Reviews: 0. 0. Case Description: Complainant (Poseidon) accuses Defendant (Apollo) of being a total jerk. According to Pausanias, Poseidon was one of the caretakers of the oracle at Delphi before Olympian Apollo took it over. Unluckily for them, Hestia wasn't interested in either. @gilgameshstomps: *has access to the strongest form they have. Apollo and Poseidon worked closely in many realms: in colonization, for example, Delphic Apollo provided the authorization to go out and settle, while Poseidon watched over the colonists on their way, and provided the lustral water for the foundation-sacrifice. Case Status: Case closed. He can wipe out whole civilizations with a tsunami. All their combined powers were needed to beat poseidon who's true form mind you, is still destroyed and sealed away. Chaíre misthios! he gets stomped here. I only played through the quest once. So unless you're saying apollo stomps HADES? Both Poseidon and Apollo had the hots for Hestia and tried to get her to marry them. Both have access to their strongest forms.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. @gilgameshstomps: u tagged me so I addressed the statements u made.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Poseidon lost to a weakened gold saint who was charging at him at ftl speed which was out of his reach. The woman’s response was moderately indifferent, leading me to believe you pass the test and get the same reward either way. Welcome to the Assassin's Creed Odyssey subreddit! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think you get the same reward either way. I'm not, so it's a mismatch with this information then. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

In vengeance Zeus hung Hera by her heels from Olympus, and he sent Apollo and Poseidon to a year's servitude under King Laomedon. It's also surprising because seiya needed those help u mentioned to clock ftl lol. He can wipe out whole civilizations with a tsunami.

There is a lake near by and the sun is setting. I said Apollo. Poseidon can destroy whole islands, just with one smash of his trident. I already answered this. and i know they are immortal and cant die but just tell me who would win if they fought.

Shaina + Shiryu + Hyoga + Shun + Seiya (gold cloth) + justice arrow, Seiya is a murderer of Gods and the arrow of justice is a weapon blessed by Athena. Wiki Points. By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13.

Some neat parallels though, if you choose Poseidon she'll say that he is the more dangerous god. In the final part of her quests, the Test of Courage, the reward you get in the tomb is determined by who you picked. Hestia asked Zeus if she could be a virgin for all eternity. Case Status: Case closed. Apollo can scorch who angers him, in his chariot, he can fire arrows of plague. And when Laomedon refused to pay them their rightful wages for building Troy and tending the royal oxen, Apollo visited Laomedon's kingdom with the plague and Poseidon sent a sea-monster to ravage the land. If u didn't want to get @ then u shouldn't have tagged me in the first place smh. The same posedion who's power matches that of HADES when he's at 100% power, not 1/3rd because you know, that's what they are when they're in their human form.

Ouverture implies Apollo is > Hades and Poseidon. That's why there's a room that you cannot access in the tomb, because which ever god you didn't pick that door gets blocked off, but if you use your eagle sense you can tell there's another chest and other items behind that door that is blocked off with rubble. So the new free DLC quest, a woman in Korinthia asks you which is the more dangerous god - Apollo or Poseidon. So tell me who you thing would win. Forum Posts. An Apollo sword or a Poseidon trident. Poseidon lost to a weakened gold saint who was charging at him at ftl speed which was out of his reach. don't @ me on this dead thread. @gilgameshstomps: u tagged me so I addressed the statements u made. Please review our submission rules and spoiler policy before posting - spoilers must be correctly flaired. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Poseidon vs. Apollo.

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