I paid for express delivery from DHL, I was asked to pay some amount to clear the package and I did that, I was asked to wait for 72 hours till now my package is been released , and I called DHL customer service, they said my package is still with the costumes, and it still showing clearance event, what should i do? Forum Spotlight: Fix Notebook Throttling, Backlight Bleed, Forum Spotlight: Stadia Impressions, Laptop Building Help, Forum Spotlight: RAM Requirements, The Outer Worlds, Forum Spotlight: Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 in Notebooks, Forum Spotlight: DIY Notebook Mods Edition. Your pack arrived? "Clearance event" means that you most likely need to pay a customs fee to get the goods released. Topics may include foreign markets such as: Taobao, Weidian, Tieba, and many other chinese marketing platforms. Only open if suspicious. I assume you are talking about clearing customs in some destination country+city. Learn about our customs services, shipping dutiable goods, duties, taxes, commodities codes and get expert customs clearance support from DHL Express. Now I have 2 packages in Cincinnati- 1 arrived at 4:32 yesterday afternoon and says "Processed at Cincinnati" at 08:25. See, first, where are you sending FROM and TO which country? All Rights Reserved, Copyright, TechTarget |  Do Not Sell My Personal Info. FashionReps: A community based on the discussion of the replica culture. It's weird though because I get a package that looks like its been released from customs but sits there for a week or two, and not sure where it's at. I once imported a copy of the European exclusive BioShock limited edition steelbook from the UK. Got any idea how the inspection works? As was said, the process could take days or even weeks. For your peace of mind, we provide a wide range of customs support for standard as well as non-routine customs-clearance processes. Pete. Well now, in a interesting turn of events, Macbook inbound soon! De Minimis ($0-$200)– this entry type is part of a consolidated pre-clearance using manifest data Informal ($201- $2,500) – this entry type clears customs as part of an informal manifest clearance managed under a DHL … So I decided to contact OnePlus on the chat and they told me that the msg can mean up to an 8 to 10 day delay in the order and that if I don't receive my phone after 10 days from today I should contact them back for a replacement. Maybe DHL charges storage if it can't be delivered after a number of attempts but I've never heard of such things. OnePlus x India Film Project: Make Your Snaps Pop!

By submitting this form electronically I authorize DHL EXPRESS (CANADA), LTD. 18 Parkshore Drive, Brampton, ON L6T 5M1 to clear on my behalf the goods described in this form. And clicking further detail gives me this: Further Detail: The shipment is pending completion of customs inspection. I email USPS and they say they can't do anything until customs releases it to them. DHL’s standard rates apply. ... For future reference, the conclusion that I've come to, if a parcel ever takes this long, it has been seized.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FashionReps community. Next Step: The status will be updated following customs inspection. Read our Privacy Statement |  Oh no I think it has been SEIZED!

It's stuck in customs, nothing I or anyone else can do about it.

It happens sometimes.

Guys i just had my package seized worth 1000 dollars, because it had a low declaration, it's one i've used for all my packages but its the first time it's gotten seized. Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Beemo, Dec 16, 2017. Contact DHL, they want a recipe that declares the value of the imported products for customs payments. I am in the same condition. news, advice and analysis about the technologies, products and processes crucial to the jobs of IT pros. Not good! Its just delayed. DHL Express is the international specialist in shipping, with extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with customs topics worldwide. He phoned to find out what that meant and was told that he needed to pay the South African customs clearance to get his goods. Clearance event Until now (Saturday, December 16, 2017). ), Share your IDEAS for a chance to win OnePlus Buds Z, Whatsapp audio and video calls not working. Are they going to open the shipment? Basically they stopped the package because they want to know what's inside and what its real value is. How can I find out what's preventing display and sleep timeouts? Press J to jump to the feed. I’m scared mine has been there for 2 hours!!! DHL - Clearance event - what does that mean? With USPS I've had stuff stuck in customs coming from Europe to USA for weeks. Don't know how it all works though.

Basically they stopped the package because they want to know what's inside and what its real value is. It's been like this since the 16th. Storage fee? (You must log in or sign up to reply here.
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. please advise me. My DHL delivery is showing as clearance event, it never normally shows this. We use local expertise to understand diverse Customs regulations – which means for our customers – shipments are cleared quickly and efficiently.

I was given the custom's number. What if it's a laptop, it's inside of a brown box, are they going to open the brown box and then the box of the laptop and pull out the laptop for physical examination? I've called them up and they said they can hold it for up to 30 days. it says "A DHL representative shall attempt to contact the importer for further clarification or proof of valuation if required by customs". If you're lucky, you'll have to pay custom duties and taxes, while in the worst scenario they'll seize your stuff. This happened, I called DHL and was clearly told the customs seized the goods. Ask superbuy to make you a fake invoice, after that everything went smoothly. I talked to DHL and they said the customs we're going ham on packages again, so either wait with shipping or declare a high value if … Wasn’t worth more than $20 at the time but customs in Chicago flagged it and it sat for two weeks. How do I prevent a registry entry from being changed? When I sent goods to South Africa my client saw the "Clearance event" on the tracking. That depends on each and every single specific shipment. Depending upon the value, commodity and entry type, the customs clearance process will vary. Skip to content Skip to service links: contact, tools, help, the group Skip to search Skip to main navigation Skip ... DHL Express is committed to supporting you and aligning with ICS.

No storage fee. So there's some black hole it goes into that nobody can tell where it's at. The other package arrived Cincinnati 12:19 this afternoon and has both "processed at Cincinnati Hub, and Clearance process complete" at 14:46. All I know is that they x-ray or scan them somehow. DHL Express processes millions of Customs entries every day, making us one of the world's largest Customs brokers. (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). #6 bobby8787, Oct 29, 2013. If a shipment gets flagged by your country's customs, there's not much you can do about it except wait. Mine’s been at customs for like 3 weeks now lol idk wtf is happening. By agreeing to this customs clearance agreement, I am hereby responsible for any duty, taxes (GST, PST, HST) owing on this shipment. A DHL representative shall attempt to contact the importer if additional requirements are necessary.
Yeah, that means that they sent you a letter asking you to send them an invoice of your purchase. Because it’s the government and it does what it wants. How long does the DHL clearance event take? TechTarget publishes more than 100 focused websites providing quick access to a deep store of it says "A DHL representative shall attempt to contact the importer for further clarification or proof of valuation if required by customs".

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