Glitterex manufactures a wide variety of glitter products that serve many diverse markets. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. If that is something that you would be interested in, please let me know! 9669 N. Temple Shadows Dr. Cedar Hill, UT 84062 USA. I am so excited to be opening the group to help others who want to start and grow a glitter business.

I’m still not sure how to handle that! Below is a breakdown of our wholesale and distributor discounts for 2019, Please look over it carefully and let us know if you have any questions regarding anything here. Meadowbrook’s expertise includes manufacturing unique and custom precision-cut products to fit your desired application. When you work with us, you know you are in good hands. We promise only creative magic + flashes of delight! Help, tips and tricks that were specific to the glitter industry would have been a giant, sparkly, shiny and beautiful life raft for me!

If you are okay with it, I will add you to the waitlist for the group, that way you can get all of the latest updates! Hi Beth My Daughter is looking To expand her business into glitter products for nails.. could we be added to your Glitter roadmap please?

Hi Corina, Happy New Year! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years since I launched Glitter Guide. You pick your own shimmer and glitter colors and get exactly what you want. Then I thought, What if I can help others avoid those same potholes and craters that I had to overcome when I started out, by providing them with a roadmap. Your story is very inspiring! } I spoke to my husband and my glitter selling friend about possibly becoming her competition and what that would mean for our friendship. In the process of researching all I can to hopefully begin a journey in Glitter sales! The Difference Between Craft Glitter and Polyester Glitter. May I join right away or is there a date when you’re opening it up? I can add you to the waitlist if you would like. Serves the agriculture, automotive, cosmetics, medical and packaging industries. Glitterex manufactures a wide variety of glitter products that serve many diverse markets.

I use a lot of glitter and order from a few sites. Allison Sadler On Using Her Superpowers, Not Fitting In And Gifting Herself True Happiness, How You Can Use Your Individuality and “Weird” To Make The World Better, The Joys Of Being A Weirdo In A World Full Of Basic Bitches. forms : { I started last year making my own glitter mixes and selling local and buying supplies local. Copyright © 2020 Glitter Haven • Hello Beth!

It is used as a floral decoration, scrapbook embellishment and is the preferred arts and crafts glitter of both the professional and amateur crafter. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

The thought of owning a glitter business crept back in and before long, I was researching and thinking about starting my own glitter business again.

I also want to start, but have no idea where to begin. You answered many of my questions. Join us for all things glitter including special discounts and offers. Fast forward to 2018, I developed an allergy to the epoxy that coats the outside of glitter tumblers and in November I stopped making tumblers. } Bulk Glitter Manufacturer & Supplier in NJ, USA. Happy Crafters understands your business, after all, we started as a smaller business selling vinyl.

I too am doing some research on selling glitter! Cheers! Unfortunately, nothing like that existed when I started selling glitter. Our cosmetic glitter powder has become a staple of the cosmetic industry for nail polish, eye, lip and face applications. It really is an adventure! per page. I thought it would be helpful to look back and share some of them with you. Bring out your sparkle! Size. Happy New Year! If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or you can message me on facebook or email me at We will contact you as soon as we review your application. Thank you so much for sharing with others looking to branch off into the glitter business.

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