MENU. Sign up for updates to receive company news, product launches, and more. 2015 18 foot Alumacraft Trophy series 175 Low engine run time only 38hrs. Here’s a set of driver/passenger sliding seats built for an amazing ride. Good luck with the search, sure looks like a nice rig and comes from good lineage. AVX1980cc AVX2180cc Series Overview. Ipilot Min Kota trolling motor, Hummingbird 688DI fish and depth finder. AVX1980cc AVX2180cc Series Overview. I impressed with everything that I have seen in pictures. Would like to see pictures of the step up into the front. Sign up for updates to receive company news, product launches, and more. Now that they raised the front by 3" how hard is it to access it? AVX Trailers. AVX189 AVX189c AVX1880 AVX1980 AVX2080 AVXcc. ... A Ride that glides over the rough stuff, smoothing out tough, windy days and locking in on fish like a walleye on a redtail chub. *

Check out the SS striker plates on storage boxes, gas shocks on lids, pop-up tie cleats, handrails, retractable ladder, flush rod holders, aft water ports, and even the protective plate surrounding the bow/stern eyes. Please reload this page and try again later. You may have entered incorrect information or the server is temporarily down. Composed of taller barriers and deeper lid channels as well as form-fitting weather-trim seals and heavy duty, stainless-steel compression latches, every DVX interior is built to stay drier while moving water quickly from the decks and floor. MODELS . Bow to stern, it’s a feature-packed design loaded with XL-sized compartments and wider lids for easy access. For more than a half century, that’s been our mantra, calling, and deep-seated passion for perfection. Water and weather are constantly working to breach storage boxes. This page is for Walleye Boats ,buy or sell to and from private sellers.

… Posted September 10, 2020. Not a fan of the dash boards on either side of the vessel. It’s a place where Innovation rules.

AVX189 AVX189c AVX1880 AVX1980 AVX2080 AVXcc.

It’s all here - designed and built by America’s Most Revolutionary Team of Angler/Craftsmen™.
That and the boat heavily reflects the designers roots with Ranger. Handcrafted excellence. This page is for Walleye Boats ,buy or sell to and from private sellers. NO DEALERS! Check out more details on the full roster of tournaments and rewards, then register to. Very short time in the boat. Midwest guys want lots and lots of plush carpet and padded trim, lots of little compartments, electronics hanging off of everything, etc.

I was able to get it out yesterday and today. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Equally impressive is the unparalleled strength and finish in this Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™ platform.

There is nothing like seeing a Vexus in person. Vexus Boats is a Fishing Boat Manufacturer offering fiberglass & aluminum designed … Also the way they support the windshield without glass wrapping around thus blocking your view is a safety factor IMHO. At the stern, our external charging/battery meter station is designed for the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

Among its revolutionary features are integrated fender storages, our exclusive Hard Case™ paint, Victor Shield™ UV-stabilized polyurea coating on the frame, custom 17-inch wheels, full license plate holder, and a world of redundant LED lighting. Only wins on sanctioned tournaments listed at. ... Windshield Mounted to Boat Structure (Not Console) for Rock-Solid Stability; Working with our exclusive hull design, the lower center of gravity delivers an unparalleled ride with incredible balance, stability, handling, and tracking. Dream … Should be picking mine up in the next week. Each California participant agrees that all rights under Section 1542 of the California Civil Code are expressly waived. A very sharp boat.

I finally picked up my DVX22 last Friday. It’s why your VX is engineered with a Full Transom Barrier and no enclosed splash well. Sorry for all the questions. Ranger: - Plus - Huge Front Deck: Firstly the Ranger deck is huge! We troll some so I definitely see the limitations of the cramped cockpit but for us the elevated deck space is more important. An intuitive rig built for big water and engineered for incredible efficiency.

From rough water surprises to sudden stops, there’s no joy in water coming over the stern. Engineered with a deeper hull, huge central battery compartment, and a longitudinal fuel tank beneath the floor, your DVX is no ordinary design. Boat has115hp Merc engine 4stroke, frt and rear live well,open bow, 2 permanent seats 6 seats total. Owning a revolutionary Vexus® design just got even more exciting. GLASS-INFUSED ALUMINUM DEEP VEE. All Rules and Regulations must be met to qualify for REV Rewards. NO DEALERS! Archery, Angler wins the equivalent of their winning purse up to $10,000. Must be registered in REV Rewards program prior to the event. ... from bass and walleye to just hanging out with the fam, it’s the Ultimate Recreation Rig™, performance-engineered to open up a world of water! AVX. Plus, it’s a hands-down winner in chemical, gas, scratch, impact, and even salt spray resistance tests. It’s a bonus-sized opportunity on top of the serious quality built into America’s Most Innovative, Total Performance™ designs.

It’s more than leaning on a name or legacy… more than a fancy slogan… and more than continually pushing the same old status quo. Vexus Boat model DVX20 photo gallery, featuring on-the-water photos, interior photos, and videos of this specific product. … is part of the Boats Group Network.

Trailer Upgrades - Includes Parking Brake, Two-Step Entry, and Fender Boxes, Digital Ignition and NMEA Gauge System - Includes CoastKey, NMEA Gauges, and NMEA Network Harness to Engine, 2 - 8’ Black Minn Kota Raptors w/Active Anchoring, Available with Power of Choice Professionally Rigged Outboards, Passive Keyless Ignition with Remote Key Fob, Crank Battery includes Battery Tray and Tie-Down, SeaStar™ Pro Smooth Tilt Hydraulic Steering, Intensive Care™ Livewell System with Oxygenator™ , Cull View Lids, and Slosh Free Setting, Keel Mounted Fuel System with Lower Center of Gravity, Wide Variety of Custom Factory-Rigged Electronics, 6 gauge tinned wire/182 strand Trolling Motor Wiring Harness, Humminbird Helix 8 Depthfinders backmounted at Bow and Console, Minnkota Fortrex 80lb Thrust Trolling Motor, Dual Pro 15x3 On-board Battery Charger with Easy Access Charger Plug, Dual Bilge Pumps (one Auto) with Stainless Steel Water Exhaust Plate, Integrated LED Bow Lights with Removable Stern Navigation Light, Covered Compartment for Master Power Switch, Remote Drain Plug, and Charger Cord, Anti-Vandal Backlit Switches and 10 gauge Wiring Harness for larger electronics with Isolated Breakers, Identifiable (labeled) Custom Wiring Harness, Red/White/Blue LED Interior Floodlight System for Cockpit, Storage Boxes,and Livewell, Custom Trim and Navigation Light Switches at bow, Multi-Function Gauges with GPS Speed and NMEA 2000, AirWave™ Pedestal Bases for driver/passenger with Custom High Performance Seating, Forked Bow with oversized Fishing Station and Retractable Rod Buckles, Raised Front Fishing platform with deeper storage underneath, Recessed Trolling Motor Pedal with Workstation, Retractable Stainless Steel Boarding Ladder with "deployed" Indicator Light, Stainless Steel Striker Plates for lid opening protection, Dri-Max™ Advanced Moisture Barrier Surrounding Storage Boxes, Hard Case™ Paint with Clear Coat Protection on Boat, Consoles, and Fenders, Glass-Infused Fiberglass Storage Boxes and Livewell, Glass-Infused Center Rod Box with EVA Rubber Mat and Rod Cradle System, EVA Rubber Cockpit Flooring and Mat system, Glass-Infused Fiberglass Consoles with Hard Case™ Paint and decorative trim, Integrated Tackle Storage System and Pump access in Cockpit Bulkhead, Italian stitched Stainless Steel Steering Wheel, Professional Grade Ambidextrous Running Rod Rack, Vector Force™ Transom with kicker capability and shallow water Anchor Mounts, Victor Shield™ UV Stable Polyurea Coating, Infused Fiberglass Fenders with Hard Case™ Paint, Custom LED Lighting with Back-up Lights and Redundant Crossmember Tailights, HD Trailer Tongue Jack with Wide Track Wheel, Dual Storage Trays under fender steps with Stainless Steel Hardware, Forged (not cut) Transverse Channel Support Beams, Belly Spare with 17” Aluminum Wheel & Radial Tire, Overall Boat/Motor/Trailer Length (tongue open) 25'. Hard to tell by the pictures on website, but the cockpit doesn't look very big. An overview of the Vexus ADX190 boat, with MSRP pricing, model features, color options and detailed description.
Stainless steel handrails are installed standard in the cockpit with bow rails also available. ADX190 GLASS-INFUSED ALUMINUM HYBRID DESIGN. Walleye Boats For Sale has 92,355 members. Boat has115hp Merc engine 4stroke, frt and rear live well,open bow, 2 permanent seats 6 seats total. That’s because winning one of our REV Rewards™ sanctioned tournaments could get you another check worth up to $10,000! It’s an incredible water-wicking material, helping quickly shed moisture while transforming your entire rig into the ultimate workstation. 960 W. Levoy Drive, Suite 100 Taylorsville, UT 84123 1-800-980-7206 001-801-571-0071 (Outside the U.S.A)

VX20 VX21 Series Overview. From walleye and musky to lake trout and pike, when you’re serious enough to take on fish with teeth, you want a boat that’s just as focused. It’s a firm foundation allowing the windshield and frame to function as one unit.

Ultimately, the entire design is built for superior strength and rigidity, helping everything stay secure, stable, and aligned. Good luck keeping dry with that side cut off windshield. While every DVX well has a standard level of fill, when this design is topped off, a second, pressure-filled-level virtually eliminates water slosh, delivering an incredibly smooth, secure ride for the fish – whatever the size of the waves and chop. And ground-breaking Performance – is unrivaled. From walleye and musky to lake trout and pike, when you’re serious enough to take on fish with teeth, you want a boat that’s just as focused. Take Vexus everywhere you go with our complete line of Vexus Gear. Come check out are new Skeeter, Vexus, Caymas and Crestliner brands plus a large selection of used boats. These performance-enhanced designs not only include water-gripping strakes for more responsive handling and a far superior ride but also feature keel-forward engineering, reverse chines, convex hull contours, increased bow flare, secondary spray rails, and a lower center of gravity. From divider systems in the rod boxes and cockpit to the day box designs bordering the livewell, these rigs can carry up to 34 of the 3700-sized boxes.

*when compared to traditional open mold methods. How about a ride that rivals glass and a groundbreaking hull that’s quick on its feet and locks onto fish? GLASS-INFUSED ALUMINUM DEEP VEE. Walleye Boats For Sale has 92,355 members. We understand that your boat’s performance has a big effect on your fishing experience: whether you are a competitive tournament angler, fish to relax on the weekends, love to tow the kids around on the water or all three. Making the most of all available space while reinforcing quick, easy access to rods and gear, we’ve installed rod tip boots in the windshield pillars up front.

Big Bass Awards will not qualify. We took the Vexus DVX 20 to Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Angler can qualify for up to two Rev Rewards tournaments per year. Trailer also includes: Belly Spare (doesn’t constrict mirror visibility).

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