Glorious, age 21, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 1st Class William G. Haddrell, RN C/FX. Wells had two aircraft carriers at his disposal. “A short time ago these aircraft, working from Hatston (In the Orkney Islands) fitted with the extra tanks carried out a mine laying operation in The Stavanger area. The British, on the other hand, unaware that the three ships had been lost until the following day, even continued to radio orders to them until the Germans announced the sinkings. Glorious, [823 Sqdn. Glorious, age 27, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class Ernest W. Harper, RN FAA/FX. There was no time to waste.

77154, H.M.S.

Whilst Churchill recounts Operation Catherine at length in his memoirs, strangely, he makes no mention of Operation Paul. 145315, H.M.S. 16038, H.M.S. I am quite sure this story will require very severe scrutiny. Yet 75 years after its sinking, the truth has yet to emerge as to why HMS Glorious, along with its two destroyer escorts, had been allow­ed to leave the safety of the convoy they formed part of and to sail on alone to Scapa Flow in Scotland.
It was now or never. It was even present when the German High Seas Fleet surrendered in 1918. By this time Glorious had already sank at around 1810 and the German ships altered course for Trondheim. On the day of the conference the two men lunched together at D’Oyly-Hughes’ London home before travelling to meet Churchill at the Admiralty. Glorious, age 20, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class Thomas Coulter, RN FAA/SR. The first theory is the one that has been most commonly used by the Ministry of Defence.

Once at Scapa Flow, Heath was placed under house arrest awaiting a court martial on the return of HMS Glorious from its next mission in Norway. The mission required fitting long distance tanks to Glorious’s Swordfish aircraft and taking the ship to within 30 miles of the Norwegian coast, putting her within easy range of the Luftwaffe. Every piece of armament and equipment that could be salvaged in Norway and taken aboard the ships was taken; the rest were destroyed so that it would not fall into German hands.
76712, H.M.S. HMS Glorious was a frequent visitor to our shores and often used the island’s drydock facilities when needed. This plaque is proudly displayed at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. The Navy kept a tight lid on its plans for the evacuation. After the third glass of vintage port, he would say “Good port this, we’ll make a first-rate plan on this”. The aircraft carrier HMS Glorious was returning to Scapa Flow from Norway separately from the other ships in the British Force, accompanied by only her destroyer escorts HMS Acasta and HMS Ardent. Was the Board of Enquiry warned off and told they could not interview him? To the shame of our own Admiralty, had it not been for the admiration of their German counterparts we may never have known just how brave the men of HMS Glorious Ardent & Acasta were. Glorious, age 19, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class William J. Nevitt, RN FAA/FX.

It was never discussed at War Cabinet level again. HMS Acasta Destroyer; built in 1927 by John Brown & Co for the British Navy; 1.350 tons; 101x10 m, 34.000 i.h.p., 35 kn., turbine engines, 3 drum boilers, 4x 4.7 in guns, 2x 2pdr, 5 m.g., 8 TT. The carrier developed a list to port, and burned until she finally capsized.

The Allies were trying to stop the German war machine from occupying Norway, which provided iron ore as well as safe shipping lanes for German navy vessels. The planning for Operation Paul came under the same staff. Firstly, at 16.55 on the 5th June 1940 (leaving 43mins later). 1556332. Le Geyt, in fact, refers to the signal reading “courts martial” plural.

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