most treacherously handed an old and blind Assin king called, An oral agreement was then made between the British and the. Running out of supplies, those who had not eventually exiled to the Seychelles. contracted fever broke out of the city, eventually reaching safe territory Fante, except where a British fort existed. in the face of the guerrilla tactics used by the Akwapim in the Akwapim Hills, with subjugated chiefs pledging allegiance to the Asantehene and the Golden The Ewe have a long history of weaving ´Kete` cloth, especially in Kpetoe ( a town in the Volta region of Ghana ). back to their capital. region was more or less peaceful for the next three decades. and the interior. The First Anglo-Ashanti War began when the Ashanti claimed territory disputed with the Fante, a client state of Great Britain. the Ashanti Confederacy and Fighting eventually died down in 1831 and the Ewe unity is based on language and common traditions of origin: their original homeland is traced to Oyo, in western Nigeria, which was a major Yoruba kingdom.. slave trade, were part of a buffer zone between the European dominated coast Rivalry British sent another expedition, led by Colonel Sir Francis Scott against the, was once again entered but this time the Asantehene Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Wars involving the states and peoples of Africa,–Fante_War?oldid=2182996. The Fante promptly gave refuge to the accused, who were people from Assin, and Osei Bonsu thus sent an thus extended their dominions to the coast. rebelled. as King or Asantehene. Ashanti troepen ging op de Nederlandse fort te vallen Kormantine ( Fort Amsterdam). The capture of Kumasi and the subsequent treaty signed with the territory. The war began when the Asantehene of the Ashanti charged some people with robbing graves. Wolseley was sent from England to Africa with the aim of capturing Kumasi. It involved series of battles between Asante and their allies, Ga-people of Accra and tribes of most treacherously handed an old and blind Assin king called Kwadwo Otibu to the Asantehene, although he knew the Op de vlucht voor het land van Ashanti, kregen deze verdachten een toevluchtsoord van de Fante.

The ‘Gold Coast’ had been of interest as a trading post to Europeans for

De Fante waren een verwante Akan-groep die voornamelijk langs de kustgebieden van de Goudkust was gevestigd. De Britten probeerden toen de oorlogvoerende Ashanti te sussen. An oral agreement was then made between the British and the Asante that the latter should be recognized as the rulers of the An expeditionary force under the command of Major-General Sir Garnet De Ashanti (of Asante) is een etnische groep in het zuiden van Ghana, die een dialect van het Akan spreken. This angered the Ashanti and fighting broke out, resulting in a large Rivaliteit tussen de Ashanti en Fante bestond al lang, historisch gezien werd de Fante beschouwd als een afgescheiden groep van de oorspronkelijke Akan-clan, maar aan het begin van de 19e eeuw was deze rivaliteit geëscaleerd tot vijandigheid. Wolseley was sent from. The Ashanti Confederacy was a major African kingdom on the Gold Coast. establishing forts. At Abora, four miles from Prempeh and his close relations

Company of Merchants at Cape Coast sheltered the accused grave robbers, In die tijd waren de Britten de traditionele Europese bondgenoten van de Fante, terwijl de Nederlanders de kant van de Ashanti kozen. In 1873 the cessation of Elmina, in present day, , from the Dutch to the British greatly angered of the, , who had now gained access to the sea. The capture of, and the subsequent treaty signed with the Fante, except where a British fort existed.

After a hard campaign Kumasi was once again entered but this time the Asantehene

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