I’d just rather not. I hate my fucking birthday. As a matter of fact, apart from my bday, I don’t like any special day to avoid the pressure on myself. My birthday was a struggle to me every year. For me, when I had a leaving party a few years ago, I actively planned a large party because I wanted all my beautiful people to meet each other and become firm friends in my absence. I felt as though I was always at half-life; I never knew what I truly wanted because I wanted very different things. When they sang, “Happy Birthday,” I felt like I was going to faint! Also, plan for your next birthday sounds great! The joy of Houseparty is that it offers games – a night of Heads Up for your birthday? I’m so happy that your INFJ discovery made you feel this way, and that you love yourself after it! , I am an INFJ and my birthday was yesterday. Even if no one says congratulations, that will not make it any less special or important, quite the contrary. My birthday I have always hated hated so much! I sit hoping my birthday can go by without anyone noticing, but then am overjoyed when someone notices. Does this sound too unreasonable? Hit the nail on the head with one! I got INTJ but I lean to INFJ depending on what’s going on. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I always have the day off work, sometimes, I’ll treat myself and take a week! I shall do that, the only thing is that some of my friends will know it’s my birthday. , Today is my birthday. Christine Pineapple. The good news is – if your birthday is around the corner, you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to (especially not on your bottom half, thanks to our new video conferencing life). Or reading that is. . This Wednesday, May 22 I’ll be a 31-year-old INFJ. ‘My housemate and I hosted an isolation party on Saturday night,’ says ELLE’s Feature Assistant Becky.

INFJs often believe that we’re not good enough. I have no wish to celebrate it and dread anyone who remembers it wanting to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. It’s not that I hate it, exactly, but I just don’t see the need to make a big fuss about it every year. While this is annoying and I sorta wish I was like another personality sometimes- who could easily celebrate their birthday, I am a proud INFJ-complications and all. Strangely enough as a middle child and ENFP, I have felt the same sort of resentment for asking people to celebrate me. 2nd), You are most welcome, Benjamin! Yet, especially in work situations, if people know it’s my birthday, they get cake and ice cream, and I have to eat this stuff that damages my health, and fake happiness about it. . How often do you say sorry for things you didn't do just to make your friends feel better?

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