203.242.1203 (Admission), 100 Maher Avenue We are proud to welcome students throughout Connecticut as well as the Bronx, Scarsdale, Rye, Bedford, New Rochelle, White Plains & Mamaroneck, NY areas. Our grade is an extremely tight-knit group. My goal is to ensure that D.O.P.E. We spend the year pulling together everything the girls have learned in the Lower School, and we increase our expectations of them in preparation for Middle School. The campus is named in honor of Duncan Edwards, Brunswick’s sixth headmaster.

In addition to unparalleled core academics, GA offers a slate of signature programs in STEM, the arts, global learning, communications, civic leadership, and other spheres. Whether the work happens in the film studio, the art room, or the E&D lab, there is rarely a single answer to the challenges or the prompts I give my students. Our Debate class helps prepare students for an in-house Debate team that competes with other schools. GA HEALTH & WELLNESS DEPARTMENT Students enroll in either AB or BC level courses. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Our innovative Career Resource Center connects students and alumnae to jobs and internships—more than 200 in the last year. Through this process the girls gain firsthand experience in the functionality of the human body. We aim to develop an appreciation and understanding of the complexity and diversity of living systems. All students are encouraged to pursue voluntary efforts. One thing for sure is that I always grew up thinking about how I could change the world. Greenwich High School is a collaborative community of learners dedicated to academic excellence, personal integrity, and interpersonal responsibility.

We talk extensively about the school’s motto, Toward the Building of Character, what it means, and how it is essential to being a good leader. ERIN DODDS, PC, GROUP II & GROUP VI PARENT. In class I see a more serious side of the girls, and I love watching them make connections between their own lives and the literature we are studying. Our starting point couldn’t be more promising: the GA student, someone who brings intelligence, kindness, and 100% commitment to whatever she takes on.

In Group IV they have they Famous Women’s project and expo where they research a female trailblazer and present what they’ve learned as “wax museum” figures. MICHAEL SCHAFTEL, CLASS OF 2018, CLASS OF 2019, GROUP VII & GROUP IX PARENT. Student-Teacher Ratio may not be indicative of class size. I have three girls who are all very different, but GA has been a great fit for all of them because this is a community where all types of interests and talents are celebrated.

My favorite part of the job is getting to know the kids. We are a community, with girls from all divisions leading, learning, and growing with each other. Compare Greenwich Academy to Other Schools. The GA experience is best captured by outstanding faculty members inspiring their students to learn, grow, and achieve so that they develop the skills and character to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Yes, but the reading, writing, and math work was often going into the dollhouse. Coordination means a single course catalog with more than 200 courses—83 of them Honors and Advanced Placement. I will never take my experience for granted and I think every day about ways I can give back and continue the GA legacy. Greenwich Academy is committed to setting a foundation for girls’ success with STEM programs, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, varsity sports, and more.

Then, using tools and inspiration from the Engineering & Design Lab, I will have the girls design and 3D print their own prosthetics. Freshman honors biology students have the option of taking an expedition course in which they participate in authentic research as a group outside of school. 116 Maple Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830. Numerous classes make use of GA’s Engineering & Design Lab as a space to design and create culminating projects. GROUP IX ADVISOR

I am extremely impressed with the administration of Greenwich Academy's Upper School.

GA provided an environment in which I felt comfortable to be myself, and it transformed me into a strong, independent woman. Topics include: For nearly 50 years, GA and the neighboring all-boys Brunswick School have joined forces in the Upper School to combine resources to the immense benefit of both student bodies. GROUP VI ADVISOR. A college-preparatory day school for girls pre-K through 12. STEM Interest groups meet regularly to explore concepts of interest in greater detail, Independent study opportunities working closely with a faculty mentor. Students attend the Harvard Model Congress and the annual Model UN summits. Greenwich Academy is a purposeful, joyful, and supportive community whose mission is reflected in our motto, Toward the Building of Character. Founded in 1902, an independent, college preparatory day school in Greenwich, Conn., providing character-based education for boys in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. Seasonal requirements vary by grade level. Students may opt to take an experiential U.S. Civil Rights course that includes a week-long tour of the Deep South, or they may apply to take the Advanced Placement U.S. survey. US FILM & ART TEACHER I am well aware how rare the teachers at GA were. Our annual College Matriculation list provides the number of graduates enrolling at each college and university for each graduating class. What do you have to lose?” So, I ended up running for junior class president and I won. We’re taught that you can achieve anything you want to if you are willing to work for it. We believe that the college search can be a rewarding journey of discovery and self-actualization.
Best All-Girls High Schools in Connecticut, Best High Schools for STEM in Connecticut. Our Engineering & Computer Science courses instill strong problem-solving skills and computational thinking while promoting both collaborative work and independent resourcefulness. Quality of academic programs, teachers, and facilities, Availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities. Brunswick's sister school is Greenwich Academy, which is located two blocks from Brunswick's Upper School campus. I know that my girls’ connection to GA will pay dividends for the rest of their lives. I’m sure we all can remember one teacher who made an enormous difference in our lives, someone whose belief in us carried us when our own confidence lagged or who opened up a subject to us in a way we had never imagined. Welcome to Greens Farms Academy. Opportunities for students with a special interest and aptitude for math include the American Math Competition, the GA Math team, and a multivariable calculus course which is run as an independent study through Stanford University. Every day we see faces of full of promise in the GA girls and our complete focus is in helping each one to reach her full potential. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL COACH. She had always expressed anxiety about public speaking but the Middle School head and advisor saw her potential and encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunity. Honors research seminar in collaboration with Small World Initiative/Tiny Earth- students gain authentic research experience while helping to solve the global issue of antibiotic resistance. It’s our hope that our students feel inspired by the many great teachers at GA (and our brother school, Brunswick), discover deeper gears of effort, and experience those essential moments of courage that matter so much at this age—whether it’s eating lunch at an unfamiliar table or running for student government (which a great number do). It was one of my favorite and most meaningful experiences at GA, and I would have missed out if my dean hadn’t encouraged me to give it another shot. I love this school. We want them to feel comfortable testing their own ideas and hypotheses as a way of learning.”.

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