This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on In the movie, it's called Westbrook Girls Preparatory School. Be the first to contribute! Jordan hires a private toxicologist to run tests on the blood samples, which reveal extreme amounts of a hallucinogen. Addie takes Meg to report the incident to policeman Charlie, who is Meg's father. In Salem Falls, much is made of the individual characters' point of view. In the movie, he tries to clear her plate of pancakes and Addie tells him not to take away her food. He arrives in Salem Falls and gets a job at the Do-Or-Diner. 17) In the book, Jack is rebellious when he's in jail awaiting trial; he refuses to put on the orange jumpsuit, isn't allowed visitors (due to his noncooperation), and is taken to solitary. There's no mention of this in the movie. In the movie, Roy tells Jack that Chloe's dead. Despite the girl's efforts to hide the fact that they were doing a Wiccan ritual, Jordan gets enough of the truth out during the trial. There's no mention of this in the movie. Roy and his grown single daughter Addie Peabody own and operate the diner in town, Addie who is still mourning the sudden death of who was then her adolescent daughter Chloe from bacterial meningitis some time ago. | It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. In the movie, his room doesn't catch on fire and he moves into Addie's house when they start seeing each other. 14) In the book, Gilly's mom died when she was eight. In the movie, he only refuses to put on the orange jumpsuit.

In the movie (with Addie's support), Gilly recants her accusation against Jack and tells the police who really raped her. Later, when he eats a burger, he sets a few of his own fries and his pickle on her plate, saying he owed her. 3) In the book, four girls (Gilly, Chelsea, Meg, & Whitney) practice witchcraft. Amos Duncan, Gillian's father, and Charlie Saxton, police detective and Meg Saxton's father, soon find the girls. Charlie finds evidence that the girls had atropine that night, and might have been hallucinating.

The town soon finds out and Jack is threatened and beat up. As such, she never knew who Chloe's father was. In the movie, her name is Maggie. However, she's willing to tell the truth as soon she's eighteen. Without disclosing his past, he is hired as a dishwasher. 8.

Gillian's psychiatric records reveal that she was known to be a compulsive liar after the death of her mother. 6) In the book, Jack cleans up Chloe's bedroom and Addie gets mad. Jack is defended by attorney Jordan McAfee. Simultaneously, the novel focuses on local teenage girls who experiment with Wicca: disturbed Gillian, the daughter of Amos Duncan a prominent businessman; Chelsea; Whitney; and Meg. Jack is a highly educated high school teacher at a private school for girls in New England. 2) In the book, Catherine's surname is Marsh. This doesn't happen in the movie; he's more understanding of Addie's wish to pretend Chloe is alive. 5) In the book, Addie and Jack meet when Jack goes into the diner to ask about a help-wanted sign. A man with a troubled past tries to settle down in a small town, finds love and then ends up being the target of a witch hunt.

20) In the book, Catherine (who is sixteen) recants her accusation at Jack's trial; she admits that she lied about them having an affair. Jack offers to move with Addie to New York in an effort to reconcile with his mother. Prologue, March 2000, North Haverhill, New Hampshire and Chapter 1, March 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 2, March 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 3, September 1999, North Haverhill, New Hampshire, Chapter 4, Late March 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 5, April 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 6, July 1999, Loyal, New Hampshire and Chapter 7, Late April 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 8, April 30, 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 9, May 1, 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 10, May 1, 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 11, November 1998, Loyal, New Hampshire, Chapter 12, May 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 13, May 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 14, 1989, New York City, Chapter 15, June 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 16, June 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 17, June 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire and Chapter 18, The last week of June 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire, Chapter 19, 1979, New York City and Chapter 20, June 29, 2000, Carroll County Jail, New Hampshire, Chapter 21, Later that day, Carroll County Courthouse and Chapter 22, 1969, New York City, Chapter 23, July 3, 2000, Carroll County Jail and Chapter 24, July 5, 2000, Carroll County Courthouse.

24) In the book, Jack asks Addie if she believes he's innocent; she says she doesn't know, but she wants to believe him. Due to his intoxicated state at the time, he is unable to recall exactly where he was that night.

27) In the book, Jack has a fight with Addie (over him cleaning Chloe's room). The novel explores what happens to a person (Jack) when he is given a label and is not allowed to escape from it. In the movie, the bookstore is called Crystal Cavern Bookstore and the employee's name is Carol. However, Meg confides in Addie that she remembers Jack touching her in a sexual manner. Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult is a fiction novel about a man named Jack St. Bride who is released from jail after being convicted of statutory rape. In the movie, he doesn't go to trial. This Study Guide consists of approximately 47 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Taglines Is anyone else completely shocked on the ending of this book? Amos has been sexually abusing his daughter, Gillian, since she was a young child. 23) In the book, the school where Jack taught is called Westonbrook Academy. 25) In the book, Gilly spills sugar on the table and Jack tells her that she's making a mess.

Synopsis Jack regains his memory and remembers the girls brought him into the ritual, but he didn't rape Gillian. 8) In the book, Selena helps Jordan with Jack's case. In the movie, Addie tells Jack that Gilly's mom left town when she was young. Whitney is not a character in the movie. One night, Jack accidentally stumbles upon them in the woods while they are celebrating the Wiccan holiday of Beltane. There's no mention of this in the movie.

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