sorry.. not 4000BC. Samples sent to a leading test laboratory in West Germany have proved this to be untrue.

hinduism is a joke. May you please everyone in same manner as water satisfies all. – Immanuel Kant, Nichola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. Agniveer , u have a better translation of vedas, where do i get it online..please reply.

Impurities arise due to the embodiment of the individual souls (atman) by Nature, which is the source of all impurities and the reason for the bondage of the souls. Isn’t it a joke Mr. Cardoza ????

BTW, please do explain as to what “false islam” and what is “real islam.”. For more continue reading below. Devas are mortal and subject to samsara. All these are world famous Muslim terrorist organization. Be broad-minded not narrowed and don’t make your Quran narrowed in the eyes of other people. even today vedic relegion is one of most influencial relegion. The non-Vedic person does not dispute what a Vedic person says about the non-Vedic person’s religion. Another theory says that ‘Hindu’ originated from the Persian practice of replacing ‘S’ with ‘H’. makka ko fateh karne ke baad muhmm ad ne teen sharte rakhi thi,ya to muslim [mere anuyai] ban jao, ya makka chhod do athva ladne ke liye[arthat marne ke liye] taiyyar ho jao! hinduism is a joke.

At age 25, Muhammad wed his wealthy employer, the 40-year-old merchant Khadija. batlaiye kuran me 5 bar namaz ka jikar kaun si ayat karti hai ? What Vedas say on the subjects like Mathematics, Psychology,Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Medical sciences, etc has been vividly brought out with telling effect by quoting the relevant Mantras with meaning. Now why don’t you CREATE AN AWARENESS FROM THIS POINT????

“O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky” (Rig Ved 1/50/8), Actual meaning: “The way seven rays of sun carry its illumination across the world like horses of a chariot, in same manner you should understand seven kinds of Chhanda of Vedas.”, One can try to interpret this mantra to mean that sun moves.

and i think cardoza have not seen the foreigner who convert into hindu . “Sun is full of light and knows all the human beings, so his horses take him to sky to look at the world” (Rig Ved 1/50/1). 124000 nabiyo ki lisht kis islami kitabme hai ya jhuthi gappabaji ki jati hai ! The caste issue has been dealt with in detail elsewhere on this website. This misconception can be dispelled by quoting from Sanskrit works15 : Meru tantra (es#rU=) (4th to 6th century A.D.), a Shaiva text, comments on ‘Hindu’. Instead of merely feeling proud it would be much better if you join hands with Team Agniveer for this Mission. The God who made the earth stable (Yajur Ved 32/6).

hinduism is a joke. Whoever rebels against me has rebelled against Allah. I consider even Buddha as my role model and Go to Bodh Gaya. Very funny… Work on your own Flaws…. And if there is anything wrong Allah will forgive me because I worship Allah 5 times in a Day.

How do you think about the answers? Further, linking day and night with motion of Sun and moon is bogus. I told him as under: A Muslim does not deserve the right of living on this earth because he does not reserve the rights of Animals which is publicly instructed muslims as rule to slaughter animals is really very miserable act of Quran.

You will simply answer me that you were doing job or studying in school etc.

Get your answers by asking now. mr.truth seeker answer my questions,law depends the time/space its your group claim,u must answer it(ok if u not believe kalki,i am not compel to u answer remaining 3 q.). That is good. Because you people have no sense of Meditation, Karam Yoga, that’w why you all muslims are wanderering here and there all over the workd the hunt of media. The activities of RSS, VHP are not as per hinduism – if you read history you will know that – none of the leaders of RSS (or that of ‘muslim league’ that created pakistan) were very religious at all. c. Proof of the pudding is in the eating. wo chahata tha ki log usme bhi visvas kare. But during her experience with Gabriel, she gained confidence and strength. If we fail in an exam there is always a second time. Improve your deeds.

Further a tribute to hinduisn by NRI Indian Sushma londhe – O you who believe, obey Allah and His Messenger … ” (8:20) “Say: obey Allah and obey the Messenger … ” (24:54) … “Obey Allah and the Messenger and perhaps you will be shown mercy.” (3:132) “If you obey him, you will be guided … ” (24:54) “Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah … ” (4:79) “That what the Messenger brings you and leave what he forbids you … ” (59:7) “Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger is with those whom Allah has blessed.” (4:68) “We did not send any Messenger but for him to be obeyed by the permission of Allah.” (4:63) … “Whoever obeys me has obeyed Allah. Eeshvar does not get tired. Moreover I have argued with a muslim Guy who claimed Quran to Scientific. Dear enigmania Namaste Congratulations for being a critique of your own belief which is one of the most difficult things to do.

A smart community can sustain its powers through preservation of cows alone. even if cardoza calls himself a Muslim … his words are UN-ISLAMIC … and Rahul ji … Islam is not a new religion … it is from time immemorial Do some research on Religions and you will come closer and closer to islam! 2. “…Verily, if thou join partners with God , vain shall be all thy work, and thyself shalt be of those who perish.” Al-Koran, Surah XXXIX. Brother, our religion not only teaches better for afterlife , but also indeed better for here also.even many opponents of islam ( including agniveer just refer his article” A genius Misunderstood” in that article he showed his desire to follow our prophet if he had lived in that time) praised islamic teachings.

[31], One sub-tradition within the Vaishnavism school of Hinduism that is an exception is dualistic Dvaita, founded by Madhvacharya in the 13th-century. like theres something like trillions and trillions of earths i the universe? Your intelligence is as usual,beyond words. Any teaching which is against is rejected. u cannot do anything. The Galactic disc is the region of the Milky Way Galaxy where our solar system resides. Hope ‘my brain was big enough’ to make my opinion clear. I was always searching for the fact on Gaumutra. Moreover I can never accept any belief which Harms any Living creature.

yah” tarika ” aaj kyo sabit nahi ho pata? there is some problem behind it, 1) if a person X did some thing today as a religious belief,one year after he died,five year after Hinduism says that that act as sinned things. 3.

The Do Unto Others golden rule is completely Buddhist. & for your info, it contains many more verses about violence than any other religion (at least Islam, for sure).

Thank you very much. On the other hand, not only they destroyed our art and culture but also they learnt some portions of Vedas time to time from indigenous group of Brahma gyani who were hugely expanded from Bihar to ghandara, Iran, Mesopotamia (now Iraq) Arabia, Aisa Minor(Turkey), Egypt and Greece.

The Vedas say that the cow is holy and should be worshipped. And ultimately it was a member of RSS that killed Mahatma Gandhi. And Advaita Vedanta is not among the masses and the reason Why I like agniveer is because it stands for the true words of the vedas. NV Isaeva (1992), Shankara and Indian Philosophy, State University of New York Press. He listed a set of scientific facts and I showed the same in The vedas .If Quran was a revelation why did god reveal SOMETHING ALREADY KNOWN TO MAN?? (JANASAHA) learned man (YAHA) he who (VYATHAMAANAAM) rotating (PRITHIVEEM) earth (ADRINGHAT) holds (YAHA) who (PRAKUPITAAN) like angry enemies (PARVATAAN) to clouds (ARAMNNAT) disperses (YAHA) who (VAREEYAHA) huge extensive ( ANTARIKSHAM) space (VIMAME) gives respect i.e., holds and (YAHA) who (DYAM) light (ASTBHNAAT) holds (SAHA) the God (INDRAHA) Himself is Almighty God who too disperses the matters like sun.

kya qurani allah ke dono haath hai batlaiye kis mata ji ke garbh me in hatho ka nirman hua tha ? Similarly, in the case of moon also the reference being made to some higher plane of existence.

Give me an explanation on or give me a logical relation between worst wrong deed on earth and etern hell. Yes, I am from Pakistan and I have been reading your articles for the last 3 days that how they inspired me I can’t stop unless I read your complete all lines from your articles- very unique and genuine explanation ever I have found and you are really patriotic veer of India & very devoted to our Sanatana Dharma. This is just a self satisfaction of Muslims to put one’s blame on Satan. ” Al-Koran, Surah XXV. She did not become irrational or depressed, and she did not run around frightened out of her mind. Verily the highest virtue of man is sparing the life of others.

Get above all this and read . Where did those people go? And I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOUR 3rd POINT. God’s(Brahman’s) own breath. Anything that moves or stays in equilibrium as per defined laws is stable and when there is an element of randomness or unpredictability it becomes unstable.Stability DOES NOT mean lack of motion.

Not only brother Rahul’s but every human has a limited intellectual capacity.

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