, Kal Khand, Kallu, Kalo, Kalon, Kalru, Kamera, Kamon, Kanag, Kanaich/Knaich/Knech, Kanchi, Kanda, Kanda, Kandola, Kandwa, Kaneran, Kang, Kangrah, Kanjan, Kanon, Kanonkhor, Kanwari, Kanwen, Kanyaal/Kanyal, Kapai, Karhalah, Kat, Kataria, Kator, Katrah, Kauri, Kawari, Kawera, Kehal, Kejah, Kejar, Kele, Kerah, Kes, Khab, Khadal, Khadar, Khagah, Khajah, Khajan, Khak, Khakh, Khaki, Khal, Khalah, Khalani, Khalwah, Khamah, Khaman, Khand, Khangura, Khanjan, Khar, Khara/ Kharra, Kharak, Kharora, Kharral, Kharwala, Kharye, Khatkar, Khatra, Khatrai, Khera, Khichar, Khichi, Khilchi, Khira, Khojah, Khadal, Khokar/Khokhar, Khor, Khoreja, Khosar, Khroud, Khubbar/Khubar, Killa, Kingra, Kodan, Kohar, Kohja, Kohri, Kokarah, Kokraya, Kooner, Kuk, Kular/Kulhar, Kuliar, Kundu, Kuretanah, Labar, Ladhana, Ladhar, Lahar, Lahil/Lail/Lehal/Lel/Lehel, Lak, Lakha, Lakhi, Lakhiwal, Lakwera, Lali/Lalli/Lally, Lang, Langah, Langanah, Lapeja, Lar, Lasai, Lat, Lathar, Lather, Laur, Lawar, Lekho, Lel, Leli, Lillas, Lodhara, Lodhran, Lodrah, Lohan, Lolah, Loleri, Lorimalanah, Lotha, Ludher, Lunghere, Lurka, Lehndra, Mader, Magsi, Mahad, Mahal, Mahil, Mahani, Mahir, Mahar, Mahara, Maharana, Mahe, Mahesar, Mahi, Mahli or Malhi, Mahota, Mahra, Mahtarmalhi, Makol, Makoma, Mal, Malan, Malana, Malanhans, Malhah, Mallhi, Malli, Mamar, Mamarha, Mamra, Mamrai, Mann, Mand, Mandair/Mandare, Mang, Mangan, Mangat/Mangath, Marahar/Marrahar/Madarhar, Markanda, Markha, Marrar, Marula, Maryal, Masan, Maswan, Mat, Mattu, Matu, Megal, Megla, Mekan, Menas, Meri, Mermalha, Mesar, Metla, Miana, Minhas, Mitru, Mochani, Mochhar, Mohal, Mond, Mondah, Month, Mor/Maur, Moran, Morare, Motha, Mula, Mundi, Mundtor, Nachang, Nadho, Nagra, Nagri, Naich or Nech, Nain, Najar, Naloka, Nanad, Nadal, Nahal (also written as Nehal), Nandlah, Nanwa, Narath, Narhoach, Narwal, Narwan, Nat, Natri, Natt, Nawar, Neera, Nehal, Neola, Nijjar, Nordaha, Nun/Noon, Obhai, Odhana, Oesi, Ojal, Ojh, Okhal, Olak, Olakh, Omara, Otar, Otara, Othwal. Haral (500), Gilotar (1,497), Jandral (618), Some prominent castes among Sikhs are Arora, Khatri, Ramgarhia, Jat, Saini, Kamboh, Mahton, Chhimba, Mohyal , Chamar, etc. 192-193. 109 date 10. Khanda (734), Punjabi surnames showcase the diversity of the various communities that originally belonged to the region of Punjab and its surrounding areas. Gill (2,635), This is also known as the Fyzulpuria Misal after a village near Amritsar (Punjab) called Fyzullapur. People from Punjab have spread across the world yet have retained their surnames, which reflect their rich culture and heritage. Dhillon (1,706), The surname likely referred to those who belonged to a community of merchants or traders. x��]m����. Goraya (2,158), During British rule in India, the government periodically assigned the task, of producing handbooks to recruit new Sikhs for military service, to various military officers: Captain Falcon, R.W. Jatal (710), They make good soldiers…". [19], pp. I, Civil and Military Gazette Press, Lahore, 1890, pp. II). Maan (437), Dhamial (1,502), It has origins in “Bindranath,” a Sanskrit word that refers to the “high hill-tops.” It is a common surname among Khatris and Jatts. Such distinctions have surfaced only due to ill interests of certain section of people, who, on the pretext of making a society more manageable through these classifications, eventually paved the way to an unequal grouping within the human race. Johiya (1,617),

…the present Jit (Jat) prince of Lahore (Maharaja Ranjit Singh during the time of Col. Tod), whose successor, if he be endued with similar energy, may, on the reflux of population, find himself seated in their original haunts of Central Asia, to which they have already considerably advanced". Jhawari (1,092),

Buttar (842),

Daia (1,364), Rebuttal 4 - PROFESSIONAL NATURE OF CASTES: Castes are professional in nature.

Mar 3, 2016. Gill (2,381), Chhina (3,076), Shahkhani (961), Through this participation they have been able to significantly influence the politics of North India. Tulla (1,311),

(Major Barstow, A.E., [2], pp. Previously marginal areas took off as zones of newly profitable 'peasant' agriculture, disadvantaging non-elite tilling groups, who were known by such titles as Jat in western, "In the later nineteenth century, this thinking led colonial officials to try to protect Sikh Jats and other non-elite 'peasants' whom they now favoured as military recruits by advocating legislation under the so-called land alienation. Noons (1,083), It is a popular surname among the Punjabi Khatris. As per notification dated 4/5-12-2002 issued by state of Punjab, Department of Welfare, the "Mochi" caste has been excluded from the list of Backward Classes w. com Å¡ SURYA MATCHMAKERS (ESTD. 113-150, first published in 1848.

Bilar (3,147), Kanial (2,603), Kalial (129), Gill (3,865), Mahil (38), Sangra (653), Hans (1,029),

In the 20th century and more recently, Jats have dominated as the political class in Haryana[42] and Punjab. Maharaja Ram Singh 13. The surname also contains the “walia,” a common Punjabi suffix. [22] - Mason, P., A Matter of Honour, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1974, pp.352-353. Chattar (880), Dangar (689),

[13] Over the years, several Jats abandoned agriculture in favour of urban jobs, and used their dominant economic and political status to claim higher social status. Mogial (1,830), One time the Sikh empire embraced the whole of the undivided Punjab (prior to the creation of Pakistan), Kashmir, and a part of Tibet. Brahmins seldom married outside they're own caste, however Subcastes did frequently exist between the Kshatri and Jatt communities and others below. Daha (1,016), stream The majority of Punjabi surnames trace their roots to these three communities. This page was last edited on 19 February 2020, at 01:59.

Dakhu (823), Khatarmal (1,184),

Sarai (351), Kachela (669),

As per the A.D. 1888 census returns [4,5] figure for the total number of baptised Sikhs in India was 1,706,909 and the Jats accounted for 66%. Bulla (6,691), It is derived from “naranga,” a Sanskrit word which means “orange.” The surname is found among those from the Arora community. Khera (239), Thus Caste follows the rule of Ex-Communication. Virk (548). Do you have any Punjabi surnames to share?

Sandhila (41), Mahais is a sub caste of jatts. Bajwa (377), Kang (10), Dakhna (1,303),

Marral (826), Haral (643), A press release from Leeds University states: The earliest mention of Jats can be found in the Arabic book Chach Nama also known as the Fatehnama Sindh and Tarekh-e-Hind wa Sindh. Turkhel (255), [30] In another nod to the Mughal legacy, in the 1750s, Surajmal removed his own Jat brethren from positions of power and replaced them with a contingent of Mughal revenue officials from Delhi who proceeded to implement the Mughal scheme of collecting land-rent. Sandhu 3,442, Sadal (674),

Now talking about Ethnicity, you will notice that Caste is not Ethnic in nature at all. Gangal (1,049), The surname likely referred to those belonging to a merchant clan within the Khatri community.

Bains (712), 62-63, first published in 1928. The surname likely comes from the “soot” or “sood,” which means “interest” or “gain.”. Bajwa (844), Lalli (Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly), H.S. The effect of this interaction on India's social organization lasted well into the colonial period. His religion-wise break-up of Jats is as follows: 47% Hindus, 33% Muslims, and 20% Sikhs.

Many new rulers of the 18th century came from such martial and nomadic backgrounds. Kanial (785),

Pumma (893),

Chadhar (2,283), Sandhu (3,192), It refers to those who originally belonged to the village of Puri in Punjab. Please include it. Bhutta (545), Atral (500), Kachela (1,848), Later, with the advent of Sikhism, the surname became mandatory for all Sikhs.

(Captain Bingley, A.H. [3], pp. [26] It was these zemindars who gained most from these rebellions, increasing the land under their control. These rebuttals have not been and cannot be negated and the truth lies in the fact that Jatt is a Race and not a Caste as traditionally thought. 623 (Vol, I), 138 (Vol. Jhagar (1,177), [15] - Griffin, L.H. Thathaal (473),

Panjutha (596), Dhudhi (686), Eastern Punjab (Indian Punjab) was also home to a number of Muslim Jat clans, and almost all the major clans (such as the Sandhu, Sidhu, Heer, Maan, Dhami, Dhillon, Gill and Grewal) had Muslim branches, although these clans were predominantly Sikh. I), 138 (Vol. Khichi (581), Chatha (2,804), Khar (1,013), [4] "Jat" is an elastic label applied to a wide-ranging, traditionally non-elite,[d] community which had its origins in pastoralism in the lower Indus valley of Sindh. Chadhar (601), Chaughata (2,937),

चौधरी छोटू राम के समय संयुक्त पंजाब में उनकी जमींदारी पार्टी (यूनियनिस्ट) के दोनों मुख्यमंत्री (प्रीमियर): पूर्व में पंजाब पाकिस्तान के मुख्य मंत्री. Jangal (572), Khoti (646), Sahota (630), Atwal (1,849), Dhakku (673), "…Jat Sikhs sent a very high percentage of their eligible men to army. Gujjral (788), Dhariwal (744), Sadhari (974), A surname common among Punjabi Khatri, Nanda, has its origin in a clan name in the Khatri community. Sial (1,511),

Dhariwal (519), Siana (933), Dhamial (4,370),

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