However, as time goes on, they will be able to live longer than they used to meaning the deer are at higher risk of getting sick. Before mating season, the time known as “pre-rut,” bucks will fight each other to determine dominance and claim the right to mate with does in the area. There are 38 subspecies in the world. What’s left are the truly uncommon survivors, and their numbers decline every year. My maw-in-law would cook the bones with so little meat on it and would make some dang good deer hash. [99][100] This species of deer is restricted from moving northward due to cold harsh winters. White-tailed deer are herbivores, leisurely grazing on most available plant foods. Kentucky fish and wildlife has a video from Kentucky Yep that is very good. [12] Many scavengers rely on deer as carrion, including New World vultures, raptors, red and gray foxes, and corvids. The whitetail's coat will change with the seasons, from reddish brown in the spring and summer when vegetation is growing to grayish brown in the winter. If fewer males or more females are present, then the selection process will not need to be as competitive. [18] Although antler size typically increases with age, antler characteristics (e.g., number of points, length, or thickness of the antlers) are not good indicators of buck age, in general, because antler development is influenced by the local environment. Instead, “spiked” bucks have a pair of vertical spikes in place of antlers, usually no bigger than three inches. I didn’t see anything about making jerkey. [77] After an outcry by hunters and conservation ecologists, commercial exploitation of deer became illegal and conservation programs along with regulated hunting were introduced. But what about the first successful whitetail deer hunt with a bow? Healthy deer in some areas that are well-fed can have eight-point branching antlers as yearlings (1.5 years old). An animal that has eluded hunters and any natural predator for all that time presents a challenge for any hunter. Fences or road under- or over- passes have been shown to decrease deer-vehicle collisions, but are expensive and difficult to implement on a large scale. Antlers begin to grow in late spring, covered with a highly vascularised tissue known as velvet. Awareness of this rule provides a bridge over many of the false expectations, myths, mistakes and frustrations that lie waiting along your path to QDM success. Do you process your own venison? In the wild, white-tails, particularly the young, are preyed upon by bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes. I use the belly meat to make bacon for those that can’t have pig bacon for religous reasons. Genetic studies,[clarification needed] however, suggest fewer subspecies within the animal's range, as compared to the 30 to 40 subspecies that some scientists have described in the last century. If you’re ready to bag your next trophy whitetail buck, give us a holler and we’ll set you up on your next epic hunt. Here at X Factor, we have a lot of experience with World Record Whitetails, so the next time you’re planning your hunt, here are some of the things to keep in mind when scoping out your next trophy buck. Deer are excellent fence-jumpers, and their fear of motion and sounds meant to scare them away is soon dulled. © 2020 Quality Deer Management Association, we can’t make measurable changes in genetics. Bucks rub-urinate more frequently during the breeding season. I was lucky to get to participate in a day of deer research, Texas-style. Some whitetail bucks, known as "spiked" bucks, will never grow antlers much bigger than 3 inches. Pick any random location in Wisconsin, for example, and the extreme upper end of the bell curve for 5 1/2-year-olds is probably somewhere over 200 inches gross. An indication of a deer age is the length of the snout and the color of the coat, with older deer tending to have longer snouts and grayer coats. Back in the old days, the number of points on the antlers mattered more than anything else.

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