6-46    Human            beings with     the       inherited        disease           xeroderma     pigmentosum            have    serious, problems        with     lesions            on        their    skin     and      often   develop          skin     cancer            with     repeated, exposure        to         sunlight. Essential Cell Biology 4th edition Test Bank. What   type     of         DNA    damage           is         not      being            recognized     in         the       cells, (b)       X-ray   irradiation      damage, (d)       ultraviolet      irradiation      damage, 6-47    You     are      examining      the       DNA    sequences      that     code    for       the       enzyme, phosphofructokinase           in         skinks and      Komodo         dragons. You     have    discovered     an        “Exo–” mutant            form    of         DNA            polymerase    in         which  the       3′-to-5′            exonuclease   function            has      been    destroyed       but      the       ability  to         join      nucleotides            together         is         unchanged. Bacteria          have    one      origin  replication, Drosophila     has      many. These are designed to provoke students to think carefully about what they have read, encouraging them to pause and test their understanding. The     semiconservative      model proposed, that     the       two      DNA    duplexes         produced       during replication      were   hybrid, molecules,      each    having one      of         the       parental          strands           and      one      of            the       newly, synthesized    strands. polymerizes   the       correct            sequence        behind            it          as        it          moves            along   the       template. By which two processes does glucose enter cells in the human body? The Fluid Mosaic Model describes parts of the cell membrane such as proteins and phospholipids as _____. First,   a, nuclease         removes         the       RNA    primers. Which of         the       factors            below            does    not      contribute      to. of         progeny          containing      the       mutation         will      therefore            remain            at         25%. to them later with the "Go To First Skipped Question" button. (c)       Helicase          unwinds         the       DNA    and      rewinds          it          after    replication      is            complete. Click it to see your results.

(c)       Prolonged      exposure        to         sunlight          causes thymine          dimers            to            form. discontinuous            DNA    synthesis. was     already           carrying. You     prepare          bacterial         cell      extracts          by        lysing  the       cells     and      removing            insoluble        debris via       centrifugation. or 'Why...?'. Choice (a)       is         the       best     answer           because          DNA    synthesis            cannot            begin   without           the       initial   primers. A mass of cells is found in the sediment surrounding a thermal vent in the ocean floor.

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