Floor Hockey Unit Plan includes psychomotor, cognitive, affective, authentic, and summative assessments. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Floor Hockey Unit Goal-Setting and Self-Assessment Rubric for Google Slides™Students take charge of monitoring their progress toward the learning goals wi, Introduce your floor hockey unit with this two-page study guide containing basic information, including descriptions of basic rules, positions, strategies, and key terms. 1. Introduction: Floor hockey is played the same way as normal hockey, 5 players and a goalie on each team at a time by switching players in and out for short breaks but is played without skates. This is a 7 day floor hockey unit for 3rd graders. This is a 7 day floor hockey unit for 4th graders. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. This is an informational sheet of the rules, and positions of the game of floor hockey for upper elementary and middle school aged students. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Penalty –is a punishment for inappropriate behavior or a violation. Gravity. Middle & High School Physical Education Course - Editable in Google Drive! Floor hockey lead-up games introduce the basic skills, focusing on only one or two skills at a time. Metrics rubrics from NASPE. http://www.ehow.com/list_7168529_fun-activities-pe.html#ixzz2pqKewi1O, http://www.shenet.org/high/hsacaddept/physicaled/jsalmon/jsdocuments/Floor%20Hockey%20Study%20Guide.pdf. The included written assessment (13 short answer questions with answer key) corresponds directly to the study guide. | 15 Here is a two to three week unit of floor hockey laid out for you for upper elementary and middle school aged students. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, Regardless of its origin, floor hockey is a popular game played by both males and females. Third, set a time limit and challenge the students to see how many gates they can dribble their puck through during a predetermined time. Block Plan for Floor Hockey Hellison Behavior Expectations i. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, THE COOLEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!!! The lead-up games build excitement about floor hockey. See what more you can learn by using the lesson called Fundamental Floor Hockey Skills. It consists of 25 questions. Physical education teachers can use these signs to display on their bulletin boards and gym walls o, Looking to explore a great variation of the greatest sport on Earth? Great unit plan that can be used for middle-high school even elementary with proper modification. Spell. Learn. Over this 6 lesson unit students will increase their skill se, SIMPLE, EASY TO READ VISUALS FOR DISPLAY OR ACTIVITY!!! Included in this package are 14 games/lessons that have been placed in the order I have taught them in my physical education classes. Save –is when the goalie prevents the ball from going into the goal. A four to six week unit plan for floor hockey. You'll get to cover these other topics: 23 chapters | A. Schools. In floor hockey this type of contact is not allowed. Gates is a great activity for floor hockey stick handling skills, especially dribbling skills. © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. both. Open and clo, Physical Education Floor Hockey Tournament Template - Editable in Google SlidesIncluded in this purchase:Floor Hockey Template - Editable in Google SlidesDesigned for 8 Teams, Single EliminationCan be edited to meet your specific class sizes Can be printed for gym display, or edited and published on. You will receive your score and answers at the end. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Physical Education - Floor Hockey Studyguide. This allows the students to build a basic foundation for each skill, which they eventually apply to an actual game situation. [Phys Ed] [Grades 3-8] Floor Hockey Unit Theme Activities <3-8>INCLUDES: Comprehensive bundle of Floor Hockey Activities for Grades 3 through 5 - Physical EducationFLOOR HOCKEY UNIT GRADES 3-5 THEME: COORDINATIONLearning Focus - This unit will introduce the team sport of Floor Hockey as a. Goalie box - Clearly marked area that is off limits for all players except the goalie. 6. Student & Parent Signature Sheet Floor hockey has many rules in _____ with ice hockey. A goal-planning activity gets students prepared to tackle the skills necessary to achieve the learning goals. Terms in this set (19) Playing it helps to develop hand-eye . referee. Match. physical. Each s, This Floor Hockey Unit Plan was designed for the Elementary School aged group, more specifically Kindergarten through to Fourth Grade. Second, hand each student a hockey stick. Coordination. This Floor Hockey Unit Plan was designed for the Elementary School aged group, more specifically Kindergarten through to Fourth Grade. Floor Hockey Written Test and Answer Key - Editable in Google Docs! This Top 10 Floor Hockey Skill set is a simple, large print, kid friendly, easy to read visual package of commonly taught Floor Hockey skills. For many students, this is a brand new learning experience!In the unit pack, you will find that we explore the dimensions of games that are found in, Students take charge of monitoring their progress toward the learning goals with these tools. **This unit plan was designed with no limitation on space, equipment, or children with a disability. PE Floor Hockey Stations- 20 "Stick to it" Zones, PE Sport Stations- 10 Product Mega Bundle, Elementary Floor Hockey Unit (Grades K-6), Floor Hockey- Top 10 Skill Visuals- Simple Large Print Design, Sport Skills Sign Bundle- Top 10 Movement Visuals- 10 Sets, Invasion Games: Floor Hockey (SHAPE Standards) Unit Pack, Floor Hockey Unit Goal-Setting and Self-Assessment Rubric for Google Slides™, Floor Hockey Unit Bundle for Google Slides™ Study Guide, Assessments, Goals, Floor Hockey Unit Study Guide and Assessment for Google Slides™, Floor Hockey Tournament Template - Physical Education - Edit in Google Slides. The defense cannot go past this line. Floor Hockey is a great variation of ice hockey and can be used in any open space! 2. There are skills that players need to have in order to master floor hockey. Full of activities that will keep your students engaged and moving. The skills focused on in this unit include stick-handling, passing, and shooting; as well as a focus on the rules and game play associated with the game. My Objective of this Floor Hockey unit is not to encourage the most goals scored out of the students but for them to learn to work together as a team and practice using equipment instead of relying on their own self as their tool. To see what you know about these skills and how this game is played, use the quiz and worksheet. Sweeping –is a type of hit used for long passes. My hopes are that by introducing this sport to the students I will open their minds and allow them to accept new things or different things into their lives with more ease. Within each full page lesson i. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. Popular game in these institutions. Please note: This floor hockey unit plan has been kindly contributed by Michael Cummings. This Floor Hockey unit plan will introduce a less main stream sport to the students in a modified version of Ice Hockey to engage them in something new. Control will be a very important element in this unit and with perhaps be able to help the students learn control in many aspects of theirs lives out side of Physical Education as well. The PE Floor Hockey Stations are 20 fun filled, “Stick to it” hockey-themed station signs/cards that you can use in your school gymnasium , outdoor blacktop or could be modified to be performed in a smaller space such as a large classroom or empty cafeteria. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}}

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