This video introduces the advanced user settings of the popular blocking and filter extension uBlock Origin.It explains how to enable the advanced features and how easy it is to take control of what to filter.Easily filter unwanted content on websites like social plugins from Facebook, Twitter and Co.This way, uBlock Origin can replace essential content blockers like NoScript or uMatrix and is one of the most powerful ad-blockers around.Subscribe to my channel! I run two different ad blocks. Removed the Github permission. AdBlock. Update Comment : April 25, 2018 9anime updated their website today and they implemented a new anti-adblock system. Trust me when I visited the website I fall in love with it. In return for your perseverance, you have access to hundreds of titles across just about every genre there is. All I get is an empty box after which I click the 'hide' button and continue watching the episode. It's a fun cat-and-mouse game. I use adblocker to block ads. I am not responsible for any loss of KPoints, but do sympathize with you (I have lost many as well). Easily filter unwanted content on websites like social plugins from Facebook, Twitter and Co.

If you ever see what's behind the ads on streaming sites, you've already fucked up on many levels.

Reverted most of the changes from the previous release because it was not a very reliable way to deal with the anti adblock (I still haven't found a way). Probably just bait, I can find all the Tenten porn I want on other sites. I click them all the time accidentally when I try to press the hide button :(, There is something called an ad-blocker, you might want to use it. 2. Cookie *sigh*. "Even if there's a wide world and stories., Second method: Custom uBlock Origin filter. I don't use either of these since they're cancerous ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Turns out it lets you play the game anyway, which I didnt proceed to do. And I don't use substandard shoddy sites anyway. About They lure me with nutaku naruto porn on kissmanga, didn't click. does anyone else get pictures of old grandmas or toenails? i've never made it a habit to do so but some of them have managed to get past my adblocker before and, adblock saves the day, and also sites that don't have ads, I clicked on one of the porn games, just to see what would happen if I clicked "no i am not 18". Update daily, No tracking, No paying, No registration required. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! 1. Press Room Unless they're advertising crazy low prices on Cocobolo or something I wouldn't click on it.

But...but...they lured me in with their promises of get rich quick schemes and hot blonde Ukrainian women.

Adblock Edge is a dedicated app for Microsoft Edge which is used to block the majority of ads. The real problem here is that people are still streaming! (Topic ID: 1683742) It doesn’t have a complex structure and allows you to block a variety of ads on the webpages and social media.

When it comes to navigating to the site, it is pretty much simple, using its filters you can search and watch anime you want. Removes the cruft, obtrusive advertising and their Anti-Adblock nuisance screen, works perfectly as of now (2014-09-28; updated 2016-09-17). Read more about this topic on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! For the time being if you see a please disable adblock message, goto 9anime Companion Settings > disable Remove Ads and Remove Social Share. Finally, disable the preroll ads. Not even the people from Easylist seem to fight this site anymore, someone had to try as this looks popular enough. Next they have to enable Adguard Base Filters under the Ads submenu and Log into KissAnime and go to user’s profile options.


Removes the cruft, obtrusive advertising and their Anti-Adblock nuisance screen, works perfectly as of now (2014-09-28; updated 2016-09-17).

No. i only click on the ads on pornhub because they don't have gay shit on kissanime. Baby, I don't even SEE those ads. No. I already found a way to bypass the 9anime anti-adblock … If you guys see ads for Crush Crush that's actually a good game, check it out.

Get adblock. I don't like japanese animation, but seems like some people were looking for it and was an interesting challenge as JavaScript syntax reminder. Don't visit garbage sites, so no, I haven't. This extension no longer works for adblocking so I have no use for it anymore.

Firstly, users nees to open uBlock settings then find “ Filter List “ and click on it.

I don't even know why they are still up, I guess some people have to be clicking them. This is an Alpha release and may not work if kissAnime updates their ad detection. I don't see a reason for anybody to click on one anyway someone must do it though as those ads really are everywhere. Most of the episodes are in higher resolution, perhaps some of them are not. I guess they have to keep the lights on somehow but make sure to have your adblocker on when visiting.

Nowadays, with the magic of adblockers I don't even have to see them.

Poll: Have you ever clicked one of the sleezy ads on 9anime or kissanime?

Way back in the day when curiosity got the better of me, sure, though not specifically on KissAnime. A very long time ago I misclicked on one of those dating ads on kissanime. Why would I click something that could potentially be a virus? Notice at Collection If what I'm watching isn't on Crunchyroll, I use streaming sites that aren't littered with ads. Watch anime online in high quality. There are no tits in these games they advertise as being titty fests! Any amount is appreciated! Cuz I know I haven't. KissAnime Anti-Adblock Blocker Not even the people from Easylist seem to fight this site anymore, someone had to try as this looks popular enough.

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