For example, if I fail an assignment, I should follow the instructions given thereafter and then redo the assignment in order to realize positive results. You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. My coach also provided information of high quality to me regarding my learning in order to develop my capacity to self-regulate. Additionally, Kolb’s model encourages users to take an in-depth, detailed, and typically retrospective assessment of their cognitions and behaviours for the purposes of self-development. Brooks, M. (2019).

112 0 obj <> endobj When used as a reflective model, it is common for users to write down their responses to each of the four stages (Heron, 1992), as will be explained later in this essay. The role of reflective practice in healthcare professions: Next steps for pharmacy education and practice. Generally speaking, it is advisable for learners to take regular breaks and not rush the reflective process (UOL, 2018).

), next it analyses what can you make from this situation or event then last but not least drawing a conclusion-what could you done differently in this …


It encourages in-depth and considerate self-reflection (because the reflective process takes quite a lot of time to complete). uses cookies. I have had a chance to do experiments on different styles of coaching best suited for any group or individual that helped me in breaking down barriers with the people that have a characteristic that is protected by the equality act of 2010 during the football session of disability (McDonald and Boud, p209).

I was able to learn that each individual needs a good coach who is able to adapt to all his participants and be able to understand the best coaching style to employ that will suit all the individuals that he has to coach.

Kolb - along with Piaget and Dewey - have been attributed for promoting “learner-centred pedagogy” as opposed to teacher-led education, thus Kolb’s model of reflection has been important for helping to reshape the dynamics of modern education (Dennison, 2009, n.p.). It starts with describing what happened, then asking what do you feel and thinking about this experience, then the third stage is evaluation (was the experience good or bad?

Four kinds of knowledge located in Kolb’s scheme Kolb’s model therefore works on two levels – a four-stage cycle: A Study on Kolb's Theory of Learning Cycle
David Kolb’s ‘Experiential Learning Cycle’ is a concept within this approach which describes the ideal relation between experience and future action. & Kolb, D. (2017). This essay has been submitted by a student. Thus, it can be said that Kolb’s theory is an experiential learning theory which prioritises the importance of reflection (Dennison, 2009). The Experiential Educator: Principles and Practices of Experenital Learning. To explore this theory in more detail, this page will begin by describing Kolb’s (1984) reflective cycle, particularly as it relates to nursing practice.
Make sure you include all that you need.

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