Outsiders could not, of course, have known, and presumably cared little, about the religious tenets of such immigrants. On the 1st defendant succeeding to the family estates and title in 1898, he was unanimously appointed by the Parsi community, in a public meeting' assembled, their head and leader, and during his life commanded the respect and esteem of the community of which he had been the elected head for nearly ten years. The question of costs alone now remains to-be disposed of. If they were contemporaries of Neriosang, they may have been men who were prominent in giving the wanderers a home in a strange land and in extending them a kindly welcome in this country. The insertion of this power in the Deed is wholly unjustifiable. They are marked on Exhibit No.

It appears to me, though I express this opinion with diffidence, that any extension or limitation of the scope of a Trust, so as to exclude those who were intended to be included, or to include those who were intended to be excluded, is really breach-and a very serious breach-of Trust. It seems that between 1851 and 1871, 23 other Funds came into existence, particulars whereof are given in Exhibit No. He was alive years after the 1st plaintiff attained to years of discretion. 152. That this is again deliberately untrue is clear from the fact that Adjurji could not have said to him as he deposed : They are not the children of my son.". 139. But it is probably incorrect to describe the first Zoroastrian immigrants as a Persian or even a Zoroastrian tribe. He contended that the question for the Court to ascertain was "What were the intentions of the founders of these various charities as to persons who were to benefit by them?" They still retained, in all its purity, the religion of their fathers; they commanded universal respect as honest, law-abiding citizens; above all they prided themselves on the "theoretical," at any rate, purity of their morals and the uniform thrift of their people. 360. As the Parsis progressed in education, wealth, and civilization, the moral influences brought to bear on delinquencies such as I have described were so powerful, that instances of keeping mistresses and having children by them became very rare, till, in the more modern times, they have become almost extinct.

The religion of Zoroaster teaches its followers to look upon all religions, which are based on a belief in God-a belief in future existence-and which inculcate purity of thought, purity of words, and purity of deeds-with veneration. 243. The second historical instance of alien conversion to Zoroastrianism is that of the Emperor Akbar.

Furdoonji arranges for the marriage of this girl with his wife's brother Byramji.

But, surely, they must see that they are taking a mistaken course. To refute these adverse criticisms and give a true explanation of the acts of the punchayet, a work was published in the year 1848 entitled Kholasa-e-Punchayet (explanations of the punchayet). Workmen v. Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. (1985) 4 SCC 114 Facts of the Case – The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. had purchased, some years back, shares of INARCO Ltd. by investing a sum of Rs 4,50,000. Those conditions were not favourable to converting his subjects or anyone else in India to Zoroatsrianism. It is shown from the books of the punchayet that the costs of acquiring and converting the property were defrayed partly by moneys collected from the Parsi community by public subscriptions and partly from the Funds of the Anjuman in the hands of the punchayet. (16) "By the people of the whole Zoroastrian Anjuman." Kama is, I believe, the head, and the opinions of those whose convictions are based not on what the tenets of a religion are, but what according to their view, they should be, cannot command much attention in a Court of Law. convey and transfer. I consider the whole of the oral evidence touching alleged conversions in Surat and other places utterly worthless. What is important and material is, that in their case, in quite recent times, two eminent Parsi Divines engaged in a heated controversy as to what ceremonies wore, and what were not, essential to conversion. Suppose we in England were as strict as the orthodox party-say, the Parsis-in Bombay are, how could anyone in, say, St. Paul's Cathedral, know whether every quiet and orderly member of the congregation had the requisite qualifications? Several Exhibits in the case show that there were frequent protests against such proceeding and that the leaders of the community deplored these occurrences and tried to prevent them. No person other than a Zoroastrian, born of Zoroastrian parents, and children born of Parsi fathers duly admitted in the religion, has ever had the benefit of any one of these Funds or Institutions.

In saying this I must be understood to limit myself strictly to the Trust Funds and Properties, which are the subject-matter of this suit. He is not bound to make any enquiries, and he is not under any obligation to take anybody's permission.

What would their answer have been?

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