Goals: Build one each of a sea ration factory, iron mine, blast furnace, blacksmithy and a dock.

Build a third dock and recruit Francis L'Ollonais once you build your third ship. To do this, go to the strategy map and click on the ship you want to monitor. The Modern Era is when things get most expensive. When you can afford it, a fourth dock and ship are good insurance in case you lose a ship. Cruising can be fairly dangerous very quickly, so be sure to move your cruise areas around and send your ships out together as much as possible. Investor Presentation . Your first shipping task will be to kidnap a shipwright. You can set up industries for different goods. Build a timber camp beside the sawmill and another one up the road from the corn farm where trees are denser. Of course, this information is invaluable, so pass the Spy on Settlement edict as soon as possible. Build one Teamster office per factory. Kidnap a tobacconist and distiller when you can to unlock these industries, then build them close to your farms. Goals: Build a boatyard and get your treasury up to at least 3000 gold pieces. To choose who you want to at peace with, go to the strategy map and see which power has a settlement near your island. Gold: Complete within 5 years, 5.7 months. Gold: Complete within 6 years (end Dec. 1743). Check their leadership, courage and notoriety ratings as well as skill ratings in the skills that are important to you. You could go for a really fast win by only building a boatyard and building 5 snows and doing all your cruising with your starting frigate. The eight factors that affect satisfaction are shown on a graph where you can check for any that are especially low.

You probably need to press-gang some captives to replace casualties as well. Keep on raiding as captives are fairly scarce in this episode. You should also have some shipwrecked captives coming in by now, so soon it will be time for your first cruise. You will also need $960 for your first load of cutlasses for your galleon. Keep raiding with your snow to get enough captives to staff them and fire females from other jobs as needed to get servers. On Ship Repairing: You may notice that sometimes after a cruise, you cannot send your ship out right away because it indicates it is being repaired in the ship status window. You can unlock Employee of the Month (Edict), and go nuts with wages to make sure your population are happy, healthy, and extremely productive. Spin wool supplied from ranches into gold — again, remember to have 2+ wool producers for every Textile Mill. Make sure you have enough of all the entertainment buildings and a good supply of the extra luxury items. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Goals: Own at least two frigates and accumulate a hoard of at least 2000 gold. I have dismissed all the workers in my rum and tanner factories, because I thougt the teamsters would get it. Using fleets of ships: Sending ships out together is a great way to increase the success of cruises and prevent having your ships sunk right away. Build a shipyard as soon as possible after this and then a graveyard and maybe a third sawmill to pour on the lumber production. Make sure to set your pirate cave to Stash Maximum at the beginning and also to set your entertainment to at least middling rates to rake in the profits. Build a graveyard to ensure any pirates killed on cruises can be resurrected. It is usually a good idea to build your boatyard somewhere away from the regular docks and pirate entertainment area to keep your shipwright from thinking of escaping and to leave more room for docks close to your entertainment area. You want to save some for your treasury to recruit captains but you also want a good hoard for the final episode.

The best spot I found for sugarcane was right next to the sea ration factory, which is handy for your entertainment buildings and smuggler's cove. This is also a good time to understand the staffing priorities for buildings. Put it at the end of the road from the dock and make sure the doorway faces the road for best efficiency (rotate it one time from default). Resources: Treasury=hoard size from episode 12 + 450, hoard 50, 20 lumber, 70 sea rations, 1 frigate. Build a dock next to the first one and block out the hauler positions so that your regular ship will not dock there and to keep it from stealing all the available supplies.

You can rotate the dock with the rotation button below the graphic in the construction menu. Keep all your previous production facilities going strong, and spend more time on Furniture / Boats — they’re renewable resources, so you won’t run out as long as you keep replanting. Cruising is a risky business; even if the ship survives, it may end up receiving damage and/or casualties and may have to return to the island early after a battle with an enemy ship for repairs. I just used the Frigate for cruising and only cruised the starting area. Build some entertainment buildings to reward your pirates for their first successful cruise. Sea ration production: Here's a little trick to get your sea ration production going sooner. You start off with a fully equipped island this time, including 3 docks, 1 brigantine, 1 sloop, black market, smuggler's dive, sea ration factory, gallows, observatory and 3 watch towers, as well as the usual starting buildings! Hopefully you will get a good haul the first time out and be able to start building a sloop. You don't even have to cruise in a specific area, just wherever you can get the most plunder. Hoard of at least $5000. Keep up your cruising until your hoard reaches 5,000 and then concentrate on increasing pirate happiness.

Now use your ship to raid for captives and kidnap a shipwright as soon as possible. #2. Click the middle bottom graphic for Staff Size and your buildings will be shown in shades of green and red depending on their staffing. Sea rations will be slow in coming at first so may slow down your raiding and getting your brigantine going. Extracts mineral resources from a coal, iron, gold, nickel, aluminum, or uranium deposit. Usually I switch when the risk factor goes over 3 cannons or the enemy presence is shown as Fairly Heavy or higher. In my first year, Charlotte's Favorite performed 8 missions, 4 to kidnap and 4 to raid. However, from the event scripting, the requirement is only 87% or higher, which is very reasonable to achieve. Be careful about sending your ships to a region with more than 3 cannon danger level or more than moderate great power presence. If so, we want to hear your opinions! Captives like to fill closer positions first rather than walking too far.

Also, watch out for captive rebellions and be sure to keep guards in your palace at all times, even if you have to pressgang captives, to keep from losing your head. It is really quite a fun thing to watch, but unfortunately means you lose the game. Kidnap a skilled farmer. Fire some male workers to become lumberjacks. As soon as your dock is finished and you have 20 lumber, start building a snow just for raiding and kidnapping. Who wouldn't?! share. That means it’s actually smarter to pay your employees the MAX WAGE possible for their job. You should have four pirates, enough to sail a ship, so ignore Smitty's advice to start press ganging captives for now. Build 2 or 3 more corn farms to supply your rations factory and a second chuck tent near your sawmills. If you lose a ship and don't have a saved game to reload, you will have to replace it and possibly cut into your frigate production. Extend the road from the dock up the hill and build a second sawmill next to the iron mine and a timber camp across the road. A happy population is also a well-paid population. I tried keeping my ships on the generous plunder share setting to attract more recruits, but it only seemed to delay getting my hoard up and didn't make much difference in recruits. To do this, click on the smuggler's cove building and then click on the nation you want to trade with. Or if you can afford it, build a frigate to bring on the big guns and combine it with the brigantine for moderate speed. What we need currently is an auto import feature. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. There is also an iron mine next to a gallows! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Build two more corn farms on the road up from the first corn farm as soon as you have enough lumber. Whatever industries you set up make sure to give jobs to people with the right qualifications since only employing the citizens isn’t enough. On Placing Docks: Docks are a special type of building that must be placed in a certain orientation to be built. Kidnap a skilled farmer and build some specialty farms. You should be able to finish around August, 1651, well ahead of the time needed for a gold medal. Diversity is simple — for example, instead of raising just meat products at a ranch, you can raise goats for milk and meat, or raise llamas for textiles. Just like the briefing stated, your Fun-Loving trait was changed into Industrious, which makes captive workers more efficient in their tasks. Sound the boarding call on the ship with the most pirates first, especially if most are ashore. Then pass the spy edict, which will reveal three regions with English trade routes and/or settlements. Some of your economy needs to be designed specifically to keep your population fed, and in the Modern Era, it helps to keep your Shopping Malls diversified for a happier population. You can then select the most courageous captives as your recruits and this will make your pirates more likely to keep fighting in a battle and not flee to the hold of the ship, so can have a positive impact on your sea battles. It can be quite tedious to check each pirate on a ship by going back and forth from the ship information panel to the pirate information panel. Diversity in your economy is extremely important.

Speaking of cruising, I recommend moving your cruising region around as in previous episodes, to avoid the dangers of a high risk region when your opponent's military ships are called in. Click the button before a need to turn its graph off or on.

My preference to get cruising quickly is the black market, but I also recommend building an iron production chain later on to replenish lost weapons. Silver: Complete within 5 years, 9 months. But first you have to know how to send them out together. Same goes for the Cigar Factories.

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