The EasyFuelPlus Mobile Bowser Unit is a purpose-built automation system designed to control the dispensing of fuel from mobile fuel trucks. Level indicator (only Diesel fuel compartment). Mobile fuel trucks (also referred to as fuel tankers and mobile bowsers) allow the efficient refueling of fixed plant machinery as well as providing refueling facilities to equipment that is operating in remote areas, where it is not practical or cost effective to use fixed refuelling facilities. Digital turbine flow meter, model K24 (on demand). Mobile Bowser Fuel Management Solution. ADR compliant (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations). If you use a mobile bowser to store oil you must comply with the relevant requirements of the Oil Storage Regulations. This means: If your fuel storage tank meets all of the above conditions, then it’s most likely classified as an IBC. KA11 5BJ, Kane House The changes date back to 2004, when red diesel (gas oil) and white diesel (derv) were reclassified. Suction fuel hose, 3 m length, size 3/4”, suitable for AdBlue® DEF. Filling plug with integrated non-spill vent. The only exemption still in place is for tractors that have towable fuel bowsers that are pulled under 40kmph; so long as the fuel bowser is safe, roadworthy and is only filled to its maximum design capacity then the exemption applies. Castor wheels are 2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes. These bowsers and portable tanks are all ADR compliant (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations). What you must do Follow rules for using and storing mobile bowsers Manual rotary vane pump for DEF with plastic manual nozzle, digital meter (optional) and 3 m of EPDM hose (photos 5-10) . For an inspection of your oil storage tanks or to discuss fuel storage solutions, call us on 0330 123 1144 and our team will be in touch. Cmpsc Complex Plot No. We have a range of IBCs, bowsers and fuel storage solutions to fit your needs which are fully compliant with all relevant regulatory bodies. Description. From 205L barrels to 36,000L tanker deliveries, you can count on us. 1 Engine Street Deonar Bus Depot, Mumbai-400088, Maharashtra, India, © Gemini Power Hydraulics Private Limited. 2-A/B/C/D Kalamboli Warehouse Corporation Kalamboli, Panvel Raigad, Opp. Crimped EPDM suction hose, size 3/4”, length 1,5 m. SEC connector for plastic couplings or stainless steel DEF coupler for common IBC containers. The industry was given a 15-year exemption period to switch over to internationally-approved IBCs, which ran out on 9th of May 2019. It can be installed only with DC pump. 1.800.536.8910 Tanks M/s Technocrat Engineers. If you deliver oil through a flexible pipe that is permanently attached to the bowser, you must ensure that: In Scotland you must also secure any sight gauges to the mobile bowser, which must have a valve or tap that is locked shut when it is not in use. ★★★★★3.9 out of 5 VotesRated by 20 Buyers Our Offerings: Polyethylene Mobile Fuel tank Transportable Diesel Fuel Tank Avio Tank: Aircraft Refuelling System etc. EasyFuelPlus solutions are available packaged together into a built-for-purpose unit for use on mobile bowsers/tankers.. Scotland All bowsers manufactured after 2004 should meet IBC standards under ADR regulations, but you should check your bowser and its documentation if you’re in any doubt as to its status. 1★ Company Reg No. Empty weight including transfer unit 12V: 44 kg. Office 1, The Old Stables Terminal board for switches and circuit-breakers. A collection of highway legal, fast tow fuel bowsers, rugged site tow bowsers and transportable skid tanks. Mobile bowsers for oil and fuel. In-Line filter (only Diesel fuel compartment). Home » News » Fuel Bowser Regulations: Updated (2020). The EasyFuel Plus Mobile Bowser Unit is a purpose-built automation system designed to control the dispensing of fuel from mobile fuel trucks. View our latest videos & subscribe to our channel. Diesel Bowser Dispenser. Manufacturer of Mobile Fuel Bowsers - Gemini Carry Tank-Polyethylene Diesel Tank, Gemini Hippotank- Polyethylene Diesel Bowser, Gemini Mobile Diesel Bowser Tank and Gemini Polyethylene Diesel Tank offered by Gemini Power Hydraulics Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra. These bowsers and portable tanks are all ADR compliant (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations). EasyFuelPlus Mobile Bowser Fuel Management Solution, Mining | Light Aircraft | Railways | Maritime | Agriculture | Fishing | Forestry | Construction | Sugar Plantations, Reduce costs and increase productivity with PetroSmart’s fuel management solution for mobile refueling trucks, tankers and mobile bowser vehicles. This article covers the newly-enforced ADR road carriage requirements for mobile fuel bowsers to ensure your oil transportation equipment is compliant. A mobile bowser is an oil container that may have wheels or be transported on or by another vehicle, but it can't move under its own power. PESO Approved Mobile Fuel Bowser. 3★ Filling plastic plug, size 2”, with integrated air vent valve. The Mobile Bowser Unit can be located either on a mobile tanker truck, temporary skid tank, or another industrial fuelling facility in an enclosure close to the filling point. With supply depots across the country, we can deliver to any location within a few hours! The Grove - Pipers Lane In 2004, … Understanding New Rules For Fuel Bowsers Read More » To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Cookie Policy, Minimize fuel loss through wastage and theft, When bowser arrives at machine location, the VID data (including engine hours) at time of refueling is read wirelessly by the VIS Site Controller on the bowser, When the nozzle is inserted into the fuel tank, the Radio Frequency Nozzle (RFN) reads the passive tag data and passes it on to the VIS Site Controller on the bowser, If required, a hand held tag is presented to the Mobile Bowser Unit to identify the operator or supervisor, The VIS matches VID, Passive Tag & RFN data and processes the business rules (online, offline, or a combination of both) before the transaction is authorized, Upon obtaining authorization, VIS passes commands to the ESPI (Pump Controller), The ESPI then opens the valve of the pump and fuel is dispensed, If the nozzle is removed from the tank inlet during refueling, the pump will be stopped, After refueling, tag details and status data are recorded by the VIS alongside the pump transaction and are exported to external systems as necessary.

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