The most striking features of the correctly bred German Shepherds are firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity and hardness. With no more damage than some fried hair and a sprained wrist, he was playing the next day with Blondi.

Hitler was no skeptic.

The Führer did authorize representatives from the Wehrmacht (Germany’s armed forces under the Nazis) to investigate the usefulness of intelligent dogs in the field. I was named after the next-door neighbor's German shepherd.

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But, as smart, trainable dogs in war are genuinely helpful, it’s questionable how bizarre this request really would have been. At the last minute, because it was in the way of an aide attempting to point at Hitler’s map, the aide moved the briefcase from one side of the piece of heavy oak supporting Hitler’s table to the other side further away from him, thus miraculously saving him as he had been saved so often before—each time reinforcing his belief in his divine mission. The above quotes are all form Max von Stephanitz by CrysBuck25 on 03 June 2010 - 17:06 Not from a member of this board, Hamza, but I applaud you. "The average buyer of a GSD puppy wants quality. To better prepare for the homestretch of the presidential election, we've made our ongoing list of Donald Trump's atrocities downloadable, free of charge. As little as $1 a month ($12 a year!) This string of deaths grows mind-numbing, until one comes to the unspeakable evil which occurred the next day on May 1st, when Magda Goebbels would first drug all five of her children that were living in the bunker, and then, when they were asleep, kill them with cyanide, after which she and Josef Goebbels took their own lives.

The lecturer, distraught, replied, “This clever animal knows that Adolf Hitler has caused laws to be passed against vivisection and the Jews’ ritual slaughter of animals, and out of gratitude this small canine brain recognized Adolf Hitler as his Führer.” It’s safe to assume that the story reveals more about the worshipful mindset of the lecturer and others in Germany than about the dog’s actual intellect or ability to speak. I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want.

In fact, my first experience of Downfall was watching one of these videos in which Hitler reacts explosively to the possible passage of SOPA. Krall died in 1928, before the Nazis came into power, and there are real questions as to how seriously this research into the higher intelligence of dogs was taken by the Nazis.

This past week, I was re-watching an episode from Downton Abbey’s second season, when the Earl of Grantham has all of the residents and staff of his estate join him in a moment of silence for the tolling of the eleventh hour on November 11th 1918. A small white Jack Russell terrier, apparently the property of an English soldier, was chasing a rat and inadvertently jumped in the trenches where Hitler was stationed. But “what if?” she kept asking, and eventually I answered honestly that I would leave the church. He understands us perfectly. The movie itself raised a great deal of concern on its release, voiced most straightforwardly by the tabloid Bild: “Are we allowed to show the monster as a human being?” Filmmaker Wim Wenders suggested that the filmmakers consulted closely with historians for the sole purpose of inoculating themselves from criticism, and suggested that the film somehow defanged Hitler, even somehow glorified him.

What do the Germans call, But governments and officials are not very good.

Ever since high school, when I first started entertaining an obscure guilt about my German blood despite the fact that the Fritzes had been in America since the 18th century, I’d been somewhat obsessed with the concept of “Hitler’s secretary”—literally, in those terms—horrified at the thought of becoming, if not evil oneself, nevertheless the tool—inadvertent or not—of another’s malevolent intent. He wants a manageable, obedient dog and as he is involved in a range of activities he does not want bureaucratic rules in a busy world where he wants to relax and spend quality time with his dog. Virtual Canine Breeder Seminar November 7, 2020. A string of German Shepherds would follow, including ones called Muckl, and two named Blonda.

I've decided to marry my German Shepherd. Max von Stephanitz, who played a major role in the development of the breed in the late 1890s, set his ideal as a no-nonsense worker—smart and … He started with one dog in particular, an Airedale terrier named Rolf. The cyanide immediately killed her, leaving Hitler distraught. After the war, with his effed-up political beliefs beginning to coalesce, Hitler soon established a lifelong habit of dog ownership. If anything, knowing that he was a far more complex individual than the ranting cartoon of evil I’d grown up with made this evil darker, more mysterious and more real.

A wealthy merchant and jeweler named Karl Krall devoted much time and money researching the intelligence of various animals, but primarily dogs. Ever since his first experience with dog ownership in the trenches in the Great War, he became a deep student of the dogs he would own his entire life.

This even extended to his obsession with racial purity, and his appreciation of German Shepherds in particular was inextricably tied to his undying conviction in “the right of the strong” and his belief in the necessity of pure bloodlines. Everything You Need to Know Before the Premiere of. A strangely amusing picture remains from this research of a man with what looks like a large black wastebasket covering his head seated next to a dog with its head similarly covered by a smaller black wastebasket, each of them watched over by two nattily dressed gentlemen gazing like surveyors into mysterious instruments aimed at the lab subjects’ heads. Hitler, Austrian by birth but a fanatically devoted soldier for his adopted country, believed vehemently in the “stab-in-the-back” theory, prevalent among right-wing radicals, that Germany’s defeat was a result not of the enemy’s power but of the treachery of the socialists and the Jews within Germany itself.

What startling revelations these men found looking through their instruments has been sadly lost to time. OFA Testing for USA, CKC, Foreign Bred Dogs entered on the PDB, AKC West German Shepherd male puppies Blk/Red, SG1 Bol Ursus der Rote Krieger IPO1, BH, HD. He called him Fuchsl, meaning Little Fox. Are you also a traitor like the generals on my staff?”. I myself will make far more mistakes during the dictation than you will.” Traudl related many stories of Hitler’s kindness, and loved watching Hitler with his dog, whom he had trained to jump through hoops, leap over a six-foot wooden wall, and climb up a ladder, where she would beg once she had reached the top. Even his brutality grew out of a belief in a racially and culturally pure Edenic state bearing no resemblance to reality. Reason is the shepherd trying to corral life's vast flock of wild irrationalities. Blondi appears in the very first scene, two years before Hitler’s demise in happier times, when one of Hitler’s last secretaries, Traudl Junge, first does dictation for Hitler. McSweeney’s is an independent nonprofit publishing company based in San Francisco.

The truth is that Bondeson merely suggests the possibility of Nazi involvement with these experiments. Hitler’s love of German Shepherds would help make them a fashionable breed among Germans in the ’30s.

As a dedicated self-mythologist who read personal meaning into everything, he took this connection to wolves, the “pure” dog, seriously. The next day, on April 30th, after Eva had killed herself with cyanide and Hitler had killed himself by shooting himself through the temple, Tornow was ordered to shoot the puppies that Blondi had given birth to a month earlier as well as Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers, Blondi’s companion Bella and Tornow’s own dachshund. Regardless, I was left as mystified and horrified by the evils he’d unleashed on the world as I’d ever been before.

Knowing that I was Catholic, she started challenging me about what I would do if the Pope started insisting that all Catholics start killing one particular group of people. It is our task to breed the German Shepherd as such and to maintain him as man’s number one best friend. Near the end he doubted that the cyanide he’d been given by the SS was real, and forced his dog handler Fritz Tornow to test the poison on Blondi, an act that horrified Tornow. As such, he was a great lover of mystical signs, and he deeply appreciated the fact that his name Adolf translated from Old High German as “noble wolf.” Wolves were considered the purer manifestation of dogs’ original warrior nature, and German Shepherds were bred to be closer to their lupine source.
The dog, she claimed, when asked “Who is Adolf Hitler?” replied, “Mein Führer.” Another Nazi in the hall angrily dismissed the lecturer, shouting that such a ridiculous story was in abominable taste. But the question dogged me, and set off a whole chain reaction of new questions that led me directly to the profound skepticism that still rules my mindset to this day. Toland, in his Hitler biography, mentions that in 1939, during a study lecture, a lecturer told about her experience with a talking dog.

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