To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has JavaScript enabled. A modern addition to this ancient tradition, The Well Worn Path is a unique tool for divination and discovery designed specifically for modern Pagans, Witches and Wiccans. Bestselling Wiccan author Raven Grimassi and High Priestess Stephanie Taylor collaborated with award-winning Pagan artist Mickie Mueller to create beautiful cards. -Bob Dylan 2009.

photo by Adriana Atema. There are no negative or frightening cards or images in this deck, as God and the nature angels love you very much! Bear Medicine Publishing, 2015. Animals offer us insight through metaphors drawn from observation. Even as I travel the cities, I’m more at home in the vacant lots.'

The Summer Solstice was and is the special time, when northern European pre-christian People used to gather their healing herbs and put them up for winter use!! - Ray Buckland, author of Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and creator of the Buckland Romani Tarot.

There are two types of angels: those with wings, and those with leaves.

Covid 19 - A Tarot Reading on March 29 2020. - Receive helpful guidance and advice when you use the deck as a divination tool. So I am resting in my Bear Cave today, waiting, until I have some more meat and some fur on my bare bones again.

( Log Out /  I DO have quite a beef with christian saints appropriating ancient old traditions and giving them a christian whitewash and could write 5 pages on that.

28 oversized (5"/7") Cards with a Hard Box and Guidebook. At long last, Animal Medicine Cards are available for purchase. As one example, there’s Artio, the goddess of wildlife who took the form of a Bear. She is a Registered Nurse and a Jungian Therapist by training, but, first and foremost, she is following in the footsteps of her grandmother, the healer-shaman of her tribe, the Uryanchai, in Siberia. Even as I travel the cities, I’m more at home in the vacant lots.' My Credo: There is a time to be direct like our friend Goat.

Here is a well-presented, extremely usable book." 10 percent of sales proceeds from these cards goes to NGOs focussed on improving the lives of women and children, wildlife and environmental conservation. Design by Ignacio, Tiki Teki Labs. I find it very auspicious seeing, that herbs were gathered on this day. Bear Medicine greeting card quantity. Tarot & Oracle Cards - Bear Medicine.

Another favorite Being in the Animal Medicine Cards is Phosphorescence, teaching how the tumultuous friction of life allows us to be a Light in the darkness.

Thank You ! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. photo by Leslie Satterfield.

Bear as a Celtic Animal Symbol.

Animal Medicine Cards by Adriana Atema photo by Cody Montgomery. Lobster said hold on. She presents a thorough analysis of the Paths and their relationship to the Tarot, and gives excellent instructions for working with the Paths - both for the individual and in a teacher/student(s) situation. The streams, the forests, the vast emptiness. Starring Edsa Ramírez, Alejandra Infante and Fernanda Vizzuet.


Whether you're a Witch, Pagan, a Magician, or embarking upon your own spiritual journey, The Witches Tarot invites you to explore the relationships between the Qabala, the Old Ways, and the power and magic within you.

A time to get out of sight like Rabbit. Today “Bayan Adik” is growling at me for running myself ragged and also seeing to it, that I get another day of rest. What makes these Animal Cards special is that the Animals are common, like Chicken, Ant, Bee, Pigeon, Dog... and the most common Animal we all know, is included in this deck: Human, who teaches choice in consciousness.

Images Created and Directed By Diego Pernía.

The skeletal Spirit of a long extinct Cave Bear rises growling at the entrance of … "Detailed are excellent lists of correspondences, including mythological figures and their function in relation to the specific Path experience. - Use the cards as portals to explore other worlds through pathworking and magical alignment. For thousands of years, those seeking advice or wanting to give thanks to Mother Nature have walked the ancient paths into the sacred grove. The Well Worn Path deck was thoughtfully designed with four distinct mystical and magical uses in mind: I am so excited for you to receive your decks and guidebooks.And for those of you curious where to purchase an Animal Medicine Cards deck, thank you for reaching out, you can place orders here. Nature's Healing Oracle teaches you about the powerful properties of lavender, rosemary, sage, lemon, wheat, and other plants and elements.

A beautiful Faery with lightly colored wings dances with joy and opens the portals to Magic.

Grow a new shell that is big enough for a growing heart and expanding consciousness.

Lobster helped me when I hit bumps in the road (and roadblocks) bringing the Animal Medicine Cards to the wider world. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You can find Animal Medicine Cards on Instagram @animalmedicinecards: Thank you for your curiosity about Animal Medicine Cards.Upcoming they will be featured in the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles thru the holidaysThey will soon be available in a stores in a city near you. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Change ). At long last, Animal Medicine Cards are available for purchase.

- Learn more about the mysteries of the Old Ways by following the teachings presented in the companion book. 'I think it’s the land.

- Create solitary rituals, or even use the actual cards as substitutes for traditional ritual tools. The Guidebook divines insight and wisdom from our neighbors the common Animals that live all around us, sometimes even sharing our home. If you make it past her, she will protect you, from them, and ultimately from yourself. She leads circles and gatherings that focus on teaching, healing, ritual, drums and drumming, human growth and well-being.

Ambika Wauters, the author of the bestselling divination tool The Angel Oracle, has now created a program that lets you tap into the healing energies of plants. Description Description. The “Healing Drum” is a company Mi-Shell founded to allow her to bring shamanic as well as world rhythm drumming into schools, universities and health care settings. Thank you entirely so much. Her wings have a hint of color, and wing colors vary from Faery to Faery.

Drawing from the Original hand-carved wooden deck. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

All orders of Medicine Cards purchased from this site are signed by author David Carson. The deck visually replicate the 28 original hand-fabricated, hand-painted wooden cards.

Become a vessel of peace that is also tough and able to move through the outside world .:.

Saint John’s Eve – June 23: Like the herbs traditionally gathered on St. John’s Eve, this card shows what protects or heals us.

Animal Medicine Cards began as live readings: Interactive wisdom transmissions, using the original deck of hand-painted, hand-crafted wooden cards. With the help of the enclosed guidebook, you`ll learn how to give yourself and your loved ones accurate readings. Medicine Cards come as a boxed set including an informative book with instructions for using the 52 beautifully-rendered animal cards.

She is the pompous ass and big ego eater and every aspiring shaman will get confronted and rejected by her over and over and over again.

I’m wild and lonesome. Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals is the original animal divination card deck and book. Like the herbs traditionally gathered on St. John’s Eve, this card shows what protects or heals us.

You'll learn how to work with the plants physically, through aromatherapy, homeopathy, and herbalism, and metaphysically, through meditation, affirmations, and card spreads.

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