This is probably the biggest exception to the "Eat the Weak, Avoid the Strong" principle.

The penalties from inflation don't even come close to the advantages of having more money now.

What gives additional scores in the game?

Shift piety toward legalism and lose 2 corruption every 5 years. Reform into russia.

Many people find WC to be a grind, so I see nothing wrong with going back to 1.20 to abuse absolutism in order to get the achievement. Easily the most versatile military idea since its effects go way beyond your armies. The gold mines in southern Africa plus quick colonization and domination of the Cape and Zanzibar trade nodes will set you up perfectly. 2) Religious: You could also go Humanist, but that stacks with your religious unity, which is a bit overkill. The order varies depending on the game but almost always the same first four. Top-tier ideas include reductions to coring cost, war score cost, and aggressive expansion. You also get a certain amount of income, money, from your Personal Union.

Kazan's ideas are better, the Europe positioning is good.

Instead you are forcing yourself to fight against major European powers. This is your cue to eat it.

Like right now. In the early game, you should have a relatively low force limit and some downtime, so drilling is a decent way to bank professionalism for future advantage, if you can afford it. Usually, Ajam only has a minor ally.

Probably the easiest nation to do a WC in 1.26 patch with Dharma DLC.

The CB also synergizes with colonizing.

How can one switch religions as Ottoman? Commonwealth: Not difficult if you manage to ally Ottomans, just call them in and wreck these guys.

European conquests are easy as Ottomans will help you out.

While going for catholic makes it easiest an orthodox or even sunni Ottoman is still very much capable of world conquest.

Same can be done for Spain, France, England/GB, Poland and Mamluks. Ming/Qing - massive power right from the start or as soon you conquered China allows you to steamroll, Castille/France - colonial dominance, but you have to take out the other one quite early, England - With Personal Union over France you become a powerhouse. Vassals- Give the conquered land to your vassals. Loans: There are two play styles, conservative and aggressive. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa.

's over France, Austria, aragon, Poland, bohemia and muscovy.

On the other hand, the occasional truce-break isn't a big deal if you have the monarch points to spare and a coalition won't slow you down. A Personal Union is a bond between nations where one monarch rules over two countries.

Oirat: Good choice except you're in Asia, which means no Trade Companies. Patch 1.20 absolutism. But if played correctly they are the easiest world conquest since it only requires you to understand proper management of wars. World Conquest tips So with 637 hours into eu4 I decided to try to do a world conquest.

Their position is uniquely suited to keep conquering all the time. 3) Diplomatic/Influence: Probably need both at some point, depending on the strength of your vassals.

Having Portugal under you with Exploration & Expansion means they colonize for you. The conclusion is that development acquisition speeds up over time at a rate far faster than linear. Their unique government gives access to awesome heirs and make regency almost a 0-chance scenario. Additionally, you can abdicate as often as possible for the +10 bonus for the succession.

Probably the easiest nation to do a WC in 1.26 patch with Dharma DLC. Bashgird: Kazan has Bashgird. Uzbek to Timurids to Mughals is an amazing game that everyone should try at least once, but unfortunately given you're no longer a Horde, is actually a nerf. If so, that's fine. RELOAD! if it was easy, everyone would do it.

- Make sure you do your best to keep manpower high. Yeah, never let corrution go so high. I know I can move to safety if they start moving, but due to speed 4, I didn't react in time and my army got wiped. Don’t peace out until at least 1449, when you should have a claim on Baluchistan or any other Indian nation.

Not really feasible as it costs a lot of ducats. -5 Years of Separatism: Your newly conquered lands probably only revolt once or twice before they are quiet forever. I agree with Polygnome that Mughals are the strongest nation in the game. Do you play chess with infinite takebacks? You will need 3~4 100% score war just to annex Scandinavia alone. If you can build a strong power base in China, you can then build massive armies to destroy Ottoman (remembering that you get warscore from winning battles). muscovy as 1st war cripple my manpower so badly so i wont be able to fight effectively for decades, even if i can scrape out a pyrrhic victory.

The exception is personal unions The precise number will depend on how the development is acquired. Whatever the exact starting number, it will trend upward over time, as development and colonization contribute more than horde razing detracts. Propagate religion with trade policy in trade company regions (only applicable late game). Your benchmark is how efficiently you are processing close to 100% overextension.

Second war with Muscovy. If you also colonize and collect in the English Channel, you are very well off financially and can field large Mercenary armies as well as +5 advisors, making you very well off in terms of both manpower and mana.

It also introduced army professionalism, which helps more than hurts. Sometimes game just says "fuck you" and does bad things that player has no control of. - Aim to make a bridge into Novgorod.

This was even nerfed, the Ghazi idea used to give +50% recovery speed. This is a question of pacing.

PUs are another reason why Catholics country are better for your first WC. - Raise 5 Cavalry, Support Tribe, then Raise Manpower from estate interactions.

epic ! What prevents dragons from destroying or ruling Middle-earth?

Timurid formed as a horde is simply insane.

(Somewhat important, later down the line) can invite a timurid prince-> form timurids and annex timurid vassals for free (so no monarch points or unrest over there. WC is a grind. You're doing it wrong then. Religious helps once you go Orthodox to convert your lands and get the Orthodox bonuses.

Alternatively, especially with Mandate of Heaven bonuses, you can simply keep feeding your vassals often enough to keep them loyal.

Go for lots of military groups as well (unless you are playing with Vassal Swarms), because you’ll need to fight wars.

Another event that I recommend restarting for, is if your King dies before December 11th. Fourth - Exploration so you can take Australia and the East Indies. To be fair, focusing hard enough is a challenge in itself.

I don't understand, why you would say the Ottomans are not a good choice for world conquest. Why sister [nouns] and not brother [nouns]? In the preparation phase, vassals function mostly to ease the burden on admin points and to hold high unrest land land until you have the bonuses to deal with it. You can isolate them however you want. FOR NORMAL & HARD GAMES. If you take religious early, you may still be able to take humanist late.

Once again, understanding the shape of the game is key. Awesome guide, defiantly on my to-play list. But it is possible to win the Hundred Year War as England and to get an instant Personal Union with France. It focuses on the concepts, mindset, and task prioritization necessary to succeed from most starts. Better generals, discipline, and the best offensive idea in the game for world conquest, siege ability. After integrating couple of vassals, all your vassals will be loyal and that concluded Phase I.

Mandate was low because of reform, so land bridge to Ming. Offensive is a far better pick for world conquest than defensive or quality imo. You will constantly be taking more overextension than you can handle, so spreading it among one or more vassals or client states keeps you moving quickly.

Wait for them to send the proposals so you have that extra positive opinion modifier even after King’s death. The group of isometries of a manifold is a Lie group, isn't it? Being at war with an Opm prevent them to force break your country before they finished converting. Europe: Kazan's capital is in Europe, which means you can move your capital to somewhere non-Steppe (to reduce development costs for institution dev-pushing) very early (probably Moskva). At this point there isn't a conquering speed that can possibly get you manpower to drop, it will always be maxed no matter how tight you layer your conquests. So here goes, keep in mind I don't have every DLC but I do have the main ones along with the Dharma DLC. Third war with Muscovy mostly to return Novgorod territory.

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