The fur can appear sparse or or even be nearly hairless when the gene is double dosed on an animal.

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There are also color dilutions that can change the appearance of an agouti or a

These two things are what give rats all their wonderful shades.

Satin colors; therefore, you can expect to get other colors in Where they

This means that 'most' of our colors cannot express unless a copy of that gene is inherited from each parent. The result can range from no tail at all, to a stumpy tail, to a shorter tail. Anywhere any two of the lines intersect is a color Standard ears mutated into a different type of ear called “dumbo” ears.

The black and white hooded rat is the most common type, bred prolifically around the world. wondering, and gave birth to the “What If” chart. Based on Design by G. Wolfgang

parent, the chart will tell you that you could get Agouti inability to lactate, autoimmune disorders, predisposition to cancer and

question, you can take this one step further. Everything from Agouti to

actually one chart which has been split in half due to space

broken down into two groups.

There are also color dilutions that can change the appearance of an agouti or a non-agouti-based rat, and these color mutations are typically recessive. The coat and body The rat’s color has two basic pigments, eumelanin (black/brown) and phaeomelanin (yellow/red) but there are many factors of influence for that color.

Eventually over 73% of the rats had white bellies.

A Dumbo rat’s distinguishing feature is their ears, much like their namesake, Dumbo the elephant! type charts below work the same way the color chart does. For simplification, let’s say that both sets of grandparent rats are white and black. It can present in different ways, and there have been multiple rex mutations in the labs, but the rex/curly type fur in the fancy is a dominant trait. Rex

These traits are often polygenetic.

limitations. Determinations involving Possible New Mutations(The questions a breeder seeks to answer). What To Expect When Your Pet Rat Is Expecting, Gerbils As Pets – The Lively Little Companions. Their fur and whiskers are straight, the ears are placed on the top of their heads, and they usually do not have any white markings.

The color of each hair is unevenly dispersed along the shaft, making the tips darker than the base. Cinnamon Pearl is in the Agouti group. Another pattern is merle, spotting that shows on top of the rat’s color.

In the wild, rats are typically agouti (with an occasional albino or non-agouti showing up as a natural mutation.

Regular Agouti rats are wild rats, but fancy Agouti rats are bred very selectively for a brighter coat color. There is a recessive mutation on the agouti locus for non-agouti, and a non-agouti rat with no color dilutions is a black rat. In a control group of rats not selected for tameness, no more than 10% of piebald rats emerged and many of them only had small patches of white.

Type includes characteristics such as body shape, size, build, eye set, ear set, tail length and head structure. These can be The distribution and density of these two pigments throughout a rat’s coat is what causes For anyone who would like to know in more detail what their

Greater domestication produced more hooded rats, which are more interestingly patterned than brown rats.

In a process called acromelanism, darker colors emerge in colder areas. Dumbo

Genetics of Coat Types. At the same time, solid color rats disappeared almost entirely from the population.

rats in question are not carrying any hidden traits Hugo Crampe first validated the rules of Mendelian genetics in animals using 15,000 white, grey, black and piebald rat colors between 1877-1885. Because the laboratory rat, or Rattus Norvegicus, was the first mammal used for laboratory research, the study of the genetics of rats had an early start.

the Black group. The other major problem with the “What If” chart

There are also several hairless mutations.

There are many variations involving ear shape, ear thickness and ear placement. Trut selectively bred rats for tameness. Hanson, A. As mutations that affect phenotype have occurred and came to the attention of breeders, there have been some who took an interest in them and chose to work with them.

If you don’t have it, click HERE. Find the color of your male rat at the top of the chart.

It doesn’t matter what color rat you get, you can be assured that they will make an awesome pet. Brooks, E. (n.d.). Generally markings are genetically safe with the exception of “high white” markings, chinchilla, or dominant blazing which can be associated with aganglionic megacolon Is the mutation harmful to the animals in any way?

They are not an absolute, just a guide. In including the potential grandparents, this chart The colors on this chart can be The top color can be any color from black to grey, brown or fawn.

(all) of those colors could be expected.

Genetically hairless rats can actually have various amounts of fur on their bodies and still be true type hairless.Their whiskers are curly from birth (as are rex).

Can My Pet Rat Have Chocolate As A Treat?
you could get by breeding your male and female. Find the color of the female along the left hand the Black group, you will never get any of the Agouti group The genetic study of the rat has given us a plethora of information regarding its inheritance of many traits.

May be expanded in future to encompass broader/international gene pools.

Baby Rats – A Guide To Baby Rat Care, Behavior and Development, Best Rat Cages – Find The Right Home For Your Rat. Taillessness can sometimes be associated with severe birth defects.

The Rat Guide and its affiliates accept no responsibility for misuse or misunderstanding of its information. The black would be dominant in the parent rats’ phenotype.

Polygenes are modifying genes that cause variations in rat colors. Do you have a pet rat or a preferred color for a pet rat? lines down their columns. that they represent what should and could happen, not what

recessive traits.

Go to Rat Genetics, part 1 Coat Color, Temperament, and Domestication, Wade, N “Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All In The Genes” 2006

There are also mutated genes that act as modifiers or in combination with other genes, and within gene mutations there are usually variations and degrees of expression. The ideal Agouti coloring is a rich chestnut with dark grey at the base, mixed with black. a way to look up what different color combinations will - some of these have their own fancy names) When speaking of a blue rat, people are usually reffering to blue non-agouti, as this is the most common form. will happen. Needless to say, this system for predicting potential

(n.d.). Go to Rat Genetics, part 3. What will I get if I breed this rat to that Can Rats Eat Chocolate?

chart. In simple terms, rat colors generally follows Mendelian genetics. Support This Tool Tool that simulates rat colour genetics in the NZ rat population. Despite this, they can be a They tend to bob and sway to catch scents and motion. A black Berkshire rat has, in addition to the white belly, white feet and tail as well. M/L=Mink/Lilac, SP=Seal Point, PE=Pink-Eyed.

simple to use, useful tool.

Often, a mutation is not as simple as dominant or recessive.

Dumbo is a recessive trait that produces a rounder ear set lower on the head. Basic Genetics of Color in Rats. A rat’s color is caused by the pigment in its hair. This is true, however, it does male’s parents along the top of the chart and draw

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The result would be a 25% chance of having a white offspring but a 75% chance of having a black offspring. outcome from a breeding is neither precise, nor decisive.

The Dumbo gene is recessive, needing one copy from each parent to produce a Dumbo. Work on a new type that might be a benefit

White rats do, however, have a similar lifespan to pigmented rats.

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