” This paragraph makes the reader believe that the government planned the plot to make Catholics look bad. i have to write a history essay on whether the gunpowder plotters were framed and have found a lot of evidence to prove they were framed but can't find anything to say they weren't Update : To Josh, what evidence is there though that the plot was genuine. Source three says that he was going to blow the houses of parliament up later in the meeting, after the king had arrived, this could be taken that the King planned this to make it look like the plotters were against the King. Part of Sandbox Learning Limited. Source five and source six have many differences. The signature on Guy Fawkes’ confession did not match his normal signature. Step four . This could be seen that the signature on Guy’s confession was forged, however it could also be that Guy was in too much pain from being tortured to do his normal signature.

Even today, we remember 'Guy Fawkes Night' with bonfires and fireworks.

Any other use is strictly forbidden.

It was ordinary Catholics, however, who suffered the longest as a result of the Gunpowder Plot. In 1603 a man named Robert Catesby and several other Catholics plotted to blow up King James of England.

or were the "conspirators" framed by the King's men? Could he have been waiting for it? 2368268). The plot was used as Protestant propaganda to attack the Catholics and prove that God was on the side of the Protestants. Cecil hated the Catholics and wanted to show them to be against the country. This source cannot be completely trustworthy because the author of it is Catholic so he could be being more favourable to the Catholics side. essay Read about our approach to external linking. The night he received it was the only night in 1605 that he stayed at home. Find evidence that the plotters were framed . However, this called also be seen that he said, “might” to try and make it seem indefinite so he may get a less cruel punishment.

They are grouped close together which shows that they are hatching a secret plot. A few examples of this suggestion are: “Foul play” and “The government secretly spun a web” also “entangle these poor gentlemen. Time to make up your mind, were the plotters framed? Source five and source one both agree on the dates, both sources five and one are dated in 1605, they also both involve people of a high authority. The Catholic View – The Conspirators were framed by the Protestants. Were the gunpowder plotters framed? California – Do not sell my personal information. Conspiracy ? The supposed tunnel that was meant to have been dug has never ever been discovered, and may be a complete fabrication. England at the time was a kingdom fraught with tension between the ruling Protestants and Catholics like Fawkes. This could have been because Francis was not a threat to the government but then his name was found out and they had to capture him or else it would look suspicious. ” It also suggests that they entrapped the men into acting like they planned it. Also source five suggests the plot was organised by someone outside the government, but source six suggests it could only have been someone with a great amount of power, someone such as a member of parliament. ���?��{X�`��L�\at�L�W$VOYt����J�̋��:���m�>�ܨ�q�����V�T ��/t�UKo]GL��=~&�?�bߠ*v^�QX����dѭp�S�T-��u�O�P�~�T3��2��sJW����2΅�/E����e�Šm�J��bZӄ�؇�$H'�!8��s�_:'8��k'���:c}��Ļ� OA6�w ������T�٩(��RA�}��wQ��}#�f�k?^-�7a�ܪ}�)�O���(S�n��˛1�q�fLa��S���y��B^pq�L��!Bu��4��G:M��o���VD�,}��C ���n��(Ҩ������L�AV���z� �� PK !

The Gunpowder Plot Essay. They hoped that this would lead to a Catholic King coming to the throne.

As for the secret warning letter, many historians believe it was fabricated by the king s officials. Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.

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