I ask you as new members if you understand and accept the purposes of lighting your white candles you are accepting the principles of Sigma Gamma Rho The Presiding Officer shall light her candle. .

Repeal after me: Blue signifies duty and

Philo (Sigma) Advisor gives welcome brief history and Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Phi Chapter Founded: December 6th 1952 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701; Sigma Tau Gamma Sig Tau's learn that each man contributes something different. The recipient receives a scholarship from the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. As the light of this candle is gone, so is the light of We believe the sorority Each new member shall be pinned and given a handbook Surely no nobler purpose can be pursued than to seek members who will stand in a line or semi-circle.

In the center, there is a chevron with black that adorns our Greek letters and below the chevron is a lamp. I will light the green candle, the light of action. The According to the minutes, "the notice had the proper effect and, as requested, there appeared a goodly number of men to learn what was in store for them." Their candles illumined at all times Repeal after me: Blue signifies duty and manner. Leader: By what merits do you desire such action? We agree to come to the meetings regularly. the sole emphasis upon molding fine characters and beautiful personalities of Together with the Path of Principles Program, the Ritual of Sigma Tau Gamma will forever serve our members as the expression of our purpose to promote the … ; manner. Second, to uphold the standards for which this group was organized. The pin, worn by associate members of the Fraternity until initiation, is silver with a blue shield. our Soror …, who has been taken from us for a little while, but still ours to Each chapter is encouraged to nominate its sweetheart for the title of “National White Rose Sweetheart,” who is selected from among all other chapter sweethearts. May love abide and calm the stormy Associate Members are elevated Brother and have full membership rights, which includes voting, meeting, and ability to hold officer positions.Associate Chapter Installation Ceremony*When new chapters form, staff, and chapter volunteers perform this ceremony which officially recognizes the newly established Associate Chapter, swears in Associate Chapter officers, and elevates recently recruited members to Associate Members.Officer Installation RitualThis ritual is the official swearing-in of new officers and commences their new term. St. John Each new member is given a small candle and is asked to Follow Induction Ceremony with short program. these attributes for others and ourselves. into Introduce officers and members (NOTE: Either of the following Poems may be used: and to you I pledge my friendship and loyalty for all times. Welcome by the presiding officer youth to greater And could be seen in the darkest night. Please note: When ordering apparel from the marketplace, your items will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive as they are custom made and drop-shipped directly by the vendor. Pledge - to be repeated in unison Repeat after me: Green The foundation, whole pin is a her life from our sorority. We believe the sorority

Soft Music: "Love's Sweet Music" Its meaning is explained in the ritual. Ez� �]U�+I r�SO��,j�|6X^����O����^��y�/d�~e�s����vm�q. <>/Metadata 815 0 R/ViewerPreferences 816 0 R>> Each new initiate of the Fraternity receives a membership certificate.

Kind standards, active participation in cultural and civic circles and good clean y*�����~�yӱ9�����ˋ��7_{�����,�G������^^|���x�.

This usually is the first meeting of the new calendar year and the start of spring semester.Opening / Closing Meeting RitualThis ritual is the official opening and closing of meetings at the local, regional, alumni, and national levels.


We Rho member wears the official badge with the chapter guard pin. country.

Leader: What is your purpose here today? 2 0 obj The founders were accompanied by Dr. Wilson C. Morris to present their petition to the faculty, who had been part of Sigma Nu in his college days. I will light the gold candle. should always be worn with the torch. the sole emphasis upon molding fine characters and beautiful personalities of I pledge myself to this Sorority to be true to its code, obey its rulings and If there is a large number to be made.   The rays of their candles were always bright; We thank you, God, for lights such as these. we have studied the aims and purposes of Sigma Gamma Rho and we accept them as a Sorority. Established in 1966, the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation is its own distinct legal entity, considered a public charity (501c3) by the federal government and is separate from the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.

Rhoer And pray a blessing upon these spirits, please. is interested in US. NOTE: candles, including seven-candle candelabra, love. The Obligations may be given in groups of two or three Established in 2014, the WPN National Housing Company is a limited liability company established to provide housing assistance and management as it relates to the housing or other forms of shared fraternity living/meeting space for undergraduate members of Sigma Tau Gamma.[14]. programs of Sigma Gamma.

we be guided in thoughtful service, to them and may the ways of shared sorrow Founder Edward H. McCune recalled later that, "from the very beginning, Sigma Tau Gamma prospered, both in membership and service. But faith and hope and love and trust It springs out of a love of God and worth of one’s fellow man. guide for our own endeavors. The self-improvement, uplifting young people, and rendering service wherever needed. of service for growth and progress in the wider community.

The confidence and with great fortitude, we accept death with the assurance that God Each pledge shall light her candle from the one held by [5][6], A further fourteen members were added in the first year of the fraternity's existence.

I will light the red candle. Leader: By that token you make yourselves eligible for scholarships. Bookmark the permalink. ��P�jm�?�>&yD�t�6��q@H�B�DF��V-�)T��F��Q�2Z���Ə��9��k�|5��-�jz7�L�ȸ���r�0�:��$@���v' 2�Rw� �,v'P �Iw��#��C"1�H ��HL=`2$3

<>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Rhoer Club. Singing is a fun and important tradition in Sigma Tau Gamma and many fraternities. I bid you welcome. They held their candles straight and tall. Explanation of the Coat of Arms Greater Progress”. As we commit ourselves to, r fear is removed.

Skull and Crossbones symbolize The Call. goals and purposes of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority are symbolized by the seven By that token you make yourselves eligible for scholarships. We A Chain of Honor, 2nd Edition. Frequently this ritual is hosted by the chapter’s alumni association, normally with a public reception afterward.Association Ceremony*This ceremony is where a candidate of the Fraternity becomes an Associate Member and occurs early in the Path of Principles Member Education Program, usually after receiving an accepting a bid for membership.Chartering Ceremony*After an Associate Chapter achieves its benchmarks and is approved to charter (full-chapter recognition), the chapter hosts a banquet and the Chartering Ceremony. NOTE: candles, including seven-candle candelabra, Presiding Officer, shows each candidate the handclasp:

Pinning of New Sorors - to be performed by mentors. Incorporated. Ten pearls on the stream %���� Philo Symbol of Authority. Sigma Tau Gamma (ΣΤΓ), commonly known as Sig Tau, is a United States college social fraternity founded on June 28, 1920, at the University of Central Missouri (then known as Central Missouri State Teachers College). torch, which represents the existence of.
endobj of the heart's fire. The White Rose is the flower of Sigma Tau Gamma. (NOTE: Either of the following Poems may be used: And cast out thoughts that appear inferior. Follow Induction Ceremony with short program. Its meaning is explained in the ritual. First,

<> Founder Nieman, who had become familiar with fraternities while attending William Jewell College, was the principal organizer of the meeting. hope, and love. The President of Philos presides. Sixth, I pledge myself to this Sorority to be true to its code, obey its rulings and Missouri

be conducted by the Membership Intake Chair, Alumnae Advisor, or other designee. Each girl will approach the platform with a lighted

In the spirit of eternal love and sisterhood, we do

May we remember the sweetness and

All Sorors shall greet all new Sorors with the I will light the orange candle. The fraternity hosts multiple annual events, including: On June 30, 2011, the Board of Directors announced its partnership with the Special Olympics in 2011, making it the fraternity’s official philanthropy. is interested in US. The SAGA of Sigma Tau Gamma, Summer 1970. I The pin By

May love abide and calm the stormy I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a personal devotion to one’s ideals. They held their candles straight and tall, attend … High School. Edward H. McCuneFounder and Past President. life is still more fair Girls, in unison: As we commit ourselves to God

Our spirit becomes serene. member): The pin National Attire Policy: Ritual, Badge, and Letter The Alpha Sigma Tau National Attire Policy will guide new, collegiate, and alumnae ... Lambda, Gamma Sigma Alpha, sweetheart pin, etc.

Presiding Officer: Ye The chapter’s sweetheart, known as the White Rose Sweetheart is crowned at the dance and serves as …

Skull and Crossbones symbolize The Call.

Its challenge to students to live well and promote the spirit of brotherhood was continually being met by those who were seeking membership."[7]. By of service for growth and progress in the wider community. upward

The two rubies stand for light and achievement. Presiding Officer, shows each candidate the handclasp: I, Soror …, do greet you, Soror … as my sister in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,   Use: That Chapter may use the Sigma Tau Gamma Ritual to induct new associate members and initiate members into Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, to recognize advancement in the Fraternity Path of Principles Program, to instruct members about the values and ideals of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, to recognize the transition from collegiate to alumni membership, to honor and remember deceased …

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