I hope to reflect in my small way the beauty and love of GOD that surrounds us. We call it Heartwarming Art. I had one of my Nativity designs on a fabric panel used in the background of Dolly Parton’s TV show, “Coat of Many Colors”. I would like to thank Crown Point Graphics for the opportunity to answer these questions, and to share a little bit more of who I am, and what I do. When I began painting for the art and licensing industry in 1998, my early garden themed paintings were rich watercolors of potted flowers and ivy topiaries.

My mom was always getting me involved in artistic projects when I was growing up. I’m very proud to say that home girl got the job!

It was life changing.

Patricia Pat" Jane Richter . They are in touch with artwork trends and willing to customize designs to fit Crown Point Graphics’ needs. All snowmen have their little noses.

He was really great at it, applying glazes to achieve different textures and effects, and he often let me paint some coasters and vases. It was a 2 year project where I created 14 near life size paintings of the passion of our LORD.

One painting I did years ago was inspired while I was looking out the window of our hotel while on a business trip to New York City, others while on trips to California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, and throughout New England. Who would have thought that my highest achievement would be to decorate something that gets pooped in and then thrown in the trash?

If I am in the middle of a painting or collection, I begin where I left off, and if I’m not in the mood to paint, it’s only a matter of minutes that I am fully engaged in the process and excited to create. In short, Residential Preferred Properties has three generations of family working together to help you with ALL your real estate needs. Sometimes you get too close to your art and often miss some obvious things that may not be working.

We motorcycle and spend our winters in Arizona.

We met Robbin at the 2004 Stationery Show and knew immediately that we wanted to pursue a working relationship.

I really appreciate all of the years we have been able to work together, and I look forward to what lies ahead in the years to come. Pat Richter was created on Sept 9, 1941 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA as Hugh Vernon Richter. My work schedule is not usually booked ahead more than a few weeks or months and it’s hard to know what I will be working on after that. Not all of your work can appeal to everyone or be used on every product.

I collect reference material which can involve a photoshoot, road trip, or a hike picking flowers, or anything in between.

Tina and her husband Michael, also an artist and Tina’s business partner, are a pleasure to work with. document.write (""+a[3]+a[2]+a[1]+a[4]+a[0]+""); Copyright © 2020

The most challenging part of designing artwork for licensed products is when someone needs designs in a very short amount of time. Buyer must pay return shipping and provide insurance. Also, I’m often inspired by companies that approach me for new art. Over the years Robbin has shown us that she works fast and can deliver exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to the newest styles. His summer lighthouse scenes make you feel like you’re sitting right there on the beach and his winter/Christmas scenes are so detailed and charming.

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